The General

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    Number 6 learns about a new system of learning

    The Village is experimenting with with eventual

    goal of controling the people of THe Village.

    By coreybryant, Aug 10, 2005

    This has to be the best episode of The Prisoner.

    The story is expertly put together and logical.

    The plot is great,too.

    It is about a new system being used to

    educate The Village,but with the eventual goal to

    be to control what the people of The Village

    think.Number 6,with the aid of Number 12,set out

    to find out what The General is in order to

    destroy him or it,whatever it is.Number 6 then

    tricks his way into the subliminal projection

    room and causes the people of The Village to

    become aware of the plot to control them.When

    captured,he is led into the professor's special

    room where The General is---a computer! But

    Number 6 has figured out a way to destroy

    The General---by asking it WHY the historical

    events happen.He types W-H-Y-? and gets it on

    magnetic tape and it is fed into The General.

    The computer overdoes it and explodes into an

    electrical fire inside.When the professor grabs a

    handle on the computer,he is shocked,and in

    trying to rescue the professor,Number 12 suffers

    the same fate.An explosion of electricity

    electrocutes them both.Number 2 then asks

    Number 6 what the question was.Number 6 then

    tells him.Number 6 six then tells the professor's

    wife of his death.

    Great episode.moreless

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