Bart Has Two Mommies

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    By AJDaGreat, Oct 24, 2011

    We start off with a string of pretty lame jokes, along with a Homer-pain mill sequence that, while a well-executed parody of MGM or Warner Bros. shorts, did not make me laugh. The first joke I liked was Homer saying he wished so hard the duck became real. The Femac thing was a random go-nowhere plot device (as was the left-handed convention later on), though I did like the dictionary gag. The sequences involving Marge babysitting Rod and Todd were the best parts of the episode, both funny and charming in their own way. I enjoyed the Marge/Rod/Todd/Ned plotline, and even though the message is cliche, I did like Marge begging Ned to encourage Todd.

    Everything in the other plotline, including Bart and Lisa jousting, the retired animals place, and anything after Bart was kidnapped, was just stupid. Yeah, I know this is the 370th episode and they've come up with so many different plots already, but honestly, you'd think they could still think of something better than Bart getting kidnapped by a monkey. I barely laughed at all, though I did like the DVD joke and the ending gay joke.moreless

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  • 9.3

    Very hilarious episode so many jokes... How can u possibly not like this episode???

    By Iverson82094, Sep 05, 2010

    Ned Flanders wins a computer and offers it to Marge, as he has no use for it. In return, Marge babysits Rod and Todd. With Marge spending so much time at The Flanders', Homer must look after Bart and Lisa. Meanwhile, Marge takes Rod and Todd to a children's activity center as she feels Ned is overly worried about his sons. Rod climbx a wall and discovers a new activity he enjoys, but he falls and suffers a minor injury. Ned is shocked and tells Marge to stay away. Homer takes the kids to an animal retirement home, but the trip goes awry when Toot-Toot the monkey pulls Bart into her cage and holds him hostage. Marge learns of the kidnapping and tries to get her son back. The monkey takes Bart atop the church. Rod, putting his new climbing skills to use, climbs the church to rescue Bart. Ned discovers that as long as Rod has his encouragement he will succeed in life.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Bart Has Two Mommies

    By futuramarama, Jan 26, 2010

    Marge begins spending time with Rod and Todd Flanders. Meanwhile, at the springfield petting zoo, Bart is kidnapped by a female monkey, who is missing her own son {turns out in the end of the episode Krusty's Mr. Teeny is this monkey's son}. At the end of the episode when all hope is lost for Bart, Rodd ends up saving him.

    A good episode, pretty funny, I really liked the reuniting of Mr. Teeny and his mother. The rest was also very good and very well-done, a good episode from this season, My overall grade would be a B+ methinksmoreless

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  • 8.8

    Very funny show!

    By JPPT1974, Oct 02, 2006

    This is a very funny show and that it shows again

    The ever resourceful Marge or is she too resourceful?

    As the family goes to a carnival and when Flanders wins the prize, he doesn't want it and gives it to Marge.

    In return, she baby-sits his two sons. Bart, Homer, and Lisa go to the zoo where Bart is kidnapped by an ape. Very funny show as this is indeed a dysfunctional family.

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  • 9.1

    A fine episode!

    By ozziefan, Jun 30, 2006

    This was much better than My Fair Laddy, which I saw a couple of days ago.

    I always thought Rod and Todd were a couple of losers! I really did. but their only like that because of Ned's stict parenting.

    Ned: Today were going to stare at bread - Nothing bad can happen from that.

    There were many hilarious moments in this episode. The best being Rod yelling out he's gay (on Bart's instructions) at the end of the episode.

    We saw some classic Homer stupidity in "the rubber duck race" and with the blow dart.

    Finally, it was interesting to see Maude in heaven voiced by the woman who originally played her. - She was originally fired because she wanted a more money.

    Bob Hope and God joking at the end was cool too!moreless

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  • 8.8

    This episode has the privelige of being my 1000th review!

    By jimbo_001, Jun 29, 2006

    This is a pretty funny episode but not the best of the season, most of the funny scenes involving Homer and the rubber duck race and Rod growing into a man (though not quite).

    The end was a terrific end to the episode, Rod declaring that he was what he thought the definition of gay was while creating a shock for Ned and hilarity for the viewers, and Mr Teeny being Bart’s chimp mum’s real son, all of this occurring in a Kong-like setting atop a steeple.

    Homer’s sarcasm becoming more of a mental problem as he continued his rant was hilarious as was the Flanders to English dictionary and Ned’s overreaction to a Christian Cluedo-induced papercut and all of these scenes were pulled off very well.

    Overall, this is an episode that is a great addition to season 17 and the series but is not the best of the year so far.moreless

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  • 1.0

    Good God, this episode was horrible.

    By zone46, Jun 26, 2006

    What happened to Matt Groening\\\\\\\'s rule that the animals in the series act like animals and not people? Sure, sometimes Santa\\\'s Little Helper or Snowball will roll their eyes or act out of character (Bart Gets an Elephant), but this episode went completely overboard.

    Now for the complaints (yay):

    Like most of Season 17, I didn\\\'t laugh once during this episode. Julie Kavner has completely lost it with Marge\\\'s voice; it\\\'s so grating and forced now. Voicing her for 19 years really has an effect, and it\\\'s painfully obvious now. Rod and Todd have changed from religion-obsessed to completely gay (and religion-obsessed). Why is Nelson in every episode, he hasn\\\'t been funny since Season 10.

    The main \\\"plot\\\" of this episode doesn\\\'t start until about 16 minutes in, and of course does little to add to the humorless situation already established. The episode goes from Homer to Marge to Bart and then back to Marge. To spare you from any more unfunny details, I\\\'ll cut right to the chase: Don\\\'t waste your life watching this dreck of an episode. I hate being cruel towards my favorite show, but this episode begs to be slammed. The last shred of quality for The Simpsons commited suicide after Season 16, which is really saying something, because it\\\'s been slowly dying since Season 9 ended.moreless

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  • 9.3

    Homer cheats in a rubber duck race, Bart gets ape-napped, and Rod becomes 'gay'

    By Clarinet2006, Jun 26, 2006

    This is probably my favorite episode in the Al Jean era thus far. It had many of the classic elements such as a good storyline and good writing. It started off with Homer cheating in a rubber duck race and then Marge has to babysit Rod and Todd and they explore new levels of fun. Meanwhile, Bart gets ape-napped and Homer can't do anything about it. Eventually, Bart is rescued. Some of the best parts in this episode were Homer accidentally shooting himself with a tranquilizer dart and Rod declaring that Marge Simpson had turned him 'gay.' This episode has many laughs in store for the viewer and is definitely a gem amongst the rest of season 17.moreless

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  • 9.1

    It was oh could have been better

    By meredith_bcfc, Apr 12, 2006

    Its was a good episode but it could have been beter it was funny but at some points got a bit borring my favorite bit was probaly when homer was at the church fair and tryed everything to win and then in the end chucked the erong chik but is was still ok

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