SundanceTV Renews The Red Road for Season 2

By Tim Surette

Apr 28, 2014

SundanceTV is sticking with The Red Road. The cable network has ordered a six-episode second season of the drama about clashing communities in a small town that's situated near the home turf of a Native American tribe. Season 2 will debut sometime in 2015.

The renewal comes despite middling reviews of Season 1. Since The Red Road debuted as the follow-up to SundanceTV's first original drama, the outstanding Rectify, hopes were high for the series, but it never earned the same critical attention as its predecessor. Personally, I thought the show had all the hallmarks of a great TV drama without actually containing interesting drama. That's too bad, because this show has Khal Drogo and his eyebrows deserve their own Emmys! 

Did you watch The Red Road's first season? Are you excited for more?

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  • jabright7 Aug 06, 2015

    Loved the show. Just ran across it accidentally on Netflix. Maybe if you advertised a show, more people might watch it. You can't watch something if you don't know its out there. Excited about season 2 but wish there is going to be more than 6 episodes.

  • seppydawn Apr 12, 2015

    I absolutely love this show can't wait for season 2!

  • JuliaJohnson4206 Apr 08, 2015

    Sooo, Lisa Bonet is married to Jason Momoa and that's how she ended up in the show.... Uggg! How much worst could it be to watch the character of Jean?- Harold's wife? And please!!!! That little Harold guy is going to kick the crap out of even a hands cuffed behind his back Phillip Kopas? Talk about an expedential suspension of disbelief! Where is the show runner going with this? Is it a message about toxic waste dumping on federal Indian reservation? Oh- should that be a suprise? Mother Teresa rivering Albanian mobsters? What? Will be looking out for season 3 of Rectify- tv really worth watching! Then will look at season 2 of Red Road only after rewatching Rectify season 3. Thanks Sundance TV!

  • JuliaJohnson4206 Apr 08, 2015

    So not a good show. Lisa Bonnet- what? Tom washed up Sizemore- really? Only watching to look at Jason Momoa and to see how Mike Farrell is worked into the story. What can I say- I liked MASH.

  • theresaroller Mar 12, 2015

    Absolutely love the Red Road. So glad it has been renewed

  • lindaswitzer1 Mar 06, 2015

    Maybe if I could force myself to watch more of the episodes, I could learn to like it, but it is too difficult and watching TV should not be hard. None of the characters are likable and the plot much too predictable. Thumbsdown

  • jamihollerbach Nov 16, 2014

    Critics who gave bad reviews to the first season of The Red Road can't recognize a gripping and compelling dramatic series! I found myself counting down the hours for the next episode. Extreme anticipation for the season to come!

  • wminkennesaw Nov 08, 2014

    THE RED ROAD - "We don't need any publicity."
    On Thursday afternoon I was sitting in my usual booth at the Pizza 'N Beyond ( and noticed 18-20 white trailers and vans making the left turn on Keene Street to go to the Martha Moxley Educational Service Center which is at the corner of School Dr and Keene St NW (next to the cemetary).
    This was the cast/crew returning to the site to do additional shooting for their 2nd season of The Red Road which is shown on the Sundance Network. They use the interiors of the large building to show interiors, including the NJ police department portrayed in the series.
    It airs on the seldom watched Sundance channel and the plot line of the dark and gritty drama has to do with the poor relations between a local NJ community and their neighboring Indian reservation. First season is available 'on demand' on many cable systems, including Comcast where I watched 50 minutes of Season 1's first show.
    Since I was downtown photographing the ongoing consturction across from City Hall ( I stopped by to see about taking some photos of their NJ police cars, something not often seen in Kennesaw.
    The private security guard got hold of their PR person who arrived to hear my request and I was told that the property belonged to them and I could NOT come onto it. I reminded her that the property belonged to Cobb County and not their production company. I was told that while they were renting it, it was theirs.
    My further inquiry as to wouldn't they like to have some publicity for their TV series drew the reply "We don't need any publicity!"
    I thought I would give them some anyway.

  • mharris672 Nov 06, 2014

    I liked it, and will definitely watch season 2.

  • brandyb67 Aug 19, 2014

    This is a great show! Glad to hear there is going to be a second season. The character's stories are really starting to intertwine and produce layers. And I love Jason Momoa. Many shows these days do not get the chance they deserve.

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