The Real Ghostbusters

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Quotes (219)

  • Egon: Three Class 5 full-torso apparitions. Ray: Amazing. What bizarre warp dimension do you think it came from? Egon: Possibly New Jersey.

  • Winston: Peter, will you look at this--it's raining chocolate! Peter: Well, as long as they have soft centers.

  • (Egon and Ray take off on the Ecto-2, a helicopter, Egon's flying) Ray: Hey Egon, ever get around to taking those flying lessons? Egon: No.

  • Ray: All right: let's kick some ectoplasm!

  • Egon: I don't like that gleam in his eye. Ray: Which eye? He has four.

  • Killerwatt: Turn the power on! Ray: Over our dead bodies! Killerwatt: Dead bodies are my specialty.

  • (Ecto-1 is possessed and ready to destroy the Ghostbusters) Peter: Okay--blast it!! Ray: I can't blast the car--it's like a part of the family! Peter: Then she must take after you, Ray. (Ecto-1 charges on them) Ray: I think it's about to take after all of us!

  • (The Ghostbusters are hanging onto the hood of Ecto-1 as it's speeding along) Winston: Just what I always wanted to be: a hood ornament. Peter: I've got a plan! Hang on! Ray: I wouldn't dream of doing anything else!

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Notes (148)

  • This is the premiere episode of the cartoon series

  • This is the second time the Containment Unit has released ghosts. The first was in the movie when it was shutdown by Walter Peck. In this episode Slimer accidentally releases the ghost family.

  • Actually, this episode takes place after both "Knock Knock" and "Citizen Ghost"(which was the episode where Slimer joined the Ghostbusters) which picks up where the first movie left off.

  • Goof -in the department store when it shows the ghosts surrounding them there is a ghost trap already open. The next scene Peter yells throw the trap and Winston throws a trap in the same spot and opens it.

  • Winston is the only Ghostbuster neither referred to by name in this episode nor be slimed by Slimer in this episode.

  • This story was adapted into a Carnival story-book (U.K.). It was also available with a read-along cassette).

  • Executive producer Michael Gross cites this as one of his favorite episodes.

  • We learn that the Boogieman is the reason that Egon started investigating in the paranormal.

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Trivia (51)

  • Ray sleeps with a Stay-Puft Marshmallow stuffed toy.

  • Egon suggests using two proton streams in order to separate Peter from Watt. However, Egon doesn't seem concerned if the streams were to cause the proton pack Peter's wearing to explode.

  • Trivia: This episode marks the first time a proton gun is referred to as a "thrower," a term that the Ghostbusters will use for the gun more often in later seasons.

  • We find out that Slimer's ecto-plasmic frequency is 5000 Megawatts.

  • Slimer's Friends: Welcome Home, Slimer!

  • Goof: When Peter states the reason why he doesn't believe in the Boogieman, he's in his pajamas. After Egon says, "I say we investigate, now!" Peter is suddenly in his Ghostbuster uniform.

  • Goof: When the Ecto-1 pulls up to the Carter house, two Peter's climb out of the car.

  • According to Ray, the Boogieman is a Class 5 fully corporeal, repeating entity.

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Allusions (86)

  • Ghosts 'R Us is obviously parodying the company Toys "R" Us.

  • Peter: Uh-oh, Mikey likes it. A reference to a Life Cereal ad from the 1970s. Mikey was a kid that didn't like anything, except Life Cereal. The commercial coined the phrase, "He likes it! Hey, Mikey!" Peter uses it here negatively when Killerwatt absorbs the Ghostbusters' proton streams.

  • Mrs. Rogers Neighborhood The episode title is a reference to popular children's show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

  • Ray: It could even be worse than crossing the streams! In the first movie, Egon stated that crossing the streams would be bad and would result in "every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light" due to a process that Ray called "total protonic reversal."

  • Peter: Yeah? You and what Starfleet? A reference to classic sci-fi show Star Trek. Starfleet is generally used to identify those that belong to the Earth space force, like the crew of the Enterprise.

  • Egon: We don't have a transwarp drive! A transwarp drive is a faster-than-light engine used in the classic sci-fi series Star Trek, and as such would serve no purpose as part of the Ghostbusters' Containment Unit.

  • The title of this episode is a reference towards the 1941 film, "Citizen Kane".

  • This is an allusion towards the saying "X Marks The Spot"

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