The Rockford Files

The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club

Season 2, Ep 13, Aired 12/19/75
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  • Episode Description
  • Jim poses as Aaron Keil, Newspaper Publisher, to attend the weekly poker game held at the Bay City Boys Club and does quite well. Meanwhile representatives of the club check his car, but his ID checks out. Afterward Jim is followed, but after a quick switch in which he calls the police, follows his stalker. Continuing the Aaron Kiel rouse, he learns his stalker is Kate Flanders, concerned daughter of one of the poker players. Jim reports to his client Mr Phelps and then returns Aaron’s car to Angel at the newspaper. The next day Angel calls, bringing the Boys Club Representatives Thompkins and Mosher who demand to know who hired him. Jim manages to overpower them and they run off. Jim and Angel then go to see Phelps, only to learn from the gardener that Phelps died 3 months before – Angel runs off in fear. Jim goes to uncooperative Bay City Police and then to the District Attorneys office and sees ‘Mr Phelps’ – who in truth is Deputy District Attorney Bert Kimble. Jim demands an explanation, but Kimble will not reveal anything but does want Jim to continue working for him. Jim refuses, but Kimble threatens to pull his PI licence – Jim is not scared, as the whole affair would come out in the hearing, so leaves. Outside he meets ‘Kate Flanders’, who is in fact Deputy District Attorney Kate Doyle. Angry Jim goes home. Kate visits him later and reveals that Kimble is crooked and she is investigating him. Jim agrees to go with her to see Kimble, but they find him dead in his car in the parking lot. The pair seeks sanctuary at Angel’s and figures out that Kimble must have had information on the Boys Club, which is heavy with syndicate people, so the games must be cheated. They check the power company to find the Club is using three times the electricity now than a year ago, but has had no building work done in the office – so this rules out cheating by peephole in the ceiling, but Jim finds that the place was re-wired. Breaking into the club Jim and Kate find miniature cameras in some phoney fire protection systems. They are discovered and a chase through the Club ensues…moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • James Garner

    Jim Rockford

  • Juanita Bartlett

  • Blair Brown

    Kate Doyle

  • Joel Fabiani


  • William Phipps


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  • Jimbo and Angel in trouble again...

    By jamoon2006, Feb 26, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Thompkins: (searching Rockford's car) Not even a lousy gum wrapper... Check the glove compartment.
      Mosher: Mostly bills.
      Thompkins: Made out to Keil?
      Mosher: Yeah. Some went to a newspaper, the rest to a home address. (starts reading the ZIP code last)
      Thompkins: I don't need the ZIP code. He's not going on my Christmas card list!

    • (Rockford pulls up to the speaker at a Jack in the Box drive-thru) Kid: Your order please. Jim: Call the police. Young Man: Your order, please! Jim: That's it. You got it. There's a guy following me in a white 1974 Datsun, California plates. Tell the police I'll be headed south on Perdugo and for them to intercept. Young Man: Are you nuts, mister? Is this a joke? Jim: Just tell them he took a shot at me... and while you're at it could you throw in a taco and a bag of fries?

    • (Kate watches Jim pick the lock at the club) Kate: That's illegal! Jim: So is what we're about to do.

    • Angel: You know, I'm just an innocent bystander.
      Thompkins: They're usually the ones who get shot.

    Notes (2)

    • " Angel"( played by Stuart Margolin)isn't mentioned in the credits. I don't know if his name was shown at the beginning or the end of that episode but his name isn't listed on your cast and crew list.

    • This was the only episode of The Rockford Files directed by James Garner.

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