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    By NicolangeloLe, Apr 25, 2014


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    I dont really hate the show but..

    By RicoColeman, Feb 18, 2013

    I don't really hate the show but its not really that interesting, i think it was kind of boring ever sense i first saw it.

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    this is actually before the show this is kinda a preview!

    By xiaolinking99, Jan 27, 2011

    This looks amazing! I mean it has a great idea behind it and such and it just looks fabulous!

    I have a feeling this will be a trendsetter! I just cant wait for it to premiere!!!

    It is like scooby doo meets indiana Jones meets Johnny Quest! It just looks awesome!

    Man i cant wait till it come out so i can show my real review with real feelings and knowledge! People stick around this show is gonna be so awesome that ur gonna be sad if u miss it!

    Man i just cant wait! AHH! This Will be an awesome show! Just cant wait... :Dmoreless

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    The secret saturdays needs time.

    By Crystal299, Dec 04, 2010

    A show about the things that most people do not believe in and things that haven't been discovered yet is interesting to say the least. The way the writers envison how those creatures stay hidden and think how some people are dealing with this kind of reasearch is unimaginable. Though there are some things like the story going way to fast and much of the characters needing a bit more improving a bit wouldn't hurt. This is a great show though and is still getting me all excited when the newest episode begins to start and i would stay up all night to watch the rerun.moreless

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    the opposite to lol

    By sasuke6798, Aug 05, 2010

    worst thing i've ever saw it's' worse than icarly! .

    The creator name it's ridiculous jay stephens!? what the heck is that name!? I'd rather Dull Stephens, it makes more sense I'd rather watching National Geographic all day it has only one funny thing on one episode but I'm not lying I slept when I saw one episode. Even my brothers and I use this show to sleep when we can't really please change this stupid show for another one so I put all I can so I will fill it with this show is . . . . stupid.moreless

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    Pretty good show, but I hope it doesn't end like this

    By UltraStrata, Jul 18, 2010

    To start, I wannt to say one thing. This show is cool. I loved it. My family loved it. It was good. That said. This show, like others, had its discrepancies and things that I would have liked to see done diferently. For starters, if that giant creature that the Saturdays beat at the end of season 1 WASN'T kur, then what the HECK was it. If Zak was kur then why did the divining rod made by Fisk point to ANTARCTICA as the location of Kur. That's about it on discrepancies; on to things that I would have liked to see done differently. The Zak/Wadi thing, for one. I seriously think that the romance they had should have been stepped up, even a little. I mean, maybe put in a kiss here or there, or maybe an I love you. Idon't know. Also, the series should NOT have ended the way it did. That goes without saying. It's true that the finale was touching and nearly made me cry, but, if anything, it is the most dismal ending yet. The Nagas are still on the loose and the only one that could have stopped them (Zak) is powerless and laid up in bed. So, IMO, this story still has a heck of a lot more to go. At least another ten episodes, CN. Would it kill you? I mean, the only other things you've got to air are that stuppid CN real and Unnatural History.moreless

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    A cartoon that is doomed to be in the category of worst cartoons ever.

    By frosty_ice, Jul 13, 2010

    Frankly, I have seen better shows than this one. The ideas in it are good, I admit it, but unfortunately, they don't add up to create the feeling that it is supposed to deliver us, when seeing it. The animation needs a ton of work, and the characters are usually boring. I give credit to the main villain because it reminds me of some monsters that we seen in Scooby-Doo, but all in all, it's pretty much a disaster. Personally, I think that if you are one of those people who like boring shows, then this is just what the doctor ordered, but if you are the opposite, my advice is for you to find another cartoon that matches your own style.moreless

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    A family travel all around the world solving mysteries and defeating bad guys. It may sound Cliche but the mysteries revolve around cryptids.It has a certain retro feel to it and also has a cast of great voice actors and interesting characters.

    By BananaPantsPaul, Apr 19, 2010

    This Show looks SOOOO Awesome!!!!!!! Its by emmy award winning cartoonist Jay Stephens and seems to have a super cast of voice actors. The Art of the show has a very retro feel and the stories and characters are very interesting. It is sorta like a hybrid between Johnny Quest and Scooby Doo which makes it even cooler! Cartoon Network definitely needs a show like this because all of their no shows with the exception of Chowder have been junk. So I highly recommend this show to anyone that likes good cartoons and mysteries. Watch the premier during Fall 2008 it will be awesome!!!!!moreless

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    A family of cryptozooligists saves the world from Being destroyed by an ancient artifact known as the cryptid kur.

    By lighttribesman, Apr 19, 2010

    A family of cryptozooligists saves the world from Being destroyed by an ancient artifact known as the cryptid kur.

    All I can say is... WOW. That just happened. It's a bit immature for me to go off like a little kid in a candy store, but after watching that, I can't help myself. Cartoon network has found one awesome show.

    Holy crap. It's been a tough few months for cartoon fans. With terrible new shows like phineas and ferb and the downfall of once great shows like family guy. And I wasn't particularly exited when I saw the first horribly acted "cryptids are real" commercial that I knew would be tied in with some show. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this show. It was like a very pleasant mix of ben 10 and johnny quest, with everything bad about the shows taken out.

    For one side of the story is the characters. They are very likable and greatly voiced. No characters voice is dominant or annoying, and the one you'd expect to be the most annoying is actually pretty cool. I am of course speaking of zak. He Is a kid with pretty cool likeness about him. In fact he may be my favorite character.

    The animation is next. It isn't perfectly fluid, but the attention to detail is very nice indeed. The style, which kind of looks like ben 10, is good enough to draw the eyes of youngsters.

    Which brings me to my next point the story. Now before I go on, I thought I might cite the story of Ben 10. It was boring considering it dealt with 6 new villains a week and aliens are cool plotlines. Secret saturdays mixes things up a bit. It deals with things called crypitids. I had never heard about cryptids until I saw the commercial, see above, which kept the premiere interesting. The series seems it will stick with The dark V.V. Argost and his minions which is fine by me. Can anyone say vilgax? remember him? He was on like four episodes, killed off, brought back, and killed off again. And then Brought back only to be rekilled off. Yeah you can forget about that with SS.Jay stephens, the man in charge, has won an emmy for his previous work, so you don't have to worry about flip flopping.

    I know It's not fair to base my reviews by comparisons to other shows, so I'll say now with no regrets, Secret Saturdays can hold its own weight. Its new and original, and very entertaining. Not to mention funny. I very much Like this show, And I hope others do to. That way It'll stay on air long enough for me to be fully b satisfied. I realize It may be unpopular because of the hype surrounding the clone wars(which by the way, sucked), and I think that's a bit unfair. But luckily I have faith in this original show. I look foward to watching this for years to come.

    P.S., you really have to clean up your site. Allowing people to rate shows before they even premiere is very very very stupid. Little kids will probably come on and give a show a 1 because it LOOKS gay This premotes the whole judging a book by its cover thing.



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