The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Cartoon Network (ended 1997)
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  • Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures is based on the series from the sixties (this series is now known as Classic Jonny Quest) and the series from the eighties (known as The New Adventures of Jonny Quest. The series from the sixties was created by Doug Wildey and produced by Hanna-Barbera, Inc. The New Adventures of Jonny Quest were created to complete the fourth half-hour of the syndicated Sunday line-up, The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera. In Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures Jessie Bannon, the daughter of Race, appears for the first time and she takes an important role in this series. The Story 14-year-old Jonny Quest invariably finds adventure in exotic locations around the world with his father, renowned scientist/explorer Dr Benton Quest. They are accompanied by Benton's adopted son and assistant, Hadji; Dr Quest's personal bodyguard, Race Bannon; and Jessie Bannon, Race's teenage daughter. And, of course, Jonny's faithful dog Bandit. One more exotic locale has been added to the travelogue - QuestWorld, a virtual-reality system invented by Benton Quest. Questworld is employed in recreating imaginary or otherwise inaccessible environments. The Questworld system has since been expanded by his son, Hadji and Jessie to include recreational uses as well. In the course of their adventures, the Quest team runs into resistance from a number of sources, ranging from former KGB operatives to their own government to the forces of nature herself. They also receive help from fellow seekers after knowledge, and sometimes from unexpected sources - such as a renegade nuclear submarine captain who targets whaling boats. Jonathan "Jonny" Quest Jonny is extremely curious and loves action. Whenever he is on a journey, he uses his wits to escape from trouble. He has a well-developed sense of responsibility, although he tends to be impatient and even reckless. Very loyal, campassionate, and adventurous, Jonny always puts others before himself. Hadji Quest-Singh Adopted by Dr. Quest, he is also his assistant. The mature and intelligible boy accompanies his mentor on all of his scientific excursions. Specializing in computer programming and general electronic know-how, and is an able backup for any situation. He seems to have a slight problem with heights. A wise person who is always by Jonny's side, teaching him new things and helping solve problems. He has also inherited psychic powers from his parents. Jessica Margaret Leya "Jessie" Bannon She has learned a lot from his father to become intelligent and resourceful. She has a special inclination towards computers and communications equipment, which she manipulates with ease. Her eagerness to participate in and sometimes initiate the Quest team's often rigorous activities does not in any way diminish her femininity. Roger T. "Race" Bannon He used to be a government agent and is now Dr. Quest's bodyguard and Operations Manager. The father of Jesse, he is experienced with piloting any vehicle and has a large knowledge of weapons and security. Benton C. Quest The doctor is a world-renowned phenomenologist, archaeologist, scientist and explorer whose daily commute ranges from 2 to 2000 miles. He has spent most of his life researching strange phenomena all around the world, and now is frequently commissioned as a consultant in such matters by individuals, institutions and governments alike. This has helped him build a personal fortune that allows him to pursue his own interests.moreless

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  • S 2 : Ep 26

    More Than Zero

    Aired 4/16/97

  • S 2 : Ep 25

    The Robot Spies

    Aired 4/15/97

  • S 2 : Ep 24

    Night Of The Zinja

    Aired 4/14/97

  • S 2 : Ep 23

    General Winter

    Aired 3/26/97

  • S 2 : Ep 22

    The Haunted Sonata

    Aired 3/18/97

  • Cast & Crew
  • Frank Welker


  • Rob Paulsen

    Hadji Quest-Singh (2)

  • Robert Patrick

    Roger T. "Race" Bannon (1)

  • Jennifer Hale

    Jessica Margaret Leya "Jessie" Bannon (2)

  • John de Lancie

    Benton C. Quest (2)

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    • Hadji: You know, this might be a good time to change your position on the possible existence of the ghost of Black Jack Lee. Jonny: An eighteenth century ghost who knows how to sabotage twentieth century electronics, but is too dumb to ice this outboard? I don't think so, Hadji.

    • Benton: When you locate the Ivory Web start with an extensive photographic survey. Jonny: You got it, Dad. Benton: And I suppose it's useless to add: no heroics. Hadji: A quite hopeless exhortation, Dr. Quest. It was your own great poet, Emerson, who said: "heroism always feels and never reasons."

    • Jonny: If those were ghosts I'll eat my sneakers.

    • Hadji: Bend your body to your mind, Jonny. (Jonny squirms with his hands tied behind his back.) Jonny: It's impossible, unless you're an octopus maybe. Hadji: Or a Yogi. (Jonny falls on the floor with his hands still tied behind his back.) Jonny: Awww man, I'm never gonna get it. Hadji: Even a thousand mile journey begins with the first step. Jonny: Oh great, that's very helpful, Hadji, thanks.

    • Black Jack Lee: Over waves of blood sails the Ivory Web, filling all hearts with fear and dread. Though time has passed since I ravished these seas, no one shall have what is Black Jack Lee's!

    • Johnny Quest: The SWAT team's orders were "shoot to kill". Race saved your life, Surd! Jeremiah Surd: So I could spend the rest of it in a metal shell? Thank you so much, Mr. Bannon!

    • Jonny: Thanks, Jess. She nearly gave me a nasty crew cut.
      Jessie: Yeah, from the neck up.

    • Jessie: Come on, Jonny. We don't have all day.
      Jonny: All day is not needed when only a moment will suffice.
      Jessie: You've been hanging around Hadji too long.

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    Notes (47)

    • The image of "Belle Isle Asylum", as seen in this episode, was later used in the Cartoon Network show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, as the lair of Dr. Weird, located on the Jersey Shore.

    • This is the first time Questworld is used.

    • This episode introduces Jeremiah Surd.

    • This episode marks Bandit's first appearance.

    • Ezekiel Rage's first appearance is in episode #9, which was produced earlier than this episode but aired later.

    • Jessie does not appear in this episode.

    • At the end of the episode there's a filler clip that talks about the Virtual-cycle.

    • At the end of the episode there's a filler clip explaining Questworld's footage. It includes a clip from the classic Jonny Quest series.

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    Trivia (10)

    • It is revealed that Hadji's last name is Singh instead of Quest (the name of his adoptive father, Benton Quest).

    • The name on the whaling ship's bow changes from "Donger" to "Donder."

    • The Dragonfly Jet from the classic Jonny Quest returns as the official Quest transport.

    • In this episode Hadji acquires his jewel after his status as sultan is revealed. From this point, he wears it all the time, even at Questworld.

    • Trivia: We learn Hadji belongs to the royal family in his country.

    • We learn that Race's real name is Roger.

    • This episode features Race's first field assignment in a flashback.

    • This episode explains where Race's nickname originated.

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    Allusions (8)

    • Professor Scheele's disappearance The disappearance of Professor Scheele looks very similar to what happened to Colonel Percy Fawcett. Fawcett was a British archaeologist and explorer who, along with his son Jack and Jack's friend Raleigh Rimmell, disappeared under unknown circumstances in 1925 during an expedition to find what he believed to be an ancient lost city in the uncharted jungles of Brazil, more specifically the Mato Grosso Region. His last sign was in May 29, 1925 when he telegraphed his wife that they were ready to go into unexplored territory. They were last reported to be crossing the Upper Xingu, a south eastern tributary of the Amazon River. Then nothing was heard of them. During the following decades, various groups mounted several rescue expeditions without results. They heard only various rumours that could not be verified. In addition to reports that Fawcett had been killed by Indians or wild animals, there was a theory that Fawcett had lost his memory and lived out his life as the chief of a tribe of cannibals. In the case of Scheele, he was the chief of the people of El Dorado.

    • El Dorado El Dorado (sometimes spelled Eldorado) is a mythical city of gold (sometimes called "The Lost City of Gold") which was thought to be located somewhere in the Americas, more specifically South America. The hope of finding this city was one of the reasons that fueled the conquest of the Americas by the Conquistadors.

    • Alice Starsheer's Opening Monologue: In her opening monologue there are scenes that show the relation of her tribe with the Roswell's UFO incident of July of 1947. This famous incident involved the recovery of some mysterious materials near this city of New Mexico. According to the U.S. military it recovered a top-secret research balloon, but UFO researchers believe that it was an alien craft with a passenger what they found; however, what it was found remains a mystery.

    • Mary Celeste: This was a brigantine found at December 4th of 1872 by the Dei Gratia at the east of the Azores Islands abandoned with the cargo intact, the binnacle overturned, without two closings of hatchway, the lifeboat, the high topsail of the bow and the rudder wasn't hitched suggesting that the ship was abandoned in a rush. An annotation taken at November 25th placed the ship at 600 Kilometers where it was found. The ship's crew was never found and there have been a lot of theories about their fate, but this is still an unsolved mystery.

    • The Jersey Devil The Jersey Devil is a legendary creature said to inhabit the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey. The Devil is often described as a bipedal flying creature with hooves, but there are many variations. It has been supposedly seen several times, January 1909 being the most widespread period of sightings ever recorded. Thousands of people claimed to have seen the Devil during the week of January 16-23. Newspapers nationwide followed the story and published eyewitness reports. Hysteria gripped the entire state during this terrible week.

    • Title: Rock of Rages. The title is a play on Rock of Ages, a Hebrew spiritual song. Very appropriate, since the Golem is a jewish legend.

    • Evil Johnny: Here's Johnny!! This is a famous line from the Stanley Kubric's terror film The Shining (1980), based on a novel by Stephen King. It stars Jack Nicholson as frustrated writer Jack Torrance (who says the line while busting through a door with an axe) and Shelley Duvall as his wife Wendy.

    • Shambhala The region where the Bangalore Falcone comes from is Shambhala (also spelled Shambala or Shamballa). In Tibetan Buddhist tradition is a mystical kingdom hidden somewhere beyond the snow-peaks of the Himalayas. It is mentioned various ancient texts, including the Kalachakra and the ancient texts of the Zhang Zhung culture which pre-dated Tibetan Buddhism in western Tibet. The Bön scriptures speak of a closely-related land called Olmolungring.

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  • The adventures continue for a now teenaged Jonny Quest.

    By paul_panhook, Mar 20, 2009

  • Jonny Quest Real Adventures - very interesting show

    By sonysunu, Jul 07, 2008

  • the adventures of a boy as he ventures to the unknown, the mysterious and the remarkable.

    By 10104evr, May 18, 2007

  • It was a new spin on the classic cartoon with more up to date technology and edgier characters

    By MegasXlrKiva, Jul 26, 2006

  • this show was very under-rated

    By CAPNDEL, Jun 20, 2006