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    By NatT96, Jun 08, 2015

    I lost interest in it fast, it was somewhat funny, then I just moved on from it. Strangely reminds me of Phineas and Ferb.

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    Yes it was a pretty poor show but I'd liked the stuff with Tasumi

    By 03bgood, Oct 07, 2014

    As bad is this show was; at least it isn't as bad as Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Teen Titans Go!, or Uncle Grandpa.

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    Better Than The Horrible Football Movie, But Still Bad

    By ScampTVCritic, Jun 02, 2013

    The plot is dumb, the episodes aren't really interesting, and the animation- MY GOD. I'd recommend this show if you were an avid Disney Channel fan and liked every single show they have ever put out. Other than that, not much will find enjoyment out of it, and will clearly enjoy The Buzz On Maggie and Kim Possible better.

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    Good thing it ended.

    By DreadAngelus, Jun 17, 2012

    Somewhat terrible, but bearable.

    Plot: Todd, Riley, are siblings in an orphanage. They saw an ad from a comicbook, or a magazine, a cell phone that can be used to call an replacement. They replaced their parents and anyone they dislike. (Somewhat spoiled, isn't it?)

    Characters: Their personalities are mostly in wrong position. Voice actings are mostly unfitting. Riley and Todd are spoiled brats.

    Humor: Nothing, except being silly to the full point. Like they have an IQ of a monkey. That's not that funny.

    Art: Fair, like a typical cartoon would do. Animation is also fair.

    Overall: 2. I just don't like the plot and the characters, and also the humor. It only shows some annoyance from their bad attitudes and traits.moreless

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    I love this show and it must be brought back.

    By 2006retro, May 08, 2012

    This is one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel and I'm very unhappy with DC for stop airing it. The second season is a big improvement with the characters. Riley Daring is so hysterical (it make me wonder what Johnny Hitswell sees in her). Agent K is so cool and Dick, her husband, is such an idiot. I love Tasumi. She is such a cutie pie without that armor. Jacobo is so weird and annoying. My least favorite character is Sierra "skankerrella" McCool. What bother me is that last episode "The Irreplaceable" got messed up before the show's cancellation. Yep. I'm gonna miss that show.moreless

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    OMG the Animation along with the Graphics for this are sooo Cheesey...

    By Toph_Girl250, Sep 18, 2011

    Not one of my favorite shows, to me this show's animation doesn't look like it came out right. Kinda something i rarely watch too, i mean this show is also kinda boring, its the same plot for every episode, the kids try to replace a certain Adult with someone they think is more "cool." can't they just try NOT to replace someone and live through life with regular Adults the way its supposed to be? Of course that would probably interfere with the Storyline so... i guess this just isn't that great of a show, not the best one to be made for sure, i'm glad they only show it at sometime of Night where a lot of people are probably asleep. And for those that like this show then i suppose this show isn't that bad, its not the worst show out there either. It's okay. good day everybody.moreless

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    Some please replace this crap feast! I trust me, I watched this show and what a bad idea that was. I'm not kidding!!

    By GeforceDFS, Dec 09, 2010

    Quick review

    Art 10/10 - Pretty basic

    Music 3.5/10 Completly uninspiring and stupid!

    Character 0.0/10 - Not good, stupid, plain retarded and Why do Todd and reilly pick on Sheldon?!(poor Sheldon; hot nerd)

    Plot 4.5/10 - Pointless and binal.

    Animation 5.5/10 - I'll be fair, this could've been cool. But it gets old really quick within episodes and it's a bad animation pariody of flapjack(Which the show is amazing; 7.5) and SpongeBob(6.9/10).

    Storyline 6.5/10 - Two kids were poor and got two replacement cell phones from flamco. And.....pretty much everything else was illrelative.

    Overall 1.0/10 - Don't watch this show, okay. If you do, you will make a mistake like I did when I was 11 years-old. Watch Flapjack, Spongebob, or even buzz on maggie(which I love, despite short episodes)! I am not here to stop you, this is just my review on what watched. The show sucks balls. Could family replaced the replacement with buzz on maggie, instead?!moreless

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    My opinion of The Replacements is concealed in this review. Press "Continue" to find out what I think.

    By MichelleRosalyn, Jun 04, 2010

    (Sarcasm alert...)

    This show is way too fast. I mean, my warped mind can't even catch any of the jokes. People these days don't want a lot of humor packed into a few minutes. What they want is one joke a minute so that they can actually laugh at something. Do the creators of this show understand that?

    Secondly, this show is way too clever. People don't want smart or witty or satirical. I mean, who in their right mind likes satire anymore? What we people want is some nice gross-out humor, pop culture references without thoughtful satire, people tumbling over things, people hurting themselves, and a whole lot of comprehendible jokes.

    The characters are just horrible. I mean, they're not hip and cool and trendy, and they're all a bunch of losers. On top of that, they don't always do the right thing. What we want is a bunch of characters who are perfect in everyway and another bunch of characters who are completely evil and never do anything good. We don't want balanced characters who do things that are both right and wrong. We want characters who either do right all the time or always do wrong all the time.

    The animation is horrendous. I mean, it doesn't even conform to everything else today. Sure it's unique and innovative, but that doesn't mean it's good. The colors hurt my eyes. There's way too many of them. It's too bright and happy.

    And what is with the plots and premise behind the show? Kids replacing people with replacements? That's horrible. It doesn't make sense. It adds too much variety to the show by bringing in different characters every week, and at the same time it doesn't add variety to the show because it has the same basic forumla that adds too much of a challenge for the writers to make unique plots and situations around that. Totally ignore the fact that the replacements are temporary. Ignore the fact that it's a cartoon, and everything goes back to normal in the end.

    Finally, I'd like to talk about the voice actors. There's too many of them from fantastic shows. We don't want classic veterans like Kath Soucie and Nancy Cartwright and Frank Welker and all those other greats. Just because they were fantastic in so many other cartoons doesn't mean we want them!

    (By the way, if you're confused, I love this show! It's one of my absolute faves. I chose to go with a different approach in my review, and recite the opinions, words, and subconscious thoughts of the haters of this show. I decided to use sarcasm. Take that, Replacements haters!)moreless

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    By foamy2345, May 06, 2010

    Oh boy,do I enjoy reviewing bad shows!Yes,I ask myself,what has become of cartoons today??!I mean,cartoons are so much easier to make these days,and yet,they are becoming worse and worse.And this one is no exeption either.Its about two butt ugly syblings who have resources to replace every single person for someone they think is more "cool".Ok,that didnt make any scence.And they "ordered" new parents,a stunt man named Dick Daring(I dont think his name is appropriate for young children) and female secret agent for a mom.And basicly every episode they replace someone(teacher,politician,just about everyone) with someone more cool,and it ends up in disaster so they get the old persone back.So the point of this show is????Yeah,ive noticed few more things I find annoying.Riley(the girl) has two friends,and african american girl and a japanese girl.And the japanese girl is such a bad stereotype it hurts.Yeah,they are always portraited to have lots of gadgets,but this girl wares a robot suit,for craying out loud!And Riley and Todd are compleatly unlikable and annoying,dad is an idiot and mom is less annoying,but still doesnt provide any humor.And yeah,the humor stinks,the animation stinks(i think its the same people who made My Gym Partner Is A Monkey)And really,there is no reason to wach this show.What happend to Disney Channel???Bring back Mickey Mouse and the gang,and burn this steaming pile of crap.Do something usefull with your spare time instead of waching this poor exuce of a showmoreless

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