Bart Gets an Elephant

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  • 8.5

    this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, May 18, 2010

    in this ep of the simpsons show there is a radio contest show and bart calles up and wins a prize he can either chose between 10 ,000 or chose a elephant and bart as we know chose the elphant and he starts to grow attach to it but things start to go crazy it start to rech peoples house and they cant aford to really take care of it the way it needs and so when bart finds out that they are giving it away bart runs away with the elphant and then things work out good at the end and this was a good epmoreless

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  • 10

    Give me my elephant!

    By futuramarama, Nov 15, 2009

    Bart wins a radio contest where he gets a lot of money or a gag prize- an elephant. Of course, Bart wants the elephant. The radio show goes to great lengths to get Bart his elephant.

    Of course, the family does not have much money, so soon they sell Stampy, the elephant, to an ivory dealer. An evil one at that. Now Bart must save his elephant.

    A wacky season 5 episode {I mean, he gets an elephant!}, but unlike Scully seasons, they try harder to make us laugh and stay on plot. Everyone is in character. A great season 5 offering.moreless

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  • 8.9

    The title says it all - Bart gets an elephant!

    By ozziefan, Feb 03, 2006

    After chosing an elephant over money The Simpsons find out that by keeping an elephant as a pet is very demanding and it is impossible to be able to afford to even feed it!

    Bart grows attached to it and when an ivory dealer makes a great offer to Homer he is ready to make a deal. In the end after Stampy saves his live Homer lets Stampy stay in a nature reserve.

    There was a line in this episode which I found extremely funny! Of course it came from Homer!!!

    Homer: Now I've had my head in an elephant, a hippo and a giant sloth!

    Thats just brilliant stuff right there!!! Homer has the strangest experiences throughout the 17th seasons of this show so I can actually picture him having his head in a hippo and a giant sloth!!!moreless

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  • 9.6

    Lisa: bart's gone! i bet it's because of that horrible ivory dealer, dad!

    Homer: he took bart too? that wasn't part of our deal blackheart! that wasn't part!

    Homer: D'oh!

    Lisa: A deer!

    Marge: A female deer

    By jimbo_001, Nov 14, 2005

    this episode is a very well-known one with classic scenes such as homer, after kids say that they'd pay to see the elephant, homer saying "that gives me an idea" and puts up a sign that says "GO AWAY!" messing up the house seconds after cleaning it was a great gag which pays marge back for making them clean in the first place. homer wanting to clean the basement until he realises it's the messiest room in the house and then hallucinating that the cleaning products were killing him was great too. but the main storyline is bart getting an elephant which he names stampy and the simpsons go broke (similar to lisa's pony except the pony didn't crash through the peanut factory). chief wiggum's appearance was great too, not believing any calls about any crimes. this episode is great (didn't know how else to end the review).moreless

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