The Penguins of Madagascar

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    Just smile and wave boys just smile and wave

    By MaryKelly88, 9 hours ago

    This is an awesome show based on a funny movie It's nice to see that the penguins got their own show You just gotta love those penguins Skipper is the leader Kowalski is the smart one Private is the youngest one and Rico is the one with the tools that come out of his mouth I'm glad the lemurs are there too King Julien is as funny and lovable as he was in the movie and Mort is just as adorable Maurice is a great character too he's like the only sane man of the lemur group There's also a new character called Marlene who I also like I just love this show The movie was great and so is this showmoreless

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    By Doowopasaurus, Jan 17, 2014

    This show is tied with SpongeBob for my #1 favorite show. By the rating it has here, I can see others share my opinion on how good it is.

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    Okay, but not perfect

    By Raven77, Oct 09, 2013

    The show is not something new Nick came up with. Most of the characters came from the first Madagascar film so you dont really see a lot of originality in the character development. Next, we do the plots and jokes. The plots do seem to try to be good, which I did feel from watching, but however they seemed to feel detatched as I watched it at several moments of the show. The jokes also dont really seem to give me a laugh. They make me smile, but dont make me laugh. Of course, common sence at the zoo does`nt exist sometimes which makes outragous perdicimants get even more crazy. This show was enjoyable but I barley found any episodes that had a rewatch value to it. Still, if the show aired for a few years I would`nt mind.moreless

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    Better than Fanboy and Chum Chum.

    By nickhughes773, Aug 11, 2013

    Not great but better.

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    Its not good and its not bad..

    By BDOG_45, Aug 02, 2013

    Pretty funny. But of course sometimes its just pointless...

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    Not good, not bad

    By colgatepony234, Jul 01, 2013

    I think this show is OK.

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    I LOVE this show!!!!!

    By tigerdude22, Feb 16, 2013

    This is one of the most enjoyable shows that I ever watched on Nickelodeon. I've always loved the Madagascar movies and they happen to be one of my favorite Dreamworks movies of all time. I just don't like that there isn't the same voice actor for Kowalski and a couple more characters in this show. When this show first aired, I got used to Kowalski's voice after two or three months. If you compare Kowalski's voice from the "Madagascar" movies to "The Penguins of Madagascar", you'll see what I mean. I love all of the characters in this show except sometimes I don't like King Julien in this show. He just seems to be more of a jerk sometimes but in the Madagascar movies, King Julien is hilarious and really isn't a jerk at all. I like King Julien more in the "Madagascar" movies. I thought the spin-off of the Madagascar movies was such a brilliant idea. It's better than that spin-off from "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" called "Planet Sheen". The animation is also really good and most of the storylines are really good. Overall, I love the penguins and that's why this show is one of my favorite shows on "Nickelodeon". 10/10moreless

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    It's Not Good.... It's Great!

    By ChesterBear, Dec 23, 2012

    Definitely a show worth checking out even if you didn't like the "Madagascar" movies. It's one of those rare shows that can be enjoyable for kids, teenagers, adults and even elders. It's got it all; ingenious writing, witty and smart humour, adorable animations and there's even hilarious songs! One of the reasons I like this show as a teenager is because it has cleaner and nicer humour than most of those other shows on TV nowadays; there's nothing like this show out there!moreless

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    not bad...

    By MrTVCritic187, Sep 25, 2012

    this show is not bad, it's not good either, but i admit this show is pretty entertaining. it's not funny by any means compared to a 90's show, but it's pretty entertaining, i still watch it sometimes, i don't laugh at it but it's worth watching over most of the stuff nick has these days. i didn't like the 1st madagascar movie though, but i thought the 2nd movie was pretty good. i also think it's a good idea to let the pengiuns have they're own show, this show is an okay show, for now, im giving it a C+ a pretty entertaining show, it keeps my attention.moreless

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