Split Decisions

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Quotes (5)

  • Bobby: I'm not going anywhere. I'd rather fire you. Lindsay: (smiling) You can't just fire me, I'm a partner. Bobby: Yeah, you are. Mine.

  • Lucy: You see how their eyes light up? Rebecca: Who? Lucy: The reporters. Their eyes light up when they talk about this case. You don’t see their eyes twinkle when they give you the weather.

  • Bobby: Come on Ellenor, they can still contest liability. Ellenor: So could all our clients. Even the ones who shoot people five times. Lindsay: And the ones who cut off people’s heads?

  • Helen: Here. You got your headline. Now go get a conscience.

  • Bobby: I was talking to her as senior partner, which I still am. That doesn’t change anything just because... Lindsay: You’re not senior partner here, Bobby. Bobby: Well, let’s put our clothes back on. We’ll drive over to the office and we’ll have the conversation there.

Allusions (1)

  • Helen makes a reference to Kenneth Starr. In 1994, Starr was appointed as an independent council to investigate President Bill Clinton’s role in the Whitewater controversy.