The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

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Quotes (3)

  • Broots: Where does Adama get these Triumvirate freaks anyway? They make the Centre Sweepers look like anorexic Powerpuff Girls.

  • Miss Parker: Angelo, where can I find the evil people?
    Angelo: On the island. The Island of the Haunted.

  • Jarod: You've been chasing me for five years. Why don't you just leave me alone? Miss Parker: You know that's not the way it is. My job is to catch and return you to the Centre. You run, I chase, just like always. Besides, I need answers. Jarod: About? Miss Parker: About who my real father is. About who I really am. Jarod: Welcome to the club. Miss Parker: The photograph that both of us were e-mailed of our mothers. What does it mean? Jarod: You work for the Centre. I thought you people know everything. Miss Parker: I know they still want you back. Jarod: Oh, why, because I'm a Pretender? Because I can become anyone I want to be? I'm not buying that one anymore. It's something else. Miss Parker: Just tell me what you know about that photograph. Jarod: I'm not sure what it means, but something tells me it holds the key to this whole puzzle. And the first one to find the answers...wins.

Notes (1)

  • Kim Myers, who plays Jarod's mother, Margaret, makes an uncredited appearance.

Trivia (1)

  • Jarod's Pretend: Archeosymbologist