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    Emmy nominated Pretender Theme Music is on Youtube now

    By misterhappy, Mar 03, 2012

    Guess there were 3 theme songs. this was the last one. I like the vocal sounds

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    Starts off well, then loses its way and ends with a disaster of a show.

    By PeterJones3, Sep 25, 2011

    First off the part of the show following Jarod is great , a top class show.

    But the second part of the show , following the center, is a disaster, going nowhere, and without any reason,

    Then the last movie, they decide to change the whole style of the show, complete pile of rubbish.

    No propper ending and thoughts what could have been.

    God bless Jarod x

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    Jarrod, Ethan, Miss Parker finally get to realise they are family from being imprisoned in The Centre when they were young. Jarrod escapes to lead a continues journey of dodging The Centres sweep teams trying to find who his family are. Fantastic series.

    By Thor_Asguard, Jun 09, 2011

    They have to bring this series back it was and still is one of the best series for TV. Their are so many twists and turns and lies through out the Parker Family. The Centre has many secrets and they keep on finding more. Between Angelo an empath Jarrod and Miss Parker Sydney and good ole Broots their are many secrets and truths they unravel through their journey to find the ultimate truth. As children they were brought up in the centre and exposed to tests to produce the ultimate Pretender which becomes Jarrod. This series has to be watched to be believed as the lies and twists are just amazing. Miss Parker becomes the hunter as Jarrod becomes the hunted draw your own conclusion but you need to see this series. Why have they ended it on the fourth series without the whole truth still not known and left as a cliff hanger. Are they ever going to finish this series? I have just finished watching this series and some of it has you in tears and some so angry at what these people do to others its beyond belief and makes you wonder if something like this goes on in the real world. God forbid if it does. I have heard a rumour they may be bringing this series back but I wonder.....Please as I need to know the final truth.moreless

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    One of the only original concepts developed into an irreverent and suspenseful TV show.

    By foghorn_clj87, Jun 09, 2011

    "The Pretender" was one of the most underappreciated TV shows ever to grace our screens for four years. It had an utterly original concept. A young, isolated genius escapes from an evil corporation (The Centre) and uses his gift to help people whilst attempting to find his family that he was kidnapped from. To the delight of the audience, we watch as Jarod discovers new foods and love whilst uncovering the secrets that The Centre would kill to keep quiet. He is chased by a group of three Centre operatives. Miss Parker, his childhood sweetheart. A hardened woman who was lied to about everything in her life including but not limited to her mother's "suicide", her father's identity and the existence of a evil twin brother. His teacher and mentor Sydney Green, Jarod's father figure who is racked with guilt about his part in Jarod's kidnapping and imprisonment. And finally, computer genius and overall weasal Broots.

    I would recommend to everyone to take the time to watch this engaging show which was cancelled just as it began to really came into it's element. It's a disgrace that TNT won't allow the producers to create the movie that would finally answer all the big questions we fans have been asking for eight years.moreless

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    The Pretender is a great show! It has it all, suspence, action, drama and a little sci-fi/fantasy. I love series with dark organizations and the Centre definately is. A shame that 3rd movie never has been made. What's Michael T Weiss doing these days?

    By MarcelS1, Jun 09, 2011

    The show should been running 10 seasons! Great story, mysterious characters, a dark organization. When I first saw the Pretender, more than a decade ago, I was amazed, I could not get enough of it and was very sad when it got canceled. Thankfully I has been released on DVD and can I watch it as often as I please. Shame though the third movie never got made so we never know how the story ends.

    I always liked the Jarods centered episodes but I must say when the Centre was involved, those episodes were the icing on the cake. All those secrets from the past, all those lies, mr Parker who was unfit to be miss Parker´s father or so it seemed. It´s truly a shame The Pretender has not been appreciated more.moreless

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    The best show EVER. The questions need to be answered, and the mysteries solved. There HAS to be a third and final movie!!

    By LeandaB, Jul 30, 2010

    Great show!! This show has everything: drama, action, humour.

    Micheal T Weiss did an amazing job playing this complex character, not to even mentioning how Andrea Parker was able to become Miss Parker. Even though Andrea plays both Miss Parker and her mother, her way of portraying these two very different characters is so well done that you as the watcher sometimes forget that they are played by the same actress.

    The story is one of the best ever told, there was not a single episode where you didn't learn something new about one of the characters.

    The creators of this FAB show shocked the audience again and again and again. They left the fans devastated at the end of the 4th season. Then in 2001 the fist movie was released and again they left the fans hanging at the end. In 2002 the second movie ("Island of the Haunted") was released and fans could breath again, but only until 2 minutes into the movie because - they did it AGAIN, questions were left unanswered and mysteries unsolved.

    The fans of this amazing show have been fighting for 4 years and they, along with everyone else who has been lucky enough to have seen this show, deserve closure in the form of a third and final movie.

    So: BRING IT BACK!!moreless

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  • 9.7

    This has to be one of the best shows ever! I watched it when it first came on and am watching the DVD's now. Wish it were back on!

    By disankey, Jul 30, 2010

    Fantastic show, a must see! The casting is perfect and alhtough I have seen it before, I still wait for Dr. Raines to get his...I missed some espisodes when first aired and I am thrilled I can now fill in some of the blanks. Be sure to watch this series, keep a keen eye out for shady characters, you never know who may be lurking in the halls of the CENTRE! Great combination of intrigue, morality and down right let's hear it for the good guys.

    Wish you were back on, miss you all-well maybe just a bit Dr. Raines)moreless

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    Bring it back!

    By filesgirl, Jul 30, 2010

    I love this show. I was homeschooled and when it was on at 7 in the morning I\'d get up early to sit and watch it before I started school. I loved how Jarod always got away and made the centre look like the bunch of idiots they were. It was so much fun to sit and watch this. I was so sad when they stopped playing it. My mom and I would watch it and talk about all the stuff going on together. Good times. Good times indeed. They should totally bring the show back on some channel. It was a really awesome show.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A good show

    By KDHMHE, Sep 11, 2009

    In the beginning the show is a little slow, the stories are good but the show its self has problems getting going. This is because the show has a hard time getting past the main mystery of the show, because if they got past it, it would end the show.

    The main characters are well written but I wish that they could have brought the 2 groups together more when they aren't rying to get one another. The show has nice tension between Mrs. Parker and Jarod but because they are together so little nothing happens to this relationship.

    The stories do get a little repetative near the end because they are still using the same method of Jarod trying to help as many random people as possible. I do wish that they went more into the main mythology more and that we could find out more about the Center and Jarod's role with them.

    In the end it is a good felling show that rarely is depressing with a fair amount of humor to keep you entertained. It might not be a buy but it is definately a rent on dvd.moreless

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