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  • Jim: Are you out of your mind?! You dragged me all the way out here to tell me I'm some sort of caveman? Blair: Well, maybe I was a little out of line with that caveman-remark but... Jim: Listen, you neo-hippie witch-doctor punk!

  • Blair (talking to Jim): Part of your job is to walk into a place and figure out what happened there. So is mine, but just that my places are usually a few thousand years vacant.

  • Blair (talking to Jim): You're a human crime lab with organic surveillance equipment!

  • Blair: I am NOT cutting my hair.

  • Blair (to Jim): Look...I may be a rookie in your little Dirty Harry-world here, but I'm telling you man when it comes to thesis speak...I'm a pro!

  • Jim: The trick is to convince the captain that you're studying police science. Blair: Hell, man, I will dress up in an evening gown like J. Edgar Hoover if you thought it would help.

  • Jim (to Blair): We just took a brief detour to the Sandburg zone.

  • Simon: Allright, look, Sandburg, this is a crime scene. I don't want you touching anything. Blair: I know! I'm an anthropologist, I've been to excavations before! Simon: You know what? On second thought, stay out here!

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Notes (14)

  • The Season One DVD box set refers to this episode simply as "Pilot".

  • Even though she is featured in the opening credits, Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer) does not appear in this episode.

  • Lash wears the exact same outfit Blair wore in "Siege".

  • Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer) makes her final appearance in this episode. She will, however, remain credited as a show star for the remaining episodes of the season.

  • Even though she is featured in the opening credits, Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer) does not appear in this episode.

  • Even though she is featured in the opening credits, Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer) does not appear in this episode.

  • Even though she is featured in the opening credits, Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks) does not appear in this episode.

  • Soundtrack for this episode was titled Coming Back To Me and was sung by guest star Valerie Pettiford.

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Trivia (13)

  • Blair climbs tree here despite his fear of heights revealed later in "Black Or White".

  • The .45s Kincaid's men use to kill the precinct computer operators have no silencers but are given the sound effect of silenced bullets.

  • Amazing how there are no surveillance cameras or posts in the police garage when Kincaid comes in, killing the two officers at the stairwell exit. Not to mention the multiple gunfire which would've attracted a number of police down there.

  • Sandburg in stuck in the station; he manages to get to someone's office with a window. In the background there is a building under construction with workers still there, even though the storyline of the episode states that the area had been evacuated.

  • Capt. Banks is running up the stairs after he and Ellison blow up the motorcycle to open the welded door, and as they cut from one shot to another, Banks is carrying an AK then he's back to his revolver (he started with the revolver, and didn't get an AK until they got ahold of the guy behind the door, with "too much skin bracer"(?).

  • Jim seems to be pretty dense when presented the duplicate DNA of the Junos. Anyone should be able to tell at that point there were twins involved.

  • Watch closely at Blair's wrist. In the scene where he and Jim talk in the hallway, he's wearing two bracelets. These were missing before and are missing again later in the episode.

  • Calli complains to Bruce at the nightclub about Jim and Blair being policemen that are "interfering" with the operation their business, yet say nothing about Simon and the two other policemen standing by the entrance and checking out people coming inside. Later on, when the brawl breaks out with the nightclub guards, pickpockets, and Simon, those same two policemen don't even join in until the fight is almost over, as well.

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Allusions (3)

  • Psycho
    The name of Lash's psychiatrist, Anthony Bates, is a reference to Anthony Perkins and his character Norman Bates, in this 1960 film.

  • If you listen carefully when Jim is listening (enhanced hearing) to his neighbor's conversations, you can hear a man mention "Cole and Westlake". Cole and Westlake are characters form another of Paul DeMeo & Danny Bilson's creations, Viper. Perhaps a nod to Viper which took place in the same geographical area (Cascade and Metro City). You'll notice the Police cars from both series are identical.

  • Blair Sandburg: He'll get over, maybe not today, but soon.
    This is very similar to the immortal line in Casablanca.