The Playboy Club

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  • 7.5

    Good but this is why i think it didn't last

    By spr12cr, Dec 04, 2012

    The Playboy Club was promising, i did enjoy the story line but it got cancelled way to soon. I believe it would of done better in an other network, NBC wasn't the right choice, if it was either on HBO or Showtime it would of done way better, why? because it could of expanded its story line, showed more content and less people complaining about inappropriate bunnies on their tv.

    It had a good cast and its worth checking out, the few episodes that did air.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A must see new show!

    By KarenGorman1, Oct 08, 2011

    This show is NOT cancel. Give the public the time to view new shows and find ones they like. Love this one and the new Pan AM show....perfect timing and perfect shows in the Mad Men era.

    The first episode is key to the story line

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    It harkens back to a time that wasn't so bad...

    By beowulf579, Oct 05, 2011 least in our dreams.

    I like this show. The women are beautiful and have a certain level of class that you just don't get in today's culture. Don't get me wrong, I am sure the real club in the 60's wasn't quite like this and the girls were not so culturally savvy with their position.

    But putting that aside, it is true that the girls made good money for the time which is represented in the very first episode. They made in one nightthe equivelent of what most men made in one week.

    I like the mystery and unfolding story for each character. Especially that of Alice who is living a lifestyle that was very much real back in the day. You can see her struggle in how she feels and repressing it because even at the club, some things are still taboo. Especially a lesbian Bunny.

    I hope for more of a dynamic relationship for Maureen. Right now she seems a little bit blowing in whatever direction the wind blows.

    Quite possibly one of the hidden gems in this series is Chicago itself and the theater actors and students that are getting the Hollywood chance right there in their own city. Keep and eye out for such locals like Carrie Coon and Cassidy Freemanstopping by.moreless

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  • 8.5

    This show was not what I expected. It was better...

    By tokvarupptaget, Sep 27, 2011

    I started out prejudiced against this copy cat show trying to ride the "Mad Men" hype. I have a great love to the period shows and I could not NOT watch this and I am glad I didn't.

    It was sexy, fun, and had just enough thrill to keep me watching. They describe it as a popcorn soap for the smart people and maybe that says a lot. Eddie Carbrian is perfect here and I have to say I have never liked him before but this time he is in his element. Maybe it is the lighting?

    The world of the Playboy Bunnies is colour and sex and forbidden fruit all over it and that always makes good TV.

    I do look forward to see how this story line pans out though. it worked for the pilot but how are they going to keep it going? Well the TV writers do manage to surprise from time to time.

    In short. This is one show I will continue watching and I will now presume to enjoy it.moreless

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  • 7.5

    seems promising ...

    By tntdwnldr, Sep 24, 2011

    well not being pro or con the whole playboy i think that the show has a promisingentertainment without having seen any episode .. my expectations are that they dont picture things that werent the way they were, that they put the way things were... im sure there is gonna be some type of drama involved and there be some girl to be the main role and so on.. but i hope im wrong and they picturedifferentbunnies life and things like that...... ill edit my review by the end of the season


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  • 8.0

    very enjoyable!!

    By AlexAkrivos, Sep 23, 2011

    very entertaining the pilot of the new show.not much violence,which is good, nicely directed.characters and a plot to be explored.good music numbers.i do not understand why some people saidthere was sexism ,what,against women?but women in the show do not take their clothes off,they are FAR from stupid.and basically theyRUN the,they should be all lawyers and scientists,so you would be happy? i think it s time for people to mature.and ,in any case,it IS the story of the playboy club.i hope that stupid reviews do not kill this is somehow refreshing.and i really think that it is done with a good taste.moreless

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