The Primetime Emmy Awards

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Quotes (37)

  • Ricardo Montalban: I don't know about Mr. Roarke, but this certainly fulfills my fantasy. Thank you very much.

  • Powers Boothe: (being the only actor there to accept an award during the boycott) This is either the most courageous moment of my career or the stupidest.

  • Michael J. Fox: (after winning for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series) I feel 4 feet tall.

  • Meryl Streep: (upon accepting her second Emmy) There are some days when I, myself, think I'm overrated. But not today.

  • Kiefer Sutherland: (upon receiving his second Emmy for the evening) Every once in a while, you have an experience that shows you have been given too much. This is one of those experiences.

  • Terry O'Quinn: (referring to the actresses of "Desperate Housewives") Sometimes when we're rolling around in the jungle in the mud, hitting each other and stabbing each other, I wonder what it would be like to bake up a sheet of cookies on Wisteria Lane and get one of their checks.

  • Thomas Haden Church: (accepting his Emmy for "Broken Trail") This is probably going to be my daughter's favorite toy when we get home, next to SpongeBob. Product placement.

  • Ryan Seacrest: (hosting the event) There are over 6,000 people here tonight. All of them talented, all of them looking incredible, all of them passed on hosting this year.

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Notes (65)

  • Rudy Vallee, who was out of town, was replaced by radio personality Walter O'Keefe as a performer on the show.

  • The statuette was designed by engineer Louis McManus (who enlisted his wife Dorothy to model for it) depicts the winged “muse of art uplifting the electron of science.”

  • This is the first Emmy awards since it was decided to drop the requirement that all competing shows be produced in Hollywood; this year programs were produced in New York, Chicago, etc.

  • This is the first year to include the Best Actor and Actress categories.

  • This year's ceremony came close to cancellation when broadcaster KHJ-TV couldn't find a sponsor.

  • According to TV Guide's March 16, 1957 issue, "…the Emmy Awards have finally achieved the stature of the Oscars. Certainly everyone in the television feels that the Emmy is the highest honor in the industry."

  • NBC aired the award ceremonies for the first time. The network paid $110,000 for the rights to air the event.

  • This is the first time the Emmys are broadcast from three locations: New York (Ziegfeld Theatre), Hollywood (Moulin Rouge) and Washington, D.C. (Mayflower Hotel).

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Trivia (50)

  • Puppeteer Shirley Dinsdale, along with her puppet Judy Splinters, was the first-ever recipient of an Emmy award. She won for Most Outstanding Television Personality.

  • Even at this point, the estimated cost of broadcasting the Emmys was only $250.

  • This year there was no coast-to-coast network broadcast available; the Emmy winners in New York had to be notified by telephone.

  • This is the first time a syndicated program and a cartoon series has ever won an Emmy (Huckleberry Hound).

  • This is the first year where an Emmy was awarded to a black person, Harry Belafonte was awarded Best Performance in a Variety Show for his TV special "Tonight with Belafonte."

  • This is the first time the telecast used film and tape clips from nominated shows.

  • Shelley Winters, who won the Emmy for Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress, mistakenly thanked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences instead of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences when she accepted her award.

  • This year an international Emmy was introduced and given to the U.K's Granada Television for its adaptation of the novel "War and Peace".

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Allusions (18)

  • A segment called "Emmy Idol" saw popular TV stars perform famous TV theme songs in an American Idol-type format.

  • The opening sequence involved host Conan O'Brien in a few video skits which were parodies of The Office, 24, House, South Park, Dateline NBC, and Lost.

  • Ray Romano: Frasier is screwing my wife? Huh? What?! What?! Patty, how could you? We have TV children! Ray was talking about the new show Back To You. It stars Kelsey Grammer (who played Dr. Frasier Crane on the shows Cheers and Frasier) and Patricia Heaton (who played Debra Barone, Ray's wife, on the show Everybody Loves Raymond).

  • Amy Poehler (To Tina Fey, about her pregnancy): I'm preparing for a part in a movie. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey starred in the movie Baby Mama, where Poehler's character gets pregnant.

  • Doris Roberts: Oh my God! They killed Kenny! That's Stan Marsh catchphrase in South Park, whenever his friend Kenny McCormick dies.

  • Mary Tyler Moore: (introducing co-presenter Betty White) ...our eternal golden girl! Betty White played Rose Nylund on the '80s comedy The Golden Girls.

  • William Shatner: Say "Good night", Gracie. James Spader: Good night, Gracie. Those were George Burns' and Gracie Allen's catchphrases, respectively, in the show Burns & Allen.

  • Hayden Panettiere: Good night, and good luck. It was Edward R. Murrow's catchphrase in the show See It Now.

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