The Proud Family

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Quotes (188)

  • The Gross Sister: We're not here to do some stupid cheer so put your hands straight up and put your money it here. Nubia: Now!

  • Penny: LaCienaga Boulevardez. I can't stand her! Trudy: Excuse me?

  • Trudy: She seems to be trying. Why can't you?

  • (Penny goes to sit with the Gross Sisters) Zoey: Maybe she's not getting enough roughage.

  • (LaCienega is mean to Penny and nice to Dijonay and the others) Penny: I'd rather sit with the Gross Sisters than sit with you!

  • Penny: I'm sorry. Let's be cool, okay? LaCienega: Save it, Proud. I'm cool by myself.

  • LaCienega: Your house stinks!

  • Dijonay: She did not have to go there! Penny: Oh now you get it!

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Notes (137)

  • This movie is slated to air Summer 2005

  • LaCienega and Sunset named after streets in Los Angeles of the same name (La Cienega Blvd and Sunset Blvd).

  • The title refers to the cheerleader movies, "Bring It On", and its sequel, "Bring It On Again".

  • This episode starts off the reunion of Jo Marie Payton and Orlando Brown, who had worked together on "Family Matters". Jo Marie Payton was Harriet Winslow, and Orlando Brown played 3J.

  • NOTE: Disney did not produce "Family Matters" during their run on ABC. Disney had bought ABC, but not the show. Warner Bros. Television has the rights to "Family Matters."

  • Bring It On, is actually the first episode of "The Proud Family." The pilot was actually a seven minute presentation made for Nickelodeon. When Nickelodeon passed on the show, The Disney Channel picked up the series and decided to make it a half hour animated sitcom.

  • Aired four days after the attacks in NYC and Washington, D.C.

  • The Proud Family was never advertised to air or even show an episode on this date.

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Trivia (192)

  • Goof: When Oscar is sneaking out the door he has it part way shut & then runs off, then you hear a door slam but the door is still open. In the next scene the door is shut.

  • the gross sisters sounded just like PENNY when they were trying out for cheerleading!

  • The goof of Oscar wearing a suit in public and coming home in his regular clothes happens in several other episodes.

  • Goof: When Oscar leaves the house to buy a TV he is wearing a black suit. But when he returns he's in his normal clothes.

  • Goof: When Penny tells Oscar that dollar theater movies are dubbed in Spanish, he responds, "Adios, muchaco". Muchacho is Spanish for "boy". The Spanish word for "girl" is Muchacha.

  • Goof: Lacienaga gives Zoey a fake compliment on her brown hair at the Wizard Kelly movie theatre, but Zoey's hair is obviously red.

  • Goof:Zoey is dressed in her theater outfit when the Gross Sisters take Zoey's hat. As the sisters are walking away, Zoey is suddenly in her regular clothes. The camera pans away for a moment and when it cuts back to Zoey, she is in her theater outfit once again.

  • At one point,Penny shouts at the kids.Her mouth cel goes farther than her face area.

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Allusions (82)

  • Papi has green hair, wears a purple suit and laughs maniacally Papi's look and mannerisms were modeled after a villain named The Joker from the Batman TV series that aired during the '60s. The Joker was played by Latin actor Cesar Romero, which is why Suga Mama says that he reminds her of Cesar Romero.

  • The title is an allusion to the 2000 movie Bring It On.

  • Sticky: She'll be singing I believe I can fly. This was a very famous song by R.Kelly in 1996.

  • Penny: Because we've been tricked, hoodwinked, bamboozled... Penny quotes the famous speech Malcom X delivered in Harlem in the 60's.

  • Penny: Let's go golfing and get our Tiger Woods on!

    Tiger Woods is aprofessional golfer, who rocketed to fameafter winning the MastersTournament atage 21. Hewent on to becomeone of the most successful PGAgolfers andAfrican-American sports stars ofhisday.

  • Lacienaga: Forget about Sticky Wonder! Lacienaga is referring to Stevie Wonder, who is a big-hit singer back in the 1970's through the 1990's. His first hit was Superstitious,and put him on the map. Stevie Wonder is blind, and plays the harmonica. You can hear it in almost any song he has. Sticky was playing the harmonica, so that is why she said that.

  • Song: Rumors Rumors was a hit song by Timex Social Club in the early 80s.

  • Wizard Kelly: You look just like the guy on the cereal box. They're great! Wizard Kelly was talking about Tony from Frosted Flakes cereal, and their motto is "They're Grrrrreat!"

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