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    Season 6

    By luckyme13, Oct 31, 2014

    what happend to season 6?

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    For all RHONY fans!

    By wendysteenbergen, May 08, 2014

    Dear RHONY-fans! Would you please help me out by filling in this survey for my thesis? It only takes a couple of minutes and you will help me out a loooooot! 413219

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    Ramona season 5

    By YvonneMIddlet, Dec 06, 2012

    What the hell is wrong with this woman. I have heard nothing but nasty coments from her mouth and her telling people she is like this because she was mentaly abused as a child. Well so was i but as she said in a recent episode abused people usually keep it to themselves and don't go shoving it in peoples faces. Also why can she not learn from this and treat people with a bt of respect. She resently said all women can have everything. Well if they did she wouldn't have anyone to cook clean and unpack her cases for her. As for not wanting to be in Lu Anns music vidio because is doesn't give a good impression to her daughter, how does showing your knickers while having butt treatment on camera work . Try growing old gracefully and showing your daughter that speaking to people and treating them as you would like to treated is more important. She said she had reinvented herself and she is a new Ramona but not for the better.moreless

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    Season 5

    By MeeraMoran, Jul 05, 2012

    I have been watching RHWNYC for a couple years now, and I preferred it over the other Real Housewives shows. It's one thing that Bethenny left, and Sonja stepped in. Even Cindy was an okay addition for the one season, but now it's gone too far. Now that Kelly, Jill and Alex have been given the ax, their replacements don't seem too amazing. I personally loved Kookoo Kellys crazy antics, and Jill was one of my favorites despite how lots of people think she's a backstabbing bitch. Alex, however pissed me off, and I actually got a nasty letter from her AND Simon when I posted a review about them. Isn't that sad? The only reason they could have kept Alex on, is just for people to make fun of her. That would have been okay. Jill and Kelly, I miss them on the show.

    But in the end, I guess that all the women have been gradually dropping like flies and at this point there Kelly, Jill and Luann were on one side, and Sonja, Ramona and Alex (shudder) were on the other, and so much crap happened between the two sides that it's difficult to imagine anything different coming from that group. But we'll never know I guess.

    There is more to come this season but so far, I'm not impressed. The last episode was boring as hell, and maybe it's because we're getting to know, Carolle, Aviva and Heather. Heather is probably the most interesting so far because she and Ramona already have problems, and she seems to dismiss her right off the bat. Aviva reminds me of RH of beverly hills girls, because she obviously has had botox and has been under the knife a couple times. She doesn't seem to have anything too interesting to bring to the table, and I know that she doesn't get along with Ramona and Sonja later in the season, but still she just seems boring and kind of annoying to look at. Carolle is the same way, I mean...look at her face? She looks like her lips have been smashed, and her cheeks have been pinched. She says she worked with CBS news or something? Then wrote about her widow? Now she's writing about sex and dating. Come on, who cares? She's a princess? Okay, whatever, any girl can be a princess if she finds a stupid prince. It doesn't matter. She's like, oh yeah I'm seeing this roady of aerosmith, and I like to be all hippy like like...peace and love and all that shit. She bores me, and she's annoying already.

    At this point, who cares to meet new "housewives". I know I don't. Maybe one at a time, but not all at once. Bravo made a dumb decision and I bet there will be less viewers and I don't see a season 6 coming. Maybe there will be more views when the meltdowns occur. Andy Cowen made a stupid decision by giving Kelly and Jill the ax. You also wonder how much is orchestrated like any reality show.

    Ramona--Ramona is to Pinot Grigio as a fly is to shit. She is rude, and excuses herself by saying, "I have the unfiltered mouth". You sure do, and you need to check yourself into detox or rehab, because you drink like an old crusty fish. You need a reality check, you deny everything you do wrong, and if you get caught doing something wrong, or if you said something rude you say, "It wasn't my intention to hurt you". Bullshit then why did you say it? She's so caught up in her delusion that she has a perfect life selling her cheap looking jewelry and skincare line, and come on...Mario has been cheating. If I were him, I know I would. Someone needs to slap Ramona is the face.

    Luann, I like her. But she also needs to actually do something. She desperately clings to her title, even though the count has been gone for a long time. I like Jacques. He's so weird but also kind of good looking so it's funny to see his reaction to things. Luann, get over yourself, you aren't going to get pregnant. Why don't you do something useful with yourself? I don't know how long it will be until she scares Jacques away.

    Sonja, you dried up vag. Lol...no but for real. This show is made so you can hate some of them or all of them. But, when it comes to the new girls, I really don't care. But I will stay tuned.moreless

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    This is t.v.?!?!?!??!

    By xxreviewerxx, Nov 03, 2011

    I apologize for the misspellings. I recently broke my wrist. Anyways,The real housewives of new york is a reality t.v. show. This show is just flat out ASSANINE!!! How can you find this entertaining?!?!? My mom always watches it but, people, its just a bunch of GROWN women cussing at eachother!! Every 5 seconds: "beep! beep! beep!", they argue, they fight, they scream! They do every childish and immature thing you can imagine!!! Half of the women dont even deserve the lives they have!!! They are spolied to the core! (no pun intended.). And they dont even try to hide their spoiled behavoir! They are making THEMSELVES look bad. And im sure those idiots dont even know it!!! They always try to buy stuff they dont need that STILL makes them look bratty and spoiled. Have I reached a verdict? yes: This is a show that, in a nutshell, is a bunch of undeserving, demented, drunk, fame hungry, women who need do either get their act together or donate thier underserved money to a good cause. 0.000000000 out of 10. As I always say at the end of my reviews: I rest my case.moreless

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    Watching this show…I have been surprised at the conceit...

    By carrieandretti, Aug 22, 2011

    LuAnn, a lady and/or countess tries to makes sure those around her are comfortable. Constantly reminding and correcting people to address you as a countess is void of good manners, it leaves your reputation tarnished and you looking silly.

    Ramona your husband is can be very aggressive and act very childish. I was so surprised when I saw the way he treated Jill regarding the tennis match. What is you and your husbands point…who cares if Jill decided on her own partner…was decision is that of yours. Live and Let Live.

    Alex you and your husband have a serious toddler problem. Your children act out because you let them. If this continues you will have very spoiled grade schoolers to deal with.moreless

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    By maripsuarez, Aug 22, 2011

    Lu ann is such a snob!I can appreaciate that she does charity work. But,now your the queen of"manners". Well, having manners is not cutting someone's head of for calling your obvious old husband old. All the other husbands seem involved with the wife, he looks like her sugar daddy. Also, she seems like the model that "lucked out" on finding some old guy to take care of her. She needs to stop being so judgemental of everyone. Most people that are that why feel they need to point out people's flaws to make themselves feel better. Such as, pointing out how Bethenny needs airbrushing or how big ramona's eyes are. Then she's like "I am so surprised she would continue to talk about the issue" Well at least the Bethenny is ten times more beautiful than you and deal with it. STOP!!! trying to make yourself feel superior...You have a title of whatever!! isn't that enough?

    Oh and this lady simon's wife or should I say his long hair freaky looking twin. Anywho!! This couple brag about spending all this money on clothes... Their house looks like trash... " Oh we are remoldling". How can you have these people on your show my god. They are OBVIOUSLY nobody's compared to the other ladies status. They trying to break into the New York social life!!! They are just doing the show for some kind of fame. If the socialite's would see their home the would shun them... They feel privilage to have a kiddie pool!!!!! I have one those that make me high society. I don't think siomn's gay ..I'll give him that. But, they are far off high class, I don't care if you are remoldling that house looks more dirty and cluttered than last season.....

    Please someone put some makeup on Alex I can barely see her, some white strips on her teeth and eyeshadow pleaseeeee atleast...moreless

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    i am so so so soooooooo embarrassed to be an australian...

    By ziajane, Aug 22, 2011

    please please please don't judge aussies by this apparently "important" person who claims to be have been "heavily involved in politics at state and federal levels", that apparently has a separate life from wife but fails to show this is indeed a fact. do everyone a favour: stay in USA, play in your "castle", don't refer to yourself as being an Aussie, refrain from the ponce accent, let your kids be kids, learn restraint and class, remember that money does not necessarily brings breeding, try to find "friends" as it appears you have none outside those of your wife..........get a lifemoreless

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    Being originally from New York, I knew these women would not be fun to watch. Socialites from New York City are not fun people.

    By zzbeach, May 09, 2008

    When I first heard about this show I told my wife that New York City socialites would not be fun to watch. I was right. The Orange County wives are fun. They drink, they wear bikinis and they love life. Socialites in NYC are not fun people and are very insulated from the rest of the world. They don't have fun and they spend their time trying to one up each other in the style section of the paper. They are basically Leona Helmsley wannabes. Their lives are sad and I didn't have any fun watching them. I did think Ramona and her party pals were fun but they didn't have much screen time together. Now if they showed Ramona and her bikini clad party pals drinking their way through the beaches of the Hamptons in one summer... that would be a good show!moreless

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