The Pink Panther and Sons

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    Does`nt feel right

    By Raven77, Dec 22, 2013

    It does`nt feel right that the show is not about the pink panther but it is more on the sons. It just feels very, very akward to me.

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    I love this show!!

    By danny170693, Apr 30, 2008

    This was the best show ever!I used to watch it all the time when i as a kid.It is a shame that it is not on anymore and they should bring back all of the pink panther cartoons, the movies are alright but the cartoons are way better!The pink panther cartoons are classics and they short and fun.It had interesting stories, good animation and wonderful comedy, so what else do you need in a good cartoon?Most of the episodes are hilarious and have very clever stories.All the episodes rock.DEFINATLY BRING IT BACK!!The Pink Panther and sons is an all time classic.moreless

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