The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • The Hooded Claw: Who were you expecting, Dick Dastardly?

  • (the phone rings) Dum-Dum: Uh, Clyde, uh, duh, the telephone's ringin'. Clyde: Well, answer it, Dum-Dum! (Dum-Dum answers the phone) Dum-Dum: Huh? Uh, oh, yeah. Hello? Clyde: Oh, brother!

  • Hooded Claw: I might not have the Pitstop fortune, but I've got Pitstop on film. And that's worth a fortune! (he opens the camera, but the shutter's empty!) Narrator: Foiled again, Claw. You forgot to load the camera! Hooded Claw: Blast! (he kicks the camera out of the room and throws a severe tantrum) Hooded Claw: (wails) BLAST! BLAAAAAAAAAAAST!! Narrator: Get ahold of yourself, Claw. I hate to see a grown villain cry. Hooded Claw: (sniffles) I may be crying on the outside, (smiles) but I'm laughing on the inside, when I think what I'll do to Penelope next! (he laughs evilly)

  • Actress: Help! Oh, help! (the actor laughs evilly as the Anthill Mob investigate the studio) Yak-Yak: Look! The Hooded Claw's got Penelope cornered. Clyde: Go get 'im, Chuggaboom! (Chuggaboom charges into the studio) Narrator: Wait! That's not a claw! That's an actor! Actor: HELP!! (Chuggaboom hits him on the back) Director: What's going on here?! You've ruined my picture! Not to mention my star! Clyde: (looks at the actor) Hey! That's not the Hooded Claw! Yak-Yak: (looks at the actress) And this ain't Penelope! (the actress pulls his hat down, covering his whole head, and she laughs) Actress: You're so right.

Notes (5)

  • Adapted into the comic book story "The Hooded Claw's Sinister Plot" (Hanna-Barbera Fun-In #1, Gold Key, February 1970).

  • The Hooded Claw tells Penelope that he's taking her to the Bustering Beach Cannery, but as he reads the factory's slogan--"You Catch 'Em, We can 'Em," the sign clearly reads Blistering Beach Cannery.

  • Adapted in the comic book story of the same name (Hanna-Barbera Fun-In #4, Gold Key, November 1970).

  • This is the only episode where the correct opening theme is heard, when aired on Boomerang.

  • Sylvester Sneekly seemingly reveals himself as the Hooded Claw, but Penelope STILL doesn't get that they are the same person.

Trivia (3)

  • Dastardly and Muttley were set to appear in the show where they were to be the bodyguards of a younger brother of Penelope. However, this was only in the first sketches of the series, and the two did not appear in the final work.

  • Notice how the villains name is the Hooded Claw yet he's not wearing a hood and doesn't have a claw.

  • Throughout the series, Paul Lynde does not appear in the voice credits.

Allusions (1)

  • The record player trick the Hooded Claw employed was also previously used on two other cartoons, on an episode of Underdog entitled The Great Gold Robbery during a scene where Riff-Raff sent up Sweet Polly Purebred in a hot-air balloon, as well as a bunch of other balloons with record players playing Sweet Polly calling "Help!" over and over, as a plan to confuse Underdog, and on a classic George of the Jungle episode where the two hunters attempt to lure George to their trap twice also using a record that plays Ursula's voice calling "Help!" repeatedly.