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    Music, Comedy, and More!

    By revbucky, Jul 25, 2008

    What do you get when you combine good wholesome comedy, peppy music, and a teen idol heart throb? Of course the answer is: The Partridge Family. This was one of those must watch shows when I was growing up.

    Most viewers were sympathetic of Shirley Partridge and her efforts as a single parent to not only raise a family, but keep a musical group together. When you consider the shenanigans of Danny Partridge, it would be tough for two parents to keep peace in the home.

    My favorite part of the show was the music. My mother was a musician, so I eagerly wait to hear the "hits" that the Partridge Family sang. Looking back now, I laugh at lip syncing. But there will always be a special place in my heart for this show.moreless

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    A very hippie looking family tours around the country while touching the lives of the people around them

    By twilightboy, Mar 24, 2008

    Your regular middle class American family composed of a mother and 5 kids (with the help of a very good friend) bring us episode after episode that famous people can have a regular and normal life. Why are they a famous family? I forgot to tell you that the Partridges have put together a rock band and they are very succesful at it. The stories are very unreal or betters said, the family deals with them in a very imaginative way. Happy endings and a perfect world plague this show. But, I guess that's what this show is all about. Showing us a perfecto world so different to the real world we live in.moreless

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    this show is the greatest show of the 1970s

    By wmms1993, Nov 25, 2006

    this show is great. david cassidy and shirly jones are the only ones who sing in the show the rest is deffernt people. david played the man of the house shirly played the care loving mom. danny bonaduce played danny the smart guy . susan dey plays laurie the oldest girl in the house. dave madden plays the manager of the partridge family. some of their hits are: come on get happy, ill meet you half way, echo vally 26809 , pont me in the deriction of albacurcey, having a ball, why did the music stop, summer days,baby i love love love you. even though i was born in 1990's i know all about the greatest show in 1970. I will neverr forget about the partridge family...


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    Not to be forgotten!

    By GeorgeJobson, Oct 23, 2006

    I fell in love with the Partridge Family," way back in March 1971, when my father brough home a "Partridge Family." I played it over and over again. Every time hear a song from the Partridge Family" it brought back memories. I love the family very much. I dream about joining the band. But that was me at age 11 with dreams of becoming big. I watch the show every Friday night. I never got tired of the show. when it was cancelled, It was a sad day. "I think I Love You" was a good song, but not the best. I heard song from them that are better. I love Shirley Jones and Susan Dey. I love the rest of the family. If ylou ask me, The Partridge Famil;y are my role models.moreless

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    I was hoping that his would do much better than he actually did.

    By Naps_123, Jun 11, 2006

    I was hoping that his would do much better than he actually did. I wonder if he done his eye make-up himself or if someone else done that for him? I don't know what to say about both hte characters I just don't like them. He reminds me of Constantine from last season, except Constantine could at least sing.

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    It was a groovy ride.

    By jkdowney, May 30, 2006

    Like many young girls from the era of the Partridge Family, I tuned in mostly to get my fix of the adorable David Cassidy. (I was also a big fan of his cute brother, Shawn.) However, after discovering this series in DVD, I see more of what a great, ground-breaking show it was. Ahead of it's time, the series featured a single, working mother (Shirley Jones) who agreed to form a band with her five children. That band would become The Partridge Family. The music and the costumes were quite hip for their day, but the show was a balance between the music and the great, funny antics of a normal home life. Danny delivered the classic one-liners that brought David down to earth Both Shirley and Mr. Kincaid brought wonderfully comic performances to their roles. Susan Dey was just starting out, but a fine actor herself whose talents would be more fully focused in later series. It's like taking a trip back in time to watch these DVDs and a pleasant trip at that.moreless

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    A musical family rides in a multi-colored bus.

    By Dana58, Apr 21, 2006

    Based on the pop group The Cowsills (who was proberly the ones they wanted to do the show), stars Shirley Jones and step son David Cassiday as Mom Shirley and the lead singer and oldset son Keith, (who were the ones who actually sing on the records), also Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, Suzanne Crough and first Jeremy Galbawks and later Brian Foster as the others, Laurie,Danny,Tracy, and Chris repestfully.

    Dave Madden was their agent Reuban Kinkad,during the last season,Ricky Segall joined thecast as a little boy next door who comes over and sings.

    The show was cute, not bubbling over sweet.

    Funny, especally the friendly oneliners between Keith,Laurie,and Danny.moreless

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    The story of a mom and her five children that form a singing group.

    By vicmackey31, Apr 11, 2006

    Not a bad show for the time. It was a little disheartening to find out that Keith (David Cassidy) hated the music he was forced to sing. He and Danny Bonaduce both fell on hard times after the series ended with substance abuse problems and others life problems.

    The shows were of your cookie cutter family comedy variety. Nothing groundbreaking or trend setting, just average and fun.

    Shirley Jones played the mother Shirley Partridge. Shirley had a huge movie career before this show. Susan Dey as Laurie Partridge probably had the biggest career after the show. She went on to star on such shows as L.A. Law and Emerald Point N.A.S.moreless

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  • 8.7

    A painted bus what more could you ask for.

    By angelsxo, Feb 03, 2006

    The Partridge family was a classic show in it's time element. Everybody I knew wanted to be a part of them. You had a really hip mom. Brothers and sister who could sing and form a band and most of all you had David Cassidy, the heart throb of every young girl in America. For all the girls that is. and Susn Day for all the male watchers. The group got into many situations where they could not get out of especially Danny. He was always getting into trouble but mom always found a way to turn a negative into a positive. And to be on stage singing what more did a kid ask for back in the day. It was a dream come true. All set in the perspective of the times the show was a complete hit.moreless

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