News Briefs: NBC Is Moving the Emmys to a Monday in August

By Tim Surette

Jan 29, 2014


... NBC is being totally inconsiderate to Garfield and will air the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards on a Monday! Monday, August 25, 2014 to be exact. This is causing an outrage from awards-show groupies, who don't like change. The Emmys usually air on a Sunday in either August or September—or rather, they usually air on a Sunday in late September unless NBC is airing them, at which point they usually air on a Sunday in late August, so as to avoid conflicts with football. Apparently the network was all set to move the ceremony up a weekend, to the middle of August, but oops, the Creative Arts Emmys were already booked for August 16, and the Primetime Emmys have to be the weekend after that. So NBC has scheduled them for Monday, August 25—which, while not technically the weekend, is close enough. And football probably won't even start that weekend, so why does it have to be that Monday? Is the network scared of preseason football? This is awfully confusing. NBC sure Britta'd this. Anyway, Monday, August 25 at 5pm Pacific and 8pm Eastern is when the Emmys will take place. [NBC via press release / Hitfix]


... NBC has ordered a lesbian-centric multi-camera comedy pilot from producer Ellen Degeneres. NBC can't even get its comedies straight! Haha, I came up with that joke all by myself. One Big Happy is about two best friends, one who's a lesbian and one who's straight (is it a guy? is it a girl? I don't know!) who decide to have a baby together, but then things get complicated when one of them finds the love of their life. You know what sounds like a bad idea? Having a baby with your best friend. NBC also gave the thumbs-up to a single-camera comedy called Two to Go from executive producer Jason Bateman. It follows two best friends of the opposite sex as they explore the dating world and their friends insist they were meant to be together. So it's one of those, great! [Variety]

... The Following premiered in its regular time slot last night after a football-boosted Season 2 premiere, and it flibbity-flopped. Episode 2 pulled in 6 million viewers and a 2.0 rating among 18-49-year-olds—a series low that way down from the 4.4 rating it received last week after football. Wow! What a drop. It's almost as if this show isn't actually that good at all! [Variety]

... If you'd rather watch a GOOD show about killers and FBI agents, maybe you should try Hannibal. The entire first season is now available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime, as the Netflix-Amazon wars heat up. Hannibal's second season debuts on Friday, February 28 (here's the trailer!), so catch up now and as a bonus, get some new nightmare fuel! [Amazon]

... I guess this is a big deal? AMC has announced the theaters that will air the Veronica Mars movie. Good news, Montgomery, Alabama! You made the cut! Tickets will go on sale Friday, February 14, and the movie hits theaters on Friday, March 14. [AMC]

... ABC has renewed Bet on Your Baby for a second season, in case you want to get some added value from the parenthood that everyone said would be "so rewarding." Yes, the show is exactly what you think it is. Parents bet on their babies in gladiator-style deathmatches. [Variety

... The GOP may have scared away made-for-TV biopics about Hillary Clinton, but it can't stop a series about a headstrong female Secretary of State that has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton! CBS has ordered a pilot for Madam Secretary, about a "maverick female Secretary of State," from Homeland's Barbara Hall. Morgan Freeman will executive produce, as if that's supposed to give us any idea of how good it will be. [THR]

... ABC ordered a pilot for Fresh Off the Boat, a comedy about a Taiwanese family of immigrants in Orlando. It comes from Don't Trust the B---- creator Nahnatchka Kahn and is based on Eddie Huang's memoir of the same name. [Deadline]

... CBS has ordered a pilot from Kevin Williamson, the creator of The Following and Dawson's Creek. This one's a drama about stalkers, told from the perspective of two LAPD cops. And I have an opinion about it, want to hear? It sounds stupid! Stalkers? Are we really that saturated with cop shows? The network also picked up a comedy pilot called Save the Date, which follows a 30-something woman who books a wedding venue before she has a groom. Okay, you aren't going to believe this, but I have an opinion on that one, too. It sounds like a really good concept... for about two episodes. [Variety]


... This is a-MAH-zing news, guys. The most excellent Casey Wilson is teaming up with her real-life fiancé and Happy Endings creator David Caspe and will star in Caspe's NBC pilot Marry Me. Wilson will play one half of a young couple that gets engaged but then realizes it's not as easy as they thought. Also, let's use this opportunity to retire "ah-MAH-zing," cool? [Deadline Hollywood]

... The always wonderful Stephen Root (True Blood, Office Space, Justified, NewsRadio) has wigged up for AMC's Revolutionary War drama Turn. The series follows "America's first spy ring," and Root will play a member of the fledgling Committee to Detect and Defeat Conspiracies, which served as the foundation for the CIA. [Variety]

... Chevy Chase has found his next job, and it's totally streets behind. The Community star will drop by TV Land's Hot in Cleveland as a man who goes on a date with Melanie. Hopefully she will get some of his hyper-virile sperm. [THR]

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  • JT_Kirk Jan 29, 2014

    Uh, how does one "air" a movie in a theater, Tim?

    Anyway, I'll be at some theater in LA on March 14th for the Veronica Mars movie, but AMC may or may not be it.

    Why is it that every piece of casting news about Casey Wilson lately is her teaming up with someone she already knows? Can she get a job without nepotism anymore?

  • vicbjones Jan 29, 2014

    Let's hope Casey Wilson doesn't leave David Caspe standing at the altar on their wedding day. I thought the OSS was the foundation for the CIA. Was there really a Committee to Detect and Defeat Conspiracies or is that just the premise of this Turn show? (Kudos for including NewsRadio among Stephen Root's credits though.)

    Biggest surprise among the briefs was that Nahnatchka Kahn is apparently a real person. When I saw that name on Family Guy, I thought that might be a pen name (the way Mila Kunis wasn't credited as Meg in the early episodes).

    P.S.: Someone neglected to change the network from CBS to NBC in the page banner.

  • vicbjones Jan 29, 2014

    P.P.S.: And the day of the week, at least according to your own post.

  • docspector Jan 29, 2014

    Mila Kunis wasn't credited as Meg in the early episodes because Meg was voiced by Lacey Chabert in the the early episodes.

  • vicbjones Jan 29, 2014

    I stand corrected then. But is it true that whoever voiced Meg wasn't credited due to the actress' age?

  • SarahGovaert Jan 29, 2014

    I just hope the VM movie will also be released overseas. Otherwise, i might need to look for a less legal means to watch it.

  • Super_Dooper Jan 29, 2014

    Year of Penny!

  • AndreaMcCooey Jan 29, 2014

    What about people who don't live in the States? Can we get to see the VM film without having to "acquire" it in a somewhat possibly shady manner?

  • bicelis Jan 29, 2014

    That depends on your definition of "shady". Is borrowing the film from your torrent-website-friend considered shady?

  • AndreaMcCooey Jan 29, 2014

    But, torrent sites are blocked in my country! There's no possible way to get around that! Ahem.
    I would like to support the film by actually paying to see it in a cinema, (which is a big deal because here it costs almost 10euro to see a film on a student ticket), but I can suppose I could "borrow" the film too...

  • dunlee Jan 30, 2014

    Where do you live to pay that much being a student? I am screaming extorsion everytime I have to pay my 6.40 €.

  • AndreaMcCooey Jan 30, 2014

    Dublin. :'(

  • bicelis Jan 29, 2014

    Then you'll just have to wait for the DVD to appear on Amazon.

  • joshmarshall5 Jan 29, 2014

    Why would you want to retire ah-mah-zing?! Let's retire these boring sitcoms and bring back Happy Endings!

  • torque_smacky Jan 29, 2014

    Okaaaay.....what if there's not an AMC in your entire state? Where's the list for the rest of us?

  • noelrk Jan 29, 2014

    Then you're waiting for the DVD release or you can cross state lines!

  • torque_smacky Jan 29, 2014 can't be an AMC exclusive. I've never heard of a movie where one specific theater company had "dibs."

  • JT_Kirk Jan 29, 2014

    It's not exclusive, it's just not a big-budget film so it isn't playing in a lot of (non-AMC) multiplexes, thus you have to have an art house or small theater chain that actually gives a crap about smaller movies. AMC is merely stepping up and carrying a smaller film in their large chain, which is impressive.

  • torque_smacky Jan 30, 2014

    I live in Portland; we have at least 20 arthouse theaters. In that case it shouldn't be a problem. I hope.

  • noelrk Jan 29, 2014


    And probably getting a larger percentage of the tickets sales than it would on even a similarly small title as compensation for agreeing to carry it.

  • DrSpongejr Jan 29, 2014

    NBC hasn't done a good/successful gay sitcom since Will & Grace (or to a lesser degree a straight one), so I'm guessing it will tank.

    "Bet on Your Baby"...seriously, wasn't that a joke in a Friends episode? That sounds too lame to be real.

  • iheartfrosty Jan 29, 2014

    "One Big Happy" sounds like the film "The Next Best Thing", make of that what you will.

    And "Veronica Mars" is playing at over 10 theatres in my city. I think I'll buy tickets at every one. Yes, yes, I think that's what I'll do.

  • dunlee Jan 30, 2014

    Thank you for your support fellow marshmallow.

  • Blessyourheart Jan 29, 2014

    Seriously? Montgomery? That's like the fourth largest city in Alabama. Okay, maybe it's the capital, but I bet there are waaaaaay more VM fans further north. And by further north I mean not quite Tennessee.

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