The Prisoner (UK)

It's Your Funeral

Season 1, Ep 11, Aired 12/17/67
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  • Episode Description
  • The Prisoner is tricked into discovering an assassination plot - but who is going to be killed? Number Two knows that Number Six is the only man in the Village capable of stopping a murder so he decides to discredit him. After Number Six finds out about the plot, he goes to warn Number Two who records the warning and doctors the tape. When a new Number Two arrives in the Village, Number Six realises that the intended target is not who he first thought.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Patrick McGoohan

    Number Six

  • Angelo Muscat

    The Butler

  • Michael Cramoy

  • Robert Asher

  • Annette Andre

    Watchmaker's daughter

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (12)

    • Number Six: Who are you? Watchmaker's Daughter: I'm a number, just like you. Does it matter which? Number Six: How'd you get in? Watchmaker's Daughter: The door was open. Number Six: Always is... to them, isn't it? Watchmaker's Daughter: But I'm not one of them. Number Six: No. What do you want? Watchmaker's Daughter: Help. Number Six: Go to the Town Hall. The Citizens' Council promises help and advice for everyone. Watchmaker's Daughter: Their Citizen's Council. Number Six: As far as I'm concerned, what's theirs is yours. Watchmaker's Daughter: I am not one of them. Number Six: No... no one is.

    • Watchmaker's Daughter: You mean you'll condescend to listen? Number Six: I'll listen, as long as what you're saying doesn't become too obviously phony, yes.

    • Watchmaker's Daughter: This concerns the welfare of everybody in this Village. Number Six: And welfare is our biggest consumer item, yes?

    • Computer Attendant: Good morning--I've brought you the activities prognosis you ordered. New Number Two: Oh, good--how accurate are these? What is the percentage of right and wrong? Computer Attendant: I'm afraid we don't know that. New Number Two: Why not? Computer Attendant: Well, twice we programmed our machines for a percentile appraisal of their own efficiencies. Each time they refused to give back the requested information. New Number Two: Refused? How? Computer Attendant: Simply by not returning the data to us. New Number Two: They'll be wanting their own trade union next.

    • Number Six: They should have told you there are some unhappy people here. New Number Two: Yes, well, I have seen the list of malcontents. But it might interest you to know that you happen to be top of the bill. Number Six: I'll do my best to live up to it.

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    Notes (9)

    • Derren Nesbitt (Number Two), a veteran character actor, appeared with McGoohan in several episodes of "Danger Man".

    • The filming of this episode commenced on January 9, 1967.

    • At 32, Derren Nesbitt was the youngest Number Two.

    • This episode features four different Number Twos, more than any other episode, played by Andre Von Gyseghem, Derren Nesbitt and two uncredited actors, one of whom is a woman, who appear only briefly.

    • Along with "The General", this is one of only two episodes to feature two related inhabitants of the Village: the Watchmaker (Martin Miller) and his daughter (Annette Andre).

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