The Ropers

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Quotes (8)

  • (over the phone) Stanley: How are the girls, Chrissy? Chrissy: The girls? ....... Oh, Jack and Janet are fine.

  • Stanley: I was young! So I sowed a few wild oats! Helen: So couldn't you save a few for me?

  • Helen: How many other children do you have that I don't know about? Stanley: None. Helen: Just Bill? Stanley: Yes. Helen: A-HA!

  • (The men have just returned from the bar at 2AM) Jeffrey: Now go in there and make Helen the happiest woman alive. Stanley: And you go in there and make Anne the second happiest woman alive. (The men are so drunk that they enter the wrong apartments by mistake, scaring the wives. The men return to the porch.) Stanley: Don't worry Jeffrey. Your wife is still unhappy.

  • Hubert: Isn't guacamole supposed to be green? Helen: Yes, but Stanley likes ketchup in it.

  • (Jeffrey knocks on the Roper's door just as Stanley loudly drops a dumbbell) Jeffrey: Are you all right? Helen: Oh, that was just the dumbbell. Jeffrey: Can I speak with him?

  • (Stanley brings Ethel a "tequila sunrise") Ethel: Good Lord! What's in this drink? Stanley: We didn't have any triple sec so I had to use beer.

  • Ethel: This is depressing. Stanley: Yeah, the way people are eating, there won't be any leftovers!

Notes (51)

  • Just like the first season of Three's Company which only had six episodes, The first season of The Ropers only had six episodes

  • This episode is not included on the Three's Company Season 3 DVD set, since this is only part of the syndication package.

  • When the series became syndicated, the show was later renamed to "Friends of Three's Company, The Ropers".

  • When shown on syndication, it is given the Three's Company titles crediting John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers, but none of them appear.

  • This episode is included in the "Three's Company" syndication package, and is shown after episode #51, The Anniversary Surprise.

  • It was revealed in this episode by Mrs. Roper that she is 46 years old.

  • This episode was based of the George & Mildred Episode: "Your Money or Your Life".

  • This episode was based of the George & Mildred Episode: "The Dorothy Letters".

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Trivia (20)

  • This is the last time the Ropers' original apartment set is used before it was remodeled for Mr. Furley's apartment.

  • This episode was based off of the "George & Mildred" Episode: Moving On.

  • During the part where Stanley runs over the fire hydrant, you can clearly see that it's not Norman Fell in the driver's seat.

  • Jeffery contends that it's unhealthy for David to have an imaginary pet, yet in the pilot episode he strongly suggested David create an imaginary friend.

  • This episode was based off of the "George & Mildred" episode: Your Money or Your Life.

  • Lucy Lee Flippin, who played Helen's pregnant sister Hilda, was best known for her recurring role on Little House on the Prairie, as Laura's sister-in-law, Eliza Jane Wilder. She began that role only a few months after this guest appearance.

  • The song that Mr. Roper and Chrissy is dancing to in the living room is titled "We are Family" by Sister Sledge which was a huge hit in 1979.

  • The Three's Company theme song is used during the closing credits of this episode.

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Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title:: Days of Beer and Rosie
    This episode's title is similar to the Three's Company season 2 episode, The Days of Beer and Weed.