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  • Michael: You have a knack I've noticed. You talk a lot, and the more you talk, the less you says. Is that something they teach you?

  • Two: I offer you the apparatus and expertise of our highly trained and well-financed operation to do just that.
    Six: Why would you give me all that, if it wasn't a trap?
    Two: Oh, my dear Six, it is a trap.You have such a high opinion of yourself. I wondered if you would be clever enough to turn this opportunity to your own advantage. Still.
    Six: Everything you say is a trap. All right, let's do it.

  • Six: Who was Number One? 1955: Ah, the oldest question in Village history. Go on, 1100, you tell them. 1100: There is no Number One. There never has been and there never will be. The concept of the number two is an act of humility. The title reminds us that we are all public servants, even Number Two. No one is Number One.

  • 909: Everything is suspicious if you look at it properly. Everyone has secrets. No one is without guilt. We just have to work out what it is they're guilty of. Six: Why don't you arrest him and ask him if he's a Dreamer? 909: Well, that would produce nothing but confusion. He would lie. If I catch him out in his lying, then he tells new lies, and then more new lies. It's better to watch him. Wait 'til his guilt emerges.

  • 909: Once you're a suspect, you're guilty.

  • Six: Kinda makes you wonder. If he'd do that to himself, maybe he is guilty. 909: You're catching up fast.

  • Two: Has Six ever met up with my son? 909: 11-12? Why would he be meeting with Six? Two: Youth is susceptible to wild ideas. Young blood craves rebellion as much as it craves sex.

  • Two: I hear you've been doing outstanding work. Six: Everything and anything I might do is for one reason. That's to work against you.

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  • A penny-farthing bicycle can be seen hanging in the the Go Inside Bar in several scenes. It was the symbol of the Village in the original series.

  • Music: Heroes and Villains (The Beach Boys), Take Your Burden To The Lord And Leave It There (Washington Phillips)