The Replacements

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  • (C.A.R. is signalling from third base) Abby: I don't even know what that means? C.A.R.: Just hit the ball!

  • (About the Jerky) Dick Daring: You want me to be your celebrity spokesperson? Ha ha, I'm honored! C.A.R.: (Clears Throat Loudly) Dick Daring: Yes? C.A.R.: Aren't we going to try it first? Dick Daring: Did I ask for your opinion? C.A.R.: No. Just like you didn't ask my opinion about your jet-powered pogo stick! (Shows Hole in Roof) Dick Daring: Well it can't hurt to taste it first I suppose.

  • Todd: Wait a second! Riley, did you just con me into buying your dumb jerky? That is so... Impressive! I never thought you had it in you. Riley: Well, it is for a good cause. Todd: That you're lying for! How can I help?

  • Riley: OK, this is not working for me. Sierra McCool: Ya, neither is your hairstyle!

  • (Gives jerky to pack of wolves and they start to smell it) Wolves: We're hungry, not desperate! (They start to eat from a garbage can)

  • (About the New Coach) Riley: (To Todd) Todd, this is terrible! This man is a tyrant. He has to go. Coach Spike: Riley! You'll be batting first. Riley: On the other hand, let's not be hasty.

  • Coach Spike: Now, there's gonna be some changes around here. You! You're too short. You! You're too skinny. You! You're... You're a goat. Riley: Hey! He's our best fielder.

  • Todd: Hello, Fleemco? Conrad Fleem: Hello, Todd. How can I help you? Todd: My sister just gave me a great idea. I need you to replace our baseball coach with a pro baseball player who knows what he's doing. Conrad Fleem: I'm on it Todd.

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Notes (141)

  • Original International Air Dates: Slovakia: January 17, 2010 on STV1

  • The voice of Riley (which is Grey DeLisle) also voices Sam Manson on the television show Danny Phantom.

  • Apparently, Todd and Riley's baseball team gets consolation cake and participation ribbons if they lose a game.

  • Riley is a member of the Happy Hornets.

  • Fleemco Replacement Info Todd Strikes Out: Fleemco sends Pops Hartman on a cruise trip. Pops Hartman's Replacement: Buck Spikes The Jerky Girls: Fleemco sends the Happy Hornets Scoutleader Susan to help amnesiac birds. Scoutleader Susan's Replacement: Con Artist Lowe Stone

  • It seems that "The Replacements" find an excuse to get rid of an adult that Todd and Riley want to replace with a new one.

  • Agent K has gone undercover as a baseball player once.

  • This episode aired as a sneak preview to the series two months before the series actually premiered.

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Trivia (95)

  • Goof: When Riley enters Todd's room, the brim on her helmet is brown until he hits it with the baseball, then it becomes blue.

  • This episode drew in 4.4 Million viewers on its first broadcast.

  • This episode was aired as a special "Sneak Peak", at 9:30pm ET immediatly after the That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana special.

  • Goof: After Riley finishes doing her one armed pushup holding the Uberwasser bottle, it changes to a regular water bottle.

  • J.P. Manoux is credited in this episode as "JP Manouxs."

  • This episode was first broadcast on the Disney Channel website a week before it was actually shown on T.V.

  • During the Fleemco spot at the end of the show, Riley tells Heather she will be in her trailer. This is a reference to Heather Martinez, the show director.

  • Principal Cutler passes off what he calls "inferior" #1 pencils as #2 pencils, however the number on pencils is not a measure of their quality, but rather the hardness of the graphite (the "lead") inside.

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Allusions (89)

  • The constalation cake is simlar to the cake Phil made for Keely in the show Phil of the future

  • "The Jerky Girls" alludes to both the (in)famous prank phone-calling duo The Jerky Boys and to a group of political shills called The Jersey Girls.

  • C.A.R. talks and acts like the car from Knight Rider, K.I.T.T.

  • C.A.R.: Resemblance C.A.R. acts and talks like the car in the show Strocker and Hoop.

  • (Standing on the ship) Pops Hartman: I'm king of the world! This is an allusion to the movie Titanic.

  • The jerky apparently made people strong, like Popeye's spinach.

  • Dick Daring dresses like famous stuntman Evel Kineval.

  • Title: Skate-Gate. This is a take on Watergate.

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