Emmys 2013: Who Should Win for Lead Actress in a Comedy?

By TV.com Staff

Sep 11, 2013

The Emmys are right around the corner, which means it's time to talk at length about the Emmys. Each weekday from now until the telecast on September 22, we'll be bringing you our highly sought-after, well-respected, and very prolific thoughts and opinions on who we think SHOULD win each award. Yesterday, we discussed our picks for for Supporting Actor in a Comedy, and today we're moving on to the leading ladies of laffers.


THE NOMINEES: Laura Dern (Enlightened), Lena Dunham (Girls), Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation)

RECENT WINNERS: Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep in 2012, Melissa McCarthy for Mike & Molly (and probably Bridesmaids) in 2011, and Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie in 2010


KAITLIN: I can see the Emmy going to Tina Fey because it's 30 Rock's last year at the Emmys, but she shouldn't win. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is more than worthy (and has won about a billion times before), but come on, Universe, isn't it about time you rewarded Amy Poehler? It's unthinkable that she still hasn't won for her portrayal of Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, and I will not stand for it any longer.

TIM: Enlightened's Amy Jellicoe wasn't the best female comedic lead of 2012 simply because of the way she was written. Laura Dern absolutely became Jellicoe and embodied all her awkwardness, and it was one of the most amazing things to watch in all of television. She's got no shot to win (JLD will snag the trophy, no problemo), but Enlightened is no stranger to underdog status, and I'm no stranger to trumpeting its excellence or that of its star. 

JEN: This is a strong group of nominees, and I'd be happy to see Dern, Fey, JLD, or Poehler take home the prize. But what I really WANT is for Poehler—who's nominated for the fourth time in as many years—to finally get her due.



Emmys 2013: Who Should Win for Supporting Actor in a Comedy?

Emmys 2013: Who Should Win for Supporting Actress in a Comedy?

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  • thomaselderton Sep 20, 2013

    I always think Girls as a drama more than a comedy but Lena Dunham is one of my favorites. Come on just give it to Poehler damnit! She deserves it more than Fey or Louis-Dreyfus.

  • Milanowicz Sep 13, 2013

    What happened to the Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) nomination? New Girl had a great season. Zooey you have my vote! Congrats!

    Out of the nominees I will choose JLD - VEEP. Just love that show.

    Enlightened and Laura Dern should get their own 'so annoyingly weird it's almost unbearable to watch yet good television' category.

  • BigPoppaShizzle Sep 13, 2013

    Lena Dunham juuuust over Amy Poehler

  • JT_Kirk Sep 12, 2013

    Honestly, I haven't seen most of the shows these actresses are nominated from, so I'm not voting. I really don't think Tina Fey's work on 30 Rock is Emmy-worthy, it's a shallow performance that lazily drifts through farce, it's fine but hardly exceptional. And Amy Poehler's work on Parks & Rec is fine but treading water, it's not much of a stretch for her talents going back to the UCB days, this is what she does and while there were a few nice moments this season, they didn't make a "best lead actress" performance for me.

    So who would I have nominated?

    The problem with Happy Endings was that all 3 female leads were equally strong, so it takes away from the potential to nominated any individual work, but they were all pretty good... I'd probably pick Casey Wilson just because her character was given more of an arc, and that's saying a lot for an actress who used to grate on my last nerve on SNL.

    Jane Levy on Suburgatory didn't have a script I liked, but she brought balance to her performance, I'd consider that.

    Gillian Jacobs on Community was not given enough this season, but she's really talented with the character in subtle ways, and History of Dance had some moments of real pathos and humor.

    Krysten Ritter from Don't Trust the B___ In Apt 23 seems like such an easy part and then you see the actress' real personality and get what a true piece of comedic acting it is, she worked hard to make Chloe exactly the right balance of awful with just a hint of likable.

    It's too bad animation doesn't get recognized for its work here, every actress on Archer has been top-drawer. Katey Sagal on Futurama deserves recognition too, but will never see it.

    They'd never get away with it, but Angie Harmon's had some good work with soft scripts on Rizzoli & Isles last season.

    I had no idea how weak last season was for female comedic actresses, I went through the entire network and cable series list for the season and it was a struggle to find even these.

  • Ujpesti Sep 12, 2013

    I really really love JLD, but it's time for Amy Poehler to get this award. She deserves it!

  • MiraTellia Sep 12, 2013

    Comedy is a hard category to judge, since what someone finds funny varies so much from person to person. For me, the only show out of these that makes me laugh is Parks and Rec, so my vote naturally goes to Amy Poehler. That is what this category is about, right? Who is the funniest? Or should it be who is the best actress?

  • JT_Kirk Sep 12, 2013

    To me, the Emmy is about the acting, "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series", the series is comedic but the award is still for the outstanding performance, and acting performances are easier to dissect and analyze and judge objectively than just "are they funny".

  • kanniballl Sep 12, 2013

    It's a tough call... it's not best-comedy but best lead actress in a comedy so "show that makes me laugh the most" doesn't necessarily translate into "the actress on that show should win" An actress that just throws out the random sex joke on Two Broke Girls might be really funny to some... but there's not much acting there just reciting some college-humor-jokes written by a writer.

    That all being said... there's so much subjectivity and so many gray areas that it's ultimately anyone's guess who will they pick for this award.

  • JT_Kirk Sep 12, 2013

    2 Broke Girls is a good example, Kat Dennings gets a lot of laughs from her lines, but her character's writing rarely gets to do anything but carry one-liners so it's not as nuanced as her co-star Beth Behrs' work and thus not as likely to win between the two performances. It doesn't mean Kat Dennings isn't funny or that Beth Behrs is funnier, it just means that Beth Behrs gets to do more with her talent and it's easier to recognize her work as such.

  • jalie_g Sep 12, 2013

    There are a lot of talented actresses here and also many more that weren't even nominated, but honestly, that's not even a question.
    It has to be Amy Poehler.

  • sleepy-sonic Sep 12, 2013

    Amy Poehler should win IMO but I think that Fey is going to win again.

  • BrookeKircher Sep 12, 2013

    As much as I love Tina Fey.
    Amy Poehler. Hands down.
    At least they are friends and could share the award~!:)

  • sam_204 Sep 12, 2013

    AMY FTW! Everyone knows it, lets just make it happen already.

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