If TV.com Ran the Emmys: Our Dream Nominees for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

By Kaitlin Thomas

Jun 11, 2014

The 2014 Emmy nominations ballots are out, which means it's time to decide whose names we'd like to hear called on Thursday, July 10 when the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences announces the shows and actors who're officially in the running for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. 

I asked some of my fellow TV.com staffers to join me in choosing our dream nominees, and after hours of internal debates and monologues that would make even Scrubs' JD tell us to shut up already, we've boldly narrowed down our picks—and as you'll see at the bottom of this page, we're prepared to defend them, too! 

Each day for the next couple weeks, we'll be bringing you our highly sought-after, well-respected, and very prolific thoughts and opinions on which shows and actors should make the cut. We're starting with comedy categories, so let's begin, shall we?


WHY CHELSEA PERETTI: Damn, Gina! Lest you write off the Nine-Nine's civilian administrator as just a run-of-the-mill weirdo, allow me to praise Chelsea Peretti's excellent portrayal of a character who, underneath all that bizarre bluster, is surprisingly sharp. Yes, Gina is loud, strange, and extremely narcissistic—but she's also caring and a bit of a savant, and Peretti does a bang-up job of marrying Gina's more off-kilter qualities with genuine emotion and confident physical comedy. It all comes together in a compelling combo of resident eccentric, sassy sidekick, prolific friend, and lovable odd bird. — Jen Trolio

WHY MICHAELA WATKINS: The thing about Trophy Wife's cast is that everyone is
(/was :(((() so comically gifted, with such great timing, and in their own weird ways, that it's hard to name one standout performer. And then we remember Michaela Watkins' work as the air-headed, well-meaning Jackie. It certainly helps that Watkins got to spend a lot of her Trophy Wife time working alongside our generation's best comedic force, Albert Tsai, but she also made an annoying character type as loving and bearable as possible. Remember Jackie's fling with Sad Steve? The mini-golf trip with Tsai's Bert and Bradley Whitford's Pete? Annnnnnnd now I'm just sad that there isn't going to be more of this glorious show, or Watkins' warm, hilarious performance. — Cory Barker

Who would YOU nominate for Supporting Actress in a Comedy?

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  • KayWatkins Jun 19, 2014

    Merritt Wever! She's the singular reason for watching Nurse Jackie!

  • AndrLima2 Jun 13, 2014

    Stephanie Beatriz (B99), Anna Chlumsky (Veep), Mayim Bialik (TBBT), Chelsea Perretti (B99), Gillian Jacobs (Community) & Beth Grant (Mindy Project)

  • shocker713 Jun 12, 2014

    Kristen Wiig? I would expect Tim to know the difference between a series and a mini-series.

  • bendylegsnick Jun 12, 2014

    Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series -
    Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
    Anna Chlumsky (Veep)
    Kate Mulgrew (Orange in the New Black)
    Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer)
    Allison Williams (Girls)
    Christine Woods (Hello Ladies)

    Guest Actress in a Comedy Series -
    Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black)
    Kristen Bell (Parks and Recreation)
    Linda Cardellini (New Girl)
    Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black)
    Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black)
    June Squibb (Girls)

  • docspector Jun 12, 2014

    Amy Schumer is a supporting actress on the show named after her?

  • bendylegsnick Jun 12, 2014

    Yup, just went back and checked that I wasn't being thick, and I'm not.

  • docspector Jun 12, 2014

    No Alison Brie?
    Nomination fail.

  • tnetennba Jun 12, 2014

    I think she should have won for seasons 2 and 3. Now I don't care much. She's on the ballots at least, unlike Amy Acker.

  • modernfamily120 Jun 11, 2014

    Stephanie Beatriz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Allie Grant, Suburgatory
    Chelsea Peretti, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Eden Sher, The Middle
    Melissa Fumero, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Zoe Lister-Jones, Friends with Better Lives

  • docspector Jun 12, 2014

    By any chance, are you a fan of B99?

  • modernfamily120 Jun 12, 2014

    Actually, it isn't even my favorite comedy, though it is definitely a good one, but it has a fantastic cast, so that is why 3/6 of my nominees are the three B99 women.

  • StefanWennes Jun 11, 2014

    What about Uzo Aduba? Crazy Eyes was a great character in OITNB Season 1, but in Season 2... man, her performance was so amazing!

  • starlitwisher Jun 11, 2014

    Beth Grant? She maybe had two lines an episode. All the women on Mindy Project are completely underused/shoved to the side from bro-antics. So, I mean she's a talented actress but did she even have enough screen to be considered a supporting actress candidate? But other than that, Tim's selections are my favorite, especially Taryn.

  • mad-pac Jun 11, 2014

    Orange in the New Black and Nurse Jackie are comedies? Really? Since when?

  • tnetennba Jun 12, 2014

    Hey, that's what I said. :)

  • animeslave20 Jun 11, 2014

    Since always. Showtime has a tendency to air shows as comedies that come across as dramas (see also The Big C, United States of Tara and Weeds) The creator of Weeds is the Creator and writer of Orange is the New Black. These shows are always in the comedy category during emmy season

  • mad-pac Jun 11, 2014

    Sure, I understand that technically they run in the comedy category. But I see this as a technicality used by producers to get away with easier competition for certain names, avoiding the heavier opponents in the drama category. in a series named "If TV.com Ran the Emmys" a site with the reputation of tv.com could go for what a show truly is, not follow artificial rules established for the convenience of producers.

  • Mate Jun 11, 2014

    Chelsea Peretti. Why? The show wouldn't work that well without her.

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