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    Rude Rachael and her interruptions

    By lmw3167, Dec 23, 2014

    I have noticed for many years that Rachael constantly interrupts her guests. While she monitors one of her guests cooking a recipe, she constantly interrupts and cuts them off, acting like a "KNOW IT ALL". There are times that I would like to hear what her guests have to say, but they can't even finish a sentence while Rachael opens her big mouth. She is totally rude. It's hard to believe that her producers have not taken care of this problem. Also, she brags and incessantly mentions her mother and her heritage.moreless

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    Please get a new stylist

    By susansherrill14, Dec 23, 2014

    Black frumpy skirt with blue sweater and short black booties make her look 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier. This is just one example of her being poorly outfitted. I thought that anything would be better than those black leggings she wore ALL the time, but I was wrong! I also agree with others that it is very off-putting the way she constantly interrupts her guests, usually with a story about her or her life! It's not about you, it's about your guest!moreless

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    what happened to the old cutie??

    By cindysweeney18, Dec 11, 2014

    I agree with most of the reviewers that Rachael is obnoxious when she constantly talks over her guests and interupts- however even more than that is the way she looks lately- her stylist needs to be fired! What happened to the shiny dark hair? Her hair is dry and straggly looking and the wardrobe has to go- today especially- black pleated skirt with a short shirt that bared her belly every time she raised her arms - she needs help in that department. Cute still but please get a new stylist.moreless

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    By dawntp, Dec 04, 2014

    We went to the show that taped on November 20. We waited WAY too long outside in a long line. Then we waited way too long in a close-quarters room stuffed with all of us. We couldn't wait to get into the studio, UNTIL we got in there and it was literally about 50 degrees and WE FROZE THE ENTIRE TIME! They said they keep the studio cold so Rachel and her guests don't get hot near the ovens (on the other side of the studio!). NO CONSIDERATION FOR HER AUDIENCE MEMBERS AT ALL! There were SO MANY interruptions and we taped segments for 3 different shows which made the experience very disjointed and NOT FUN at all! WE FELT COMPLETELY USED FOR OUR CLAPPING, OOH'S & AHH'S, AND SIGHS. Rachel was rude to us- acted as if we weren't even there. WE COULDN"T WAIT TO GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE AND WERE CONSIDERING LEAVING EARLY. WE WERE STUCK THERE FREEZING FOR 3 HOURS-- WHAT A BAD EXPERIENCE. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!!moreless

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    Goodbye Rude Rachel Ray! Your INTERRUPTIONS are killing me!

    By SunnyMx, Dec 03, 2014

    I would like to invite Rachel Ray to sit down and watch her own show WITHOUT saying a word! I would like for her to see how much she cuts off other people as they are talking with her own comments and NEVERending interruptions every 15 seconds or so. I have never seen a host anywhere seem to be so hungry for attention. Rachel Ray, your NAME is already on the show title, you HAVE our attention sweetie. As i have seen by these other comments, I am not the only one who is being driven away due to this problem. It's one thing to have an interactive conversation but that talking over others every 15 seconds is just too much. Once I watched a gentleman guest ignore her and continue to talk when she did this. I actually applauded in my living room! But Rachel kept on doing it and I had to turn the channel. I may tune in every now and then but I will be turning the channel once Rude Rachel" shows up which ought to take about 15 seconds after a guest begins to speak! And by the way, what's with the off-color stuff that I never remember from the old days? When did this start? So every time someone says "balls" we're going to her her comment on this and then giggle like a teenager? Seriously?


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    Rachael Ray: the Queen of Interruptions & Bad Manners

    By RachaelRayTheInterrupter, Dec 01, 2014

    Rachael - just SHUT UP when your guests are talking! There! I'm being just as rude as you..

    I just channel surfed and happened to catch you interrupting Tori Spelling as Tori was trying - I repeat, TRYING, to show how to make some Christmas crafts.

    It was so annoying, I just shut the tv off.

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    why do you interrupt all your guests

    By DJFguitars, Nov 14, 2014

    Why do you interrupt all your guests and repeat everything they say when they're trying to talk. That is so rude and annoying to watch you do this on every show. Here's a clue. Take a look at your tapes, and see what everyone is complaining about. NOT A FAN ANYMORE

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    wrong,wrong,wrong,wrong,wrong !

    By janetrock3, Nov 12, 2014

    Right,right,right,right,right,right, that is just the latest in ANNOYING,rude behavior Rachael Rays show has become honestly cannot understand why producers don't do something about it !!! You're losing viewers Everyday!! I used to be a huge . fan,since way back when she started with 30 minute meals,but, I literally can't sit through a whole episode anymore. I'll tune in to see a certain guest and I don't even know why since I KNOW I will not get to hear a word from them for her constant interrupting, screaming over them and finishing their sentences!! It is SO FRUSTRATING ! It's absolutely out of control and the fact that the network does nothing about it has me completely perplexed !! I personally know people in the double digits who've stopped watching,plus I see more and more of these forums about it, can't believe it hasn't been cancelled yet !!! I can't take it anymore,so I am officially done watching. Lately,you can even see the exasperation on some of the guests faces, how do producers NOT see this ????!!!!!!moreless

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    tired of guest Sonny

    By happycook, Nov 11, 2014

    I love Rachel Ray but when Sonny is on (which is all the time) I don't watch.

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    She Just Doesn't Care Anymore!

    By ntuitive1, Nov 09, 2014

    She obviously just doesn't care anymore. She knows the show's days are numbered and she has a guaranteed renewal so she is back to being her "real" self - annoying and rude. For a few years back in the middle of the show's history she was actually much better and was making an obvious effort not to interrupt guests, but now she just doesn't give a rat's patoot. She's made her billions now so she just doesn't care anymore.

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