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  • Lucy: They're selling tickets to your execution, Michael. But they're calling it a promotion.

  • Two: Do you think I don't doubt? My conscience whispers to me night and day. And sometimes, I listen... but most of the time, I keep my faith in the Village. 11-12: Where is the Village? Two: Inside. The mind is capable of anything, because everything is in it. All the past, as well as all the future.

  • Two: Smoking is a kind of... suicide. Shopkeeper: That's a bit philosophical for a Thursday.

  • Six: Two. Two: Huh... oh. It would be quite a coincidence, if I was Two, but I am un-Two. So, there is no coincidence.

  • Two: The world is not a pretty thing when you look at it too close. We fell in love with atrocity. We make pornography and call it news. A daily fix of horror. We think the coming disaster is going to be ecological, that the problem is political, but no. No, the great war is psychological. It's in here--puhkk. We have made ourselves into fat and faded wheezing animals, educated in apathy, amused by cruelty. So, this... we make a new world, something human. And yet, there is a whispering in my ear that tells me I was wrong. and they were right. And the savages-savages-savages had it right all along.

  • 11-12: Don't you know the real Two when he is back amongst us? Two: Well, I like their enthusiasm. I thought they might knee me in the face and stamp on my brain. Still, perhaps another time.

  • Two: More Village, means that our way of life is becoming the very consciousness of the universe. I exaggerate of course, but only slightly.

  • Two: There's something inside Six that refuses to be unlocked. And perhaps the prospect of death will unlock him. Death unlocks us all.

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  • Music: Old Master Painter / You Were My Sunshine (Brian Wilson), The Animals Went in Two by Two, I Know There's an Answer (The Beach Boys)