Which Show Do You Think Won't Win Best Drama, But Deserves It Most?

By DanielGonal

Sep 22, 2013

I think House of Cards should win, although I know how BB will slam everyone this year. With all merit...
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  • presidentragg Jun 19, 2014

    Orphan Black should absolutely be up there.

  • jillpgordon May 02, 2014

    Person of Interest is one, if not the Best drama on tv. It has an absolutely brilliant cast, genius screenwriters, etc. so much talent it's amazing! They deserve an Emmy more than any other drama.

  • tnetennba Jun 13, 2014

    I would love to see it nominated.

  • totomomo182 Sep 23, 2013

    Game of thrones

  • patsully Sep 22, 2013

    I always think Mad Men should win and was honestly pretty shocked when Homeland broke their streak of four straight wins (2008 - 2011).

    Here's hoping there is at least one more Drama Series win in store for the show after its two-part (ugh) final season. Not to mention, a long overdue award for Jon Hamm...

  • tnetennba Jun 13, 2014

    I think Jon Hamm is fantastic, but doesn't always get to show it. He was the best when he was drunk and miserable a few years ago (when his friend died), and should probably have won that year. But I don't think the show is as good as he is. Even if they do everything else right, the premise of the show isn't strong enough to let it compete with BB or GoT.

  • patsully Jun 14, 2014

    I'm not sure the premise of a show should play any part in award season, only the execution should matter. And on that front, I think Hamm is woefully under-appreciated for his work, probably because he's always been associated as the pretty face (along with Christina Hendricks) rather than the serious actor. The problem is that the show's vastly superior supporting actors, especially Elisabeth Moss and John Slattery, have also been snubbed. In fact, Mad Men has yet to win its first Emmy award for acting, which is borderline criminal at this point. Ranks right up there with The Wire's many snubs.

    As for the show's chances at another Best Drama win, I do still think splitting the final season will hurt its chances this year, even though the seven episodes we saw among the show's best ever. Breaking Bad is the obvious choice, and while Game of Thrones may be the fan favorite, I doubt it will ever win the Best Drama statue.

  • tnetennba Jun 14, 2014

    I think the premise is very relevant for the best drama category. There are other awards for the execution: writing, directing, etc. But the winner of the best drama category is supposed to be the best show, all things considered. The premise is a big part of what makes a show interesting, and being interesting is an important part of what it means for a show to be good.

    I didn't know that they haven't gotten any Emmys for acting. It's a bit surprising actually, but I can sort of understand it. John Hamm's category has been dominated by Bryan Cranston. Hamm isn't the only who makes me think "that guy should have won at least once". (Hugh Laurie, Michael C Hall, John Noble). John Slattery is very good, but has he been better than Aaron Paul, Peter Dinklage, Mandy Patinkin, etc.? Elisabeth Moss is a very good actress, but I have to admit that I would still find it hard to vote for her, since I don't find her character interesting enough. Her chances should be pretty good this year though. She had more good scenes than usual, and I don't see anyone who should definitely beat her. (I wanted Amy Acker to win, but apparently she didn't even submit).

    Game of Thrones SHOULD win best drama next year, when Breaking Bad is gone. I will go into nerd rage mode if it doesn't, i.e. I will probably make an irritated post about it here :) It totally deserves it, and if a Lord of the rings movie could win best picture...