The Playboy Club

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Quotes (26)

  • Sean: (over the phone) How much have you made tonight?
    Bunny Alice: Over a hundred and it's only eleven. I think it's because I took off my wedding ring.
    Sean: (surprised look) What?

  • Nick Dalton: But this man you Clyde Hill.
    Bunny Maureen: Who's Clyde Hill?
    Nick Dalton: That's exactly what the cops are going to ask. But it will only take them a few days to realize he was a key player with the Bianchi's.
    Bunny Maureen: Who?
    Nick Dalton: A major Chicago crime family. You'll get a bullet in forty-eight hours.
    Bunny Maureen: (Maureen showing her naiveness) Won't the cops protect me?
    Nick Dalton: Did you just move to the city?

  • Bunny Carol Lynne: (To Nick Dalton) Do you think I don't know why you come to the Playboy Club every single night? You need every man in the place thinking, "wish I could be him". And every girl thinking, "pick me". It's your fuel. You feed off of it. But you can't have us all.

  • Billy Rose: (On what to expect at the club) It's the Playboy Club, it's not a knitting club.

  • Bunny Maureen: (About Nick Dalton) What do they say about him?
    Bunny Brenda
    : That he's everything you want, he's everything you don't.

  • Billy Rose: (To Nick Dalton) You're the only man I know that puts his hand up a girl's skirt looking for a dictionary.

  • Bunny Brenda: (to Maureen) You can go anywhere you want in this world and life is always going to be rough. But we're in here. It doesn't matter what's going on out there. We're the safest, loveliest and richest girls in the world. We're at the party. If you turn down the invitation you only have yourself to blame.

  • Bunny Carol-Lynne: (To Bunny Maureen about Nick) If I were you, and believe me I was, I would stay very far away.

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Notes (34)

  • Songs: Chicago, That Toddlin' Town (Tony Bennett) performed on the show by Laura Benanti
    Sh-Boom (The Crew Cuts)
    Playboy (The Marvelettes)
    Shake a Tail Feather (Ike and Tina Turner) performed on the show by Karen LeBlanc
    Tina's Prayer (Ike and Tina Turner)

  • The pilot episode was watched by just over 5 million viewers. This put it last in viewership for all the premieres (NBC, ABC, CBS)showing at the ten o'clock hour.

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Canada: September 19, 2011 on Citytv

  • Naturi Naughton promoted the pilot episode at the 2011 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.

  • Hugh Hefner will be narrating the pilot episode but will not be narrating any future episodes.

  • Casting for the pilot was conducted in New York City, Chicago, Los Angelas and Vancouver.

  • The pilot was taped under a American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) contract. All actors must be a member.

  • Florida Family Association (FFA) and The Parents Television Council have condemned the show. The FFA plans on targeting the sponsors of the show.

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Trivia (20)

  • This episode was nominated for a Golden Reel Award in the category of Best Sound Editing: Short Form Musical in Television

  • The average work shift for a Bunny was 10 hours.

  • Alice states that she had made $143.00 in one night with a lot of surprise. Taking inflation into consideration, that amount would equal $1,010.00 in 2011 money.

  • Alice and Sean are members of the Mattachine Society. This was an early organization fighting for homosexual rights.

  • Scenes where Maureen (Amber Heard) and Brenda (Naturi Naughton) are talking before going to bed should be in the "Bunny Hutch" instead of the Mansion. This was where female workers without a local residence could stay. The original was located across the street from the Playboy Club.

  • Among the celebrities that are portrayed include: Ike and Tina Turner, Cy Colman and Anita Bryant.

  • Laura Benanti (Bunny Carol Lynne) said that performing in the pilot was one of her favorite things she has ever done.

  • Amber Heard released a picture of herself from her work on the pilot without consent of 20th Century Fox Television. This led the network to ban any further unauthorized photography from the set.

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Allusions (3)

  • Scarlet Bunny: Hidden Secrets and Forbidden Love

    Maureen is called the Scarlet Bunny by Carol-Lynne after she again catches her talking with Nick, to whom she thinks Maureen wants. In the 1850 story, The Scarlet Letter, the main character Hester must wear a bright red "A" to mark her as an adulterous woman.

  • YANKEES WIN ON HOMERS 2-0: During the Bunny meeting about Doris being an undercover reporter, Brenda is holding a newspaper with this headline. The headline is referring to game one of the 1961 World Series.

  • Undercover Bunny: The character of Doris (Carrie Coon) is based on real life Bunny, undercover reporter and feminist Gloria Steinem. In 1963, Steinem went undercover at the New York Playboy Club and wrote an article on her experience for Show magazine.