The Replacements

Disney Channel (ended 2009)
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  • S 2 : Ep 31


    Aired 3/30/09

  • S 2 : Ep 30

    A Tale of Two Rileys

    Aired 3/30/09

  • S 2 : Ep 29


    Aired 3/23/09

  • S 2 : Ep 28

    Truth or Daring

    Aired 3/16/09

  • S 2 : Ep 27

    Injustice is Blind

    Aired 3/9/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jeff Bennett

    Conrad Fleem

  • Nancy Cartwright

    Todd Daring

  • Grey DeLisle

    Riley Daring

  • David McCallum

    C.A.R.T.E.R. (C.A.R.)

  • Daran Norris

    Dick Daring

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  • show Description
  • The Replacements is a Disney Channel Original Animated Series that premiered in September 2006 on Disney Channel created by children's book author and illustrator, Dan Santat. The Replacements follows what happens to orphans Riley (Grey DeLisle) and Todd (Nancy Cartwright) when they order replacement parents from the Fleemco Replacement Parent Organization. Their new mom turns out to be a British super spy named Agent K (Kath Soucie) and their new dad is a world renowned stunt man named Dick Daring (Daran Norris). Along the way, they'll be joined by Agent K's super-intelligent talking car, C.A.R (David McCallum) in their many zany adventures.moreless

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  • Quotes (108)

    • (C.A.R. is signalling from third base) Abby: I don't even know what that means? C.A.R.: Just hit the ball!

    • (About the Jerky) Dick Daring: You want me to be your celebrity spokesperson? Ha ha, I'm honored! C.A.R.: (Clears Throat Loudly) Dick Daring: Yes? C.A.R.: Aren't we going to try it first? Dick Daring: Did I ask for your opinion? C.A.R.: No. Just like you didn't ask my opinion about your jet-powered pogo stick! (Shows Hole in Roof) Dick Daring: Well it can't hurt to taste it first I suppose.

    • Todd: Wait a second! Riley, did you just con me into buying your dumb jerky? That is so... Impressive! I never thought you had it in you. Riley: Well, it is for a good cause. Todd: That you're lying for! How can I help?

    • Riley: OK, this is not working for me. Sierra McCool: Ya, neither is your hairstyle!

    • (Gives jerky to pack of wolves and they start to smell it) Wolves: We're hungry, not desperate! (They start to eat from a garbage can)

    • (About the New Coach) Riley: (To Todd) Todd, this is terrible! This man is a tyrant. He has to go. Coach Spike: Riley! You'll be batting first. Riley: On the other hand, let's not be hasty.

    • Coach Spike: Now, there's gonna be some changes around here. You! You're too short. You! You're too skinny. You! You're... You're a goat. Riley: Hey! He's our best fielder.

    • Todd: Hello, Fleemco? Conrad Fleem: Hello, Todd. How can I help you? Todd: My sister just gave me a great idea. I need you to replace our baseball coach with a pro baseball player who knows what he's doing. Conrad Fleem: I'm on it Todd.

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    Notes (141)

    • Original International Air Dates: Slovakia: January 17, 2010 on STV1

    • The voice of Riley (which is Grey DeLisle) also voices Sam Manson on the television show Danny Phantom.

    • Apparently, Todd and Riley's baseball team gets consolation cake and participation ribbons if they lose a game.

    • Riley is a member of the Happy Hornets.

    • Fleemco Replacement Info Todd Strikes Out: Fleemco sends Pops Hartman on a cruise trip. Pops Hartman's Replacement: Buck Spikes The Jerky Girls: Fleemco sends the Happy Hornets Scoutleader Susan to help amnesiac birds. Scoutleader Susan's Replacement: Con Artist Lowe Stone

    • It seems that "The Replacements" find an excuse to get rid of an adult that Todd and Riley want to replace with a new one.

    • Agent K has gone undercover as a baseball player once.

    • This episode aired as a sneak preview to the series two months before the series actually premiered.

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    Trivia (95)

    • Goof: When Riley enters Todd's room, the brim on her helmet is brown until he hits it with the baseball, then it becomes blue.

    • This episode drew in 4.4 Million viewers on its first broadcast.

    • This episode was aired as a special "Sneak Peak", at 9:30pm ET immediatly after the That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana special.

    • Goof: After Riley finishes doing her one armed pushup holding the Uberwasser bottle, it changes to a regular water bottle.

    • J.P. Manoux is credited in this episode as "JP Manouxs."

    • This episode was first broadcast on the Disney Channel website a week before it was actually shown on T.V.

    • During the Fleemco spot at the end of the show, Riley tells Heather she will be in her trailer. This is a reference to Heather Martinez, the show director.

    • Principal Cutler passes off what he calls "inferior" #1 pencils as #2 pencils, however the number on pencils is not a measure of their quality, but rather the hardness of the graphite (the "lead") inside.

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    Allusions (88)

    • The constalation cake is simlar to the cake Phil made for Keely in the show Phil of the future

    • "The Jerky Girls" alludes to both the (in)famous prank phone-calling duo The Jerky Boys and to a group of political shills called The Jersey Girls.

    • C.A.R. talks and acts like the car from Knight Rider, K.I.T.T.

    • C.A.R.: Resemblance C.A.R. acts and talks like the car in the show Strocker and Hoop.

    • (Standing on the ship) Pops Hartman: I'm king of the world! This is an allusion to the movie Titanic.

    • The jerky apparently made people strong, like Popeye's spinach.

    • Dick Daring dresses like famous stuntman Evel Kineval.

    • Title: Skate-Gate. This is a take on Watergate.

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