The Powerpuff Girls

Moral Decay / Meet the Beat Alls

Season 3, Ep 13, Aired 2/9/01
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  • Episode Description
  • Moral Decay: After receiving a dollar from the Professor, Buttercup accidentally knocks one of Bubbles' teeth out. After Bubbles receives another dollar from the Tooth Fairy, Buttercup's greed for money leads to teeth-busting problems.Meet the Beat Alls: After Mojo Jojo, Princess, Fuzzy, and Him defeat the Powerpuff Girls, the four team up and form "The Beat Alls". Will the Powerpuff Girls be able to stop this new villain super group?

  • Cast & Crew
  • Craig McCracken

  • Lauren Faust

  • Robert Alvarez (II)

  • John McIntyre

  • Tom Kane


  • Fan Reviews (7)
  • Moral Decay - after learning about the Tooth Fairy, Buttercup goes overboard trying to get more money. Meet the Beat-alls - Mojo Jojo, Princess, Him and Fuzzy Lumpkins join forces in order to get their way.

    By Hellkitty2001, Jul 14, 2007

  • Beatles parody.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Apr 22, 2009

  • meet the beat all's spoliers alert!!!!!! (i actually like the beatles they are one of my favorite if not my favorite band)

    By sadmadgla3, Jun 25, 2009

  • Hilarious Beatles parody! One of the best PPG episodes!

    By JellyFishJammer, Aug 22, 2009

  • Best Episode Ever!!!!

    By rjr_1987, Nov 08, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (43)

    • (Hotline buzzes) Blossom: Yes, Mayor? We're there! Girls, move out! Buttercup! Buttercup: (sighs) Coming.

    • (Bubbles squealing in delight) Bubbles: IT WORKS!!! IT REALLY WORKS!!! Blossom: What works? Buttercup: What's going on?

    • Bubbles: Like this? Professor Utonium: Just like that. Good night, girls. Bubbles: Professor, are you sure? Professor Utonium: I'm quite sure, now go to sleep. Buttercup: Bubbles. Bubbles: Yeah? Buttercup: I'm sorry.

    • Professor Utonium: Buttercup, I know you're the toughest fighter and you like to play rough, but under no circumstances are you to allowed to knock Bubbles' teeth out. (Buttercup looks at grinning Blossom) Professor Utonium: Or Blossom's. (Blossom covers her mouth) Professor Utonium: Understand? Buttercup: Yes, Professor.

    • Bubbles: Yeah. Th... Hey, this is a quarter. Blossom: No, it's not. It's the all new Sacagawea Dollar. Bubbles: Oh. Okay, then. Thank you, Professor.

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    Notes (14)

    • This is the first time that HIM has been sent to jail.

    • This episode was nominated for the Outstanding Animated Program (for 1 hour or less), but it lost to The Simpsons.

    • During the show, you hear 8 actual Beatles songs: A Hard Day's Night: During Stuart Best's documentary, especially the held guitar note at the beginning of the song when we are shown the Beat-Alls' half-lit faces. A Day in the Life: When we are shown the "Most Wanted" poster of the Beat-Alls, we hear the build-up of the song which featured a full orchestra. We also hear the held 45-second piano note at the end of the episode. Hey Bulldog: We hear the guitar solo of "Hey Bulldog" when Sgt. Pepper is begging the Girls to come back. Strawberry Fields Forever: We hear the song when the Professor is confronting the Girls for not helping save Townsville from the Beat-Alls. We also hear it when Mojo Jojo first meets Moko Jono at the bank. While My Guitar Gently Weeps: We hear the guitar solo by Eric Clapton when the Beat-Alls enter the bank. I Want You(She's So Heavy): You can hear the guitar solo when Mojo is climbing the ladder. The Ballad of John and Yoko: You can hear it when the Beat-Alls are robbing all the white stuff at the market. The End: Listen closely and you can hear the drum solo from "The End" when the 3 Beat-Alls are on the rooftops destroying the city.

    • LOOK CLOSELY: In Stuart Best's documentary, when he utters the line, "When questioned, authorities had this to say", before we first see Sgt. Pepper, you see a morgue wagon. This could mirror the "Paul is Dead" conspiracy of 1969, when fans thought that Paul McCartney was dead from a car accident that occurred on November 9, 1966. You also have to think about the 3 cars outside the police department (2 police cars and the morgue wagon) and the 3 Beat-Alls (Princess, Him, and Fuzzy) destroying the city on the rooftops.

    • Fuzzy Lumpkins' first appearance since "Impeach Fuzz."

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    Trivia (6)

    • Somehow, Blossom and Bubbles already figured out that Buttercup has been beating villains, just to gain more money.

    • The Beatles' plan of attack was Mojo, Him, and Princess would all hit the girls with lasers and Fuzzy would finish them off with a rock.

    • In "Moral Decay," when Bubbles showed Blossom and Buttercup her $1, Blossom said "wow." However, her and Buttercup's mouth moved at the same time.

    • In "Telephonies," Mojo says to Him when he calls, "Yes, sir." But in "Meet the Beat Alls," Him takes orders from Mojo.

    • In "Meet the Beat Alls," why didn't the Powerpuff Girls just move away from the spot where they were getting hit?

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    Allusions (35)

    • Stuart Best This is an allusion to two early Beatles, bassist Stuart Sutcliffe and drummer Pete Best. Stuart Sutcliffe stayed with the Beatles until Hamburg, where he stayed while he was engaged to Astrid Kirchherr and died of a brain hemmorage at the age of 21. Pete Best stayed on as the Beatles' drummer until the audition for George Martin, where Martin decided he was not talented enough to carry the Beatles to the top. He was replaced by Ringo Starr.

    • Most Wanted's Poster This poster, including five photographs by every single of the Beat-Alls, was almost identical to the cover of The Beatles' album A Hard Day's Night. The album was the soundtrack of the film with the same name and was the first Beatles' album where all the songs were original from The Fab Four.

    • Mojo Jojo and Moko Jono's bed in the middle of an intersection, with traffic backed up in all directions.
      This is a reference to John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Bed-ins for Peace. They were two non-violent ways to protest against war and promote peace during the time of the Vietnam War in 1969, just after they married on Gibraltar.

    • Blossom: They're going nowhere, man.
      This is a reference to The Beatles' song Nowhere Man, first released as the fourth track of their sixth album Rubber Soul in 1965 in the United Kingdom; in the United States was released as part of the album Yesterday... and Today. The song, although credited as Lennon/McCartney, was recorded only by John Lennon and represents the start of Lennon's philosophically-oriented music.

    • Narrator: Sounds like the Professor has some magical mystery tricks up his sleeve! This is a reference to The Beatles' television film, song and album named Magical Mystery Tour. The one hour television film was originally aired in the United Kingdom on BBC-TV on the Christmas Holidays of 1967, and was destroyed by the critic, although it's been praised by some filmmakers like Steven Spielberg. The album, the soundtrack of the movie, was released in the UK on December 8th of 1967 was a great example of the psychedelic music of that era, with great songs like The Fool on the Hill, I am the Walrus, Strawberry Fields Forever, Blue Jay Way (written by George Harrison), Flying (credited as Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey), Penny Lane and the classic All You Need is Love. The song was the opening track of the album and was written by both John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

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