The Red Skelton Show

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  • Deadeye: (about to be burned) A warm stake is better than a cold chop.

  • Red: (to Ed Sullivan) By the way I ran into your sponsor last week. Ed: No. Red: Yeah I got hit by a Lincoln.

  • Red: (to Ed Sullivan) You know the other night Liberace was playing at a concert and his piano didn't show up, so he played his teeth for a half hour.

  • Deadeye: This is the only horse in the world with a built-in U turn.

  • Red: When I was a kid, at Halloween...I was so ugly and my mother was so poor we couldn't afford a pumpkin so she'd hold me up at the window. She held my brother up he looked like a pie.

  • Red: (as a Pilgrim) My little boy he said, 'I'm thankful to be alive and I'm thankful to be an American, and I'm thankful that my mother made mincemeat pie because it's the only kind she knows how to make. And I'm thankful she left it on the windowsill to cool and I'm thankful it was so good'.

  • Coach Weepy: (takes out a football) Oh the poor hen that had to lay that.

  • Mother: I've had them on the 9 day diet for 9 weeks.

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Notes (182)

  • Sponsor: Tide.

  • This was Red Skelton's first TV series.

  • On video.

  • On video.

  • Presents his 2 Emmys.

  • On video.

  • Shown near income tax time.

  • Last show of Season 1.

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Trivia (10)

  • Red Skelton returns to television tonight with a new sponsor and a new network and in the flesh. When Skelton started his television series two years ago, he quickly shot to the number one rating in the nation. Last year, plagued by poor health, he filmed his show and took a nose-dive in the ratings.

  • Ann Sothern is Red's 1st Guest Star.

  • The Champions were in the film "Lovely to Look At" (1952) with Red Skelton.

  • For this program, David Rose's Orchestra furnishes the music and CBS director of music, Lud Gluskin conducts. Steve Dunne does the Toni plugs and Bob LeMond handles Frigidaire to bankroll the hour.

  • When Ed Wynn was already famous and on a road tour, he liked the looks of a teenage boy who was hawking newspapers outside the theater. Ed bought the boy's entire stock, took him into the theater as his guest. The boy was none other than Red Skelton.

  • Guy Madison and his wife Sheila Connelly were celebrity dance contestants on Arthur Godfrey Party along with Red Buttons and Vivian Vance on November 3, 1959, the same airdate as his Red Skelton appearance.

  • The ad for this program was billed as "A redhead meets a redhead", as Gunsmoke actress Amanda Blake guests on The Red Skelton Show.

  • Sursum. Skelton studio

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Allusions (7)

  • Spoof on Ann Southern's private secretary show.

  • Deadeye has a shoot out with a cardboard picture of John Wayne's "Hondo".

  • Ed Sullivan talks about Dick Powell's new film "Susan Slept Here". Red Skelton did a cameo in the film.

  • When Willie's wife has his bedroom turned topsy turvey to cure him of his drinking, the scene is put together much like the last performance Red Skelton's character Dodo Delwyn did in the 1953 movie "The Clown".

  • Based on short story by O' Henry.

  • Joke on toothpaste invisible shield ads.

  • Dance number "Automation" to the tune of "Mr. Sandman".