Emmys 2013: Who Should Win for Lead Actor in a Drama?

By TV.com Staff

Sep 19, 2013

The Emmys are right around the corner, which means it's time to talk at length about the Emmys. Each weekday from now until the telecast on September 22, we'll be bringing you our highly sought-after, well-respected, and very prolific thoughts and opinions on who we think SHOULD win each award. Yesterday we discussed dramatic leading ladies, and today it's the headlining guys' turn.


THE NOMINEES: Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Damian Lewis (Homeland), Kevin Spacey (House of Cards)

RECENT WINNERS: Damian Lewis for Homeland in 2012, Kyle Chandler for Friday Night Lights in 2011, Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad in 2010 (and 2009, and 2008... dang, Mr. White!)


KAITLIN: Last year, Damian Lewis's big win was a welcome surprise, and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who thought it was a mistake; he turned in outstanding work in Homeland Season 1. That being said: We're all in agreement that Season 2 was not on the same level, right? So this year, I want to see this award go back to Bryan Cranston. It's science. (P.S. I'm really sorry, Jon Hamm.)

TIM: All these nominees are kinda, "Fine, I wouldn't be upset if they won." But no one is like "HELL YEAH MY BOYYYY!" The first half of Breaking Bad's fifth season was the series' worst, but Cranston still showed he had room to take Walter White to a new place. Yes, he's been better in other seasons, but he's still ahead of the rest of this field.

JEN: I find Damian Lewis's performance as Nicholas Brody pretty transfixing. But he's up against some tough competition here. Kevin Spacey's the man. Jeff Daniels can be pretty transfixing himself. And I so want to see Jon Hamm win one of these. But I can't not give this to Cranston. And in the meantime, I'll just cross my fingers that Mad Men's stupid two-year final season leads to a Hamm-filled 2015, 'cause next year's race already belongs to Heisenberg.




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  • frozen_liquid Sep 20, 2013

    Bryan Cranston for the emmy? You're god damn right.

  • chelseashort1 Sep 23, 2013

    If ever there was a time for Bryan Cranston this was it, and he did not win. How SAD.

  • hurtlocker10 Sep 20, 2013

    "We're all in agreement that Season 2 was not on the same level, right?".

    Yes, but it was only marginally inferior. Can everyone stop acting like it's no longer one of the best shows on Television?

    Anyway, this year's award should go to Timothy Olyphant. It's pretty obvious he's going to be another John Noble/Anna Torv. Well not quite, he did at least get nominated for season 2, I guess that should suffice... but it doesn't. Justified get's consistently better every season, not many shows can say the same.

  • thomaselderton Sep 20, 2013

    Wow what a group of brilliant actors, I think Jon Hamm really deserves an Emmy for all his fantastic work in Mad Men. Gotta say Jeff Daniels and Kevin Spacey also gave fantastically riveting performances.... but Bryan Cranston has delivered the most amazing character portrayal I have ever seen on a television screen and anyone who has watched Breaking Bad will agree that he definitely deserves this Emmy. All hail the king!

  • FringeFanatic Sep 20, 2013

    Bryan Cranston could have won the Emmy every single year he was eligible and I wouldn't have had the slightest problem with it. And this is coming from a guy who worships the ground John Noble walks on.

  • JosephCecil Sep 20, 2013

    Even calling BB's season 5a the worst isn't THAT terrible. A bad season of BB is still miles better than 90% of everyone else. It's like being the weakest batch of blue meth Walter makes; it's still the best stuff around.

    I will say 5a didn't give Cranston as much range as some other seasons but he's still the one to beat. Even if he loses, he's pretty much a lock for next year anyway.

  • anthonyclay37 Sep 20, 2013

    Kevin Spacey is awesome is house of cards. I know we all love Heisenberg but he will win next year for the second half of season 5. Spacey should win this time.

  • RobinDanil Sep 20, 2013

    Bryan Cranston ofcourse who else???! People who consider someone else are either retarded or completely mental

  • slayme3 Sep 19, 2013

    Is this even seriously up for debate? Have you seen Bryan Cranston this season in Breaking Bad? Case closed hands down - everyone else should just start congratulating him now. Bryan Cranston for the win!

  • bendylegsnick Sep 19, 2013

    The choice is Bryan Cranston, 5a wasn't the best of Breaking Bad, but this field is surprisingly weak without Timothy Olyphant...

  • StanleyStutters Sep 19, 2013

    I'm a little sore that Timothy Olyphant didn't get nominated (again), but this is a pretty strong group of actors. For me, it comes down to Lewis and Cranston. They were both terrific this year, but I'm going with Cranston to win. His work on Breaking bad over these last several years is some of the greatest I've ever seen. He deserves to win it every year.

  • bendylegsnick Sep 19, 2013

    I was so mad Timothy Olyphant wasn't nominated!

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