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    "Pick Up Artist" Erik Von Markovik AKA Mystery.

    By SoylentYellow, Oct 01, 2010

    Where did they find this Mystery guy? I first saw clips of this on The Soup and checked to see if its as weird as pointless as it seemed.

    Yep, it is. Mission - get geeks dates using some weird guy who dresses up like some kind of geeky Metrosexual. What with that fuzzy hat? He also dresses up like a World War I fighter pilot? This guy is creepy. Most of the advice he dispenses is common sense. These geeks would be better off trying out for Beauty and the Geek. How did this Erik/Mystery guy manage to get his own show? Thats the real mystery here ...moreless

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  • 9.5

    A great TV Show all around yet Mystery doesn't expose all the methods for obvious reasons, yet very entertaining and aspiring to PUA's and non-PUA's alike ( )

    By hotttness, Nov 04, 2008

    I cant believe its only been like a year since I started reading up ton the game. I competely changed my appearance, I sarge all the time, im active on the internet, and yup i signed up at PUA Gathering ( ) if you havent checked that out yet.

    For anyone just getting into, definitely check it out and read the material, the show barely exposes it for obvious reasons. Yet this a show designed to inspire AFC's into wanting to become PUA's, its worth the journey, and I love the Mystery Method show and Vh1's pickup artist, all the way. lolmoreless

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  • 10

    This show is informative, Cutting Edge Information, Off the Wall, Ahead of It's Time, Personal Favorite etc......It just got it all.

    By Sagitariusbri86, Oct 09, 2007

    I say that in my summmary because as I was watching this show I was so intrigue and surprised at the same time with this show. Well because as a girl watching this you see how females reacted to the things he was telling his guys to try and these were guys who can't get a date even if Donald Trump paid them to and these things or tips were working and are very true about women and I was shocked cause at first I wasn't going to watch this show so I missed a couple of episode now I wish I would of caught the first show to see each tip he gave those guys just so I can have an advantage on the guys. So this is good for both guys and girls on the dating scene so if they come back with a new season I will catch every episode.moreless

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  • 7.9

    For all the people who want a girl, this is the show for you.

    By Touche13109, Sep 29, 2007

    So, you can't get a girl. Have you noticed that it's not your luck, but your material? Just sign up for this show and your answers are solved. You will learn valuable, life altering lessons from "Mystery"(who's title as the world's greatest pick-up artist is about as mysterious as his nickname). These lessons will be used in a club called "Pure". By applying these lessons, you will learn how to successfully pick up a girl. Ypur life will be changed and you will become a new you. Failing to apply these lessons and you're stuck in the rut you're currently in for life. So, basically, the pick-up artist is educational towards men and appealing unlike "Rock of Love", which is just a knock-off of "Flavor of Love". This gets a 7.9moreless

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  • 7.5

    The Geek Squad meets Hugh Hefner.

    By wzychee, Aug 18, 2007

    First off, I'll just say that I'm not a fan of reality shows... in the least bit. I'm the quintessential antagonist in their plot to ruin television programming as we know it with their cheaper production costs and writers that don't qualify for WGA benefits. That said, flipping through the channels, half drunk, at 1:00 in the morning, it caught my friends' eye. Half a dozen or so losers of the utmost caliber are brought into an expansive mansion, and trained to pick up the most gorgeous of women by self professed uber "Pick Up Artist" Erik Von Markovik, who travels in the community under the pseudonym Mystery.

    This guy has a few books that are written by, about, or with himself, and has a series of DVDs based on seminars that he instructs on the subject of the Venutian Arts (picking up gorgeous woman). After watching the pilot, I was intrigued enough to check into some of these things to see how the show might play out. I was relived to see that he actually goes about things from a quote, scientific standpoint, end quote through the field of psychology. And the entire concept behind his theory is to get the target (beautiful woman) to unwittingly pick you up.

    He incorporates this method into the show, instructing his temporary apprentices to recreate themselves with an image of sexual appeal, a curious allure, and an entire thesis worth of stories of reverse psychological warfare designed to disarm and manipulate. His apprentices are half virgins, and the other half are just terrible enough with women to almost qualify in the same category. I think it might have been a more interesting show if they had just normal guys to use this method and test it. These guys having to get up the nerve to talk to women at all puts the game back a step or two, but it's still interesting... extremely uncomfortable, and, at times, heartbreaking. The latter two in reference to the fact that these guys are put into the field on their first night to go at these beautiful women alone.

    The show is interesting enough to watch, just to see how the women react to the various methods applied, how each different guy takes these methods into the field, and, of course, to see if this theory is plausible enough to turn a hardcore loser into a bona fide chick magnet. At the second episode, the fat guy is in the lead of all the potential pimps, though. So maybe this thing works after all, and we should all be at the club after each episode! It's not groundbreaking, but it's entertaining.moreless

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  • 8.0

    introduction to people involved, first appearance in a bar (looks like a huge tent), critiquing

    By limbodrive, Aug 07, 2007

    This reality show is about training guys on how to pick up women successfully by three so called pick-up artists. I didn't count the number, but maybe eight of them came off a bus into a large house meeting the Mystery over a cell phone. The ages mostly were in the mid twenties. One guy is 45 years old and virgin. I think there were about 4 who were. The artists did explain as they viewed the greenhorns at work, what needed to be done or what was done wrong. The disclaimer did say no actors and these artists switched places and kicked but leaving the women basically with wet pants where they were.moreless

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