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    By futuramarama, Mar 20, 2011

    If I was a fan of this show trying to get someone else to become a fan, this is probably one of the episodes I would show said person, because it does a good job at showing a typical life in many peoples' life's in Springfield. Not only that, but the episode is incredibly funny also. My overall grade would have to be an A+, and I think it is the best, or one of the best, from season 7. I heard that Matt was planning a spinoff with a similar theme, but it never happened. It would've been coolmoreless

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  • 8.5

    this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, May 21, 2010

    in this ep of the simpsons show everyone has a story to tell in this one. and some of the stories are princiable skinner has super intendent charmers over for dinner and he sees how skinner is still treated like a little kid. this was a good story. and another one maggie gets locked in a newspaper box and homer is trying to get her out . and he goes through a good amout of trouble to get her back and another story nelson the bully gets a taste of his own medison final by someone eles this was a good ep and it had some good moments in this one.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Everyone has a story to tell… in Springfield that is.

    By Sara_Marie_41, Jan 17, 2010

    This proves that not just the Simpsons has a story to tell. Beginning with Bart and Millhouse asking about what the people in their town has to tell them, and they got their wish. Lisa's trouble with gum in her hair, thanks to Bart to Nelson's finally getting his desserts. In between a story needed to be heard, and there was plenty. Dr. Nick finally having a reason, thanks to Abe while Snake is taken hostage after robbing Moe, alo9ng with Wiggum, who chased him. However, the icing of the cake is indeed when a person seek revenge when Nelson makes fun his car for being small. With Lisa's help, the man does what everyone who was targeted by Nelson had always wanted to do… get even. With his pants down, Nelson is forced to march as the bystanders laugh along. Bart and Millhouse sprays Nelson ketchup and mustard before Professor Frink can tell his story, but who cares.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Ever wondered what the people of Springfield are doing when they are not interacting with the main characters of the Simpson family? Well then this episode is for you.

    By gamernut, Apr 06, 2009

    I don't need to to tell you the plot since it is in the title. Anyways, it is a really good episode. You finally get to see your favorite characters get their own little moments. I think the Apu one was the best but that is just me. I also enjoyed the Nelson short film(he finally gets laughed at!) and the Lisa short film. The Homer and Maggie one was also hilarious. There are also great ones about Chief Wiggum and Moe. I disliked the Mr. Burns short film the most, but it was still amusing. Anyways, to some up a long review, this is a grand episode that is a fine example of this series' golden years.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Meet everybody in Springfield.

    By WBadger42, May 31, 2008

    All I can say is what a great idea for A Simpsons episode. It shows almost everybody in Springfield, and a short film, as the title suggests, about them.It is nice to see an epiosde not solely based on The Simpsons and just one other character.The episode also has a short film about characters who are not well known like Cletus, Herman, and Kirk Van Houten. Not only was the idea of the episode great, but the stories were brilliant. My favorite ones having to be Superintendent Chalmers coming over Skinners for lunch, and Snake robbing Moe.

    This will be one of the best Simpsons episodes of all time. I think it is the best in Season 7. Great!


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  • 9.0

    The Simpsons get an indie touch.

    By twilightboy, Apr 12, 2008

    This is really a beautiful episode of the Simpsons. It is actually one of my favorite storylines (ala Babel). The way the short stories are interconnected help with the reality factor (something that previous episodes lack) and to look at the lives of other less known characters makes our untangible Springfield really feel like the small town next to yours.

    My favorite little story is the one in which principal Skinner tries to hide the fire in his kitchen from the superintendent. Heh, it is just hilarious.

    A great episode with great laughs and once again a fresh take on the series.moreless

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  • 9.6

    I LOVE TRILOGY EPISODES, and this episode was no different

    By Iverson82094, Jan 28, 2008

    In this breakneck tour through a day in the life of Springfield, we learn that a lot goes on in a little town in some state, somewhere in America. Apu takes the day off from the Kwik-E-Mart and has a kwik-e-romance. Barney finally pays Moe his bar tab only to witness Snake steal it. Principal Skinner nearly burns down his house while making lunch for Superintendent Chalmers, and Homer gets Maggie stuck in a newspaper vending machine. Lisa gets gum--and mayonnaise, and peanut butter--stuck in her hair, and Smithers almost dies from a bee sting. In a nod to Pulp Fiction, Snake and Chief Wiggum are taken hostage by Herman, the one-armed pawnshop owner, who wants to do god-knows-what. The two men are saved by Milhouse, who had to go to the bathroom really, really badly.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Part of the Golden era definatley

    By meatboys, Nov 19, 2007

    It's the golden era because of the fantastic plotline. The little previews of life in springfield were classic and i loved them. the movies were apu's party and skinners troublesome lunch with superintendent chalmers and milhouse having to use the bathroom and hitting herman with a mace, Wiggum hunting snake, and way way more. springfield sure had alot to offer. Homer only appeared like once in the entire episode. this is by far my favorite episode of the simpsons and will probably always be.............. .... ..... .... .... ..... ...... ...... .... ..... .... .... ...... ....... ...... ....... ..... ...... .moreless

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    One of the best episodes ever!

    By LemmyKoopa, Nov 11, 2007

    What can I say? This episode was just plain awesome. We got a chance to see various shorts featuring most of the characters, including some of the minor ones. And it was filled with hilarity, such as Chalmers and Skinner, Apu leaving his store to go to a party, Chief Wiggum and the other officers at Krusty Burger, discussing McDonalds, etc. The plot with Lisa having gum stuck in her hair was pretty good, too. The appearances by Herman and Snake were also nice. Overall, an awesome episode, and all of the shorts were great. This episode is easily in my top 5.moreless

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