Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins

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    Weak piolot for a cool show.

    By YamataDragon, Jun 23, 2011

    A second pilot and it is just as bad as the first. Fuzzy Lumpkins is going around tuning evryone into meat. The girls must stop him or everyone will suffer a meaty fate. That is it. Wow! I to think it could have been way better. This was just too weak.

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    By Canogaparkcindy, Feb 02, 2011

    This pilot is just as bad as Crime 101, Fuzzy turning everyone to meat, is not in the agenda or not supposed to be in the agenda for the Powerpuff Girls, Fuzzy is hardly a villain, and making him introduce the show just makes you want to turn off the television, all the meat jokes were stupid, Like for instance "Meat hair?" Stupidest second attempt of a pilot ever. Plus the only good exceptional pilot was the first, the other ones were a terrible way to start off a show, sorry if I keep on rambling on, but Craig M. can do wayyyy better!moreless

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