The Real Ghostbusters

20,000 Leagues Under the Street

Season 7, Ep 4, Aired 10/5/91
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  • Episode Description
  • New York City suffers an earthquake and giant insects. Peter is taken underground by the giant insects and meets their master, who plans to sacrifice him and destroy humanity. Only the Ghostbusters can stop him.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kath Soucie

    voice of Janine Melnitz

  • Dave Coulier

    voice of Peter Venkman

  • Buster Jones

    voice of Winston Zeddemore

  • Jules Dennis

  • Richard Mueller

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Peter: Okay, okay. Knock it off with all the bug jokes. Winston: It's no joke, Pete. It's for real.

    • Peter: I hate bugs!

    Notes (2)

    • Peter is nearly sacrificed in this episode.

    • This was the last new animated Ghostbusters story until 1997, the last featuring the original Ghostbusters exclusively.

    Trivia (1)

    • Apparently, Peter hates bugs.

    Allusions (1)

    • This is an allusion towerd the book Two Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.

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    • ultimatebuffalo Jul 04, 2014

      It was like putting a dog with broken legs to sleep. This is what Ghostbusters has been reduced to, a feminist and enviromentalist love affair, Janine is a full ghostbuster ? It was fine when she 'dreamed' she was, and when she solved her mystery, but that is all it should be, treated as a special event when she takes the reigns, it builds her character more. By having her as a part of the team on equal footing, it makes it just come off as feminism equality.

      The dialog from the villian was pretty good, with the whole anti-human thing. apart from that the Dialog was HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE ! Slimer spoke in gibberish, sparingly. Now he is semi-coherent but the problem with that is you have to have half of the episode in his voice, It is like listening to Jar Jar Binks for a whole star wars movie. In season 2, The animation was one of the things that still stands up to today. Now ? why does it look like a 1970s korean cartoon on acid ? Its garish and washed out, the movements are shoddy and the particle beams look like ass.

      Over the series we have built up Peters character as a loveable dope who is a womaniser but at the same time has a soft spot for old ladies, and had that antagonistical love hate relationship with Slimer. All of that is absent and has been reduced to 'peter hates bugs'.

      The villian was ok, and they referenced the book , but at the end of the day do you care?

      And the Enviroment message at the end ???? Just leave that to things like Captain Planet, it was sickening, going from Fighting Cthulu and travelling to Hell to stop a spiritual weapon causing Doomsday to ' hey kids love nature'.

      Just, I'm done. You wonder why the writer left after these were the proposed changes, it is like Boondocks without Aaron Mcgruder. Be thankful this was the last episode, but in truth, it should never have made it past season 3. The subsequent episodes had their moments, but overall they were just bad rehashes of old stories dumbed down with all relevant storytelling and threat removed with some of the worst animation of the 90s.

      Pros : some half decent dialog from the villian, referring to humans as 'cancer' and what not.

      Cons :

      The cartoon looks like it is in a Sun Room, really bright and washed out looking
      Horrible animation
      Janine in the full feminist equalist role, making her impact as part of the team non existent and
      'just there'

      --Half of the episode in Slimers voice. You ever watch Fred the show ? yea its as bad as that.
      -Degrading peter's character development to hating bugs.

      Animation : 3/10
      Dialog : 4/10
      Story : 5/10
      Production values : trololololol /10

      Overall : 3.5/10