The Pretender 2001

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    Miss Parker goes in searchfor her past. Jarod has a wiered haircut..everyone else is also in this film its cool watch it.

    By maya2009, Aug 06, 2010

    I love this film , it centers around Miss parker finally a little more than usally , its good, she is searching for her past, and some details actually get revealed. well worth the time to watch it .

    If you have a chance watch it , watch the whole season .its great and a pitty it has endet arghhhh

    i love the pretender the show!

    Great film Great Show !its a pleasure to watch.its easy to get into the series , and with the this film its a treat to have miss Parker on screen for 120 min now instead f just 45 min per episode.

    do give it a chance!moreless

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