Bart's Friend Falls in Love

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  • (Bart plays with Milhouse's magic 8-ball)
    Bart: Will Milhouse and I be friends till we're toothless old men with hair coming out of our ears? (shakes the ball) "Don't count on it." Will Milhouse and I be friends when we're high-school dropouts living off Uncle Sucker? (shakes the ball) "It looks doubtful." (worried) Will Milhouse and I be friends at the end of the day?
    (shakes the ball; he and Milhouse gasp when it says "No")
    Bart: What could come between two bestest buddies like us?
    (next shot is a dramatic close-up of Samantha Stanky)

  • Lisa: Dad, do you know what today is? Homer: The vernal equinox? Lisa: No! It's been two weeks since you got that tape. Let's get you on the scale! (Homer gets on the scale) You've gained thirteen pounds. Homer: Disingenuous mountebanks with their subliminal chicanery! A pox on them! (discards tape)

  • Mr. Stanky: Samantha, you’re my little girl, and sometimes my imagination runs away with me. Just, just tell me what happened. Samantha: Well Milhouse and I… Mr. Stanky: That's enough!

  • Bart: Milhouse, we're living at the age of cooties. I can't believe the risk you’re running. Besides, what's so great about kissing? Milhouse: Bart it's just not the kissing a lot of it is waiting to kiss you know like when you open an Eskimo Pie and you wait just a little bit for it to melt? Bart: But she doesn’t melt. Milhouse: Oh, yes she does.

  • Bart: You can read comics with us. Let's see...something for the lady. Ah, Radioactive Man vs. the Swamp Hog. Samantha: Do you have any girl comics? Like Bonnie Craine, Girl Attorney, Punkin & Dunkin, The Twinkle Twins, or Lil' Kneesocks? Bart: No, but my sister's got a wide selection of crappy comics.

  • Martin: This is the first time anyone has ever sat next to me since I successfully lobbied to have the school day extended by twenty minutes.

  • Marge: Homer, has the weight loss tape reduced your appetite? Homer: Ah, lamentably no. My gastronomic rapacity knows no satieties.

  • Kent Brockman: Good evening. Did you know that 34 million American adults are obese? Putting together that excess blubber would fill the Grand Canyon two fifths of the way up. That may not sound impressive, but keep in mind it is a very big canyon.

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Notes (6)

  • Maggie Roswell who provides the voice of the nun singing "Dominique" isn't really singing the lyrics to the song, she just made up lyrics in French.

  • According the Nancy Cartwright when Milhouse says "We started out like Romeo and Juliet but it ended in tragedy", the original line was "Someone gave my heart a wedgie".

  • Madonna was the first choice to play Samantha.

  • First Appearance: Kirk Van Houten

  • Itchy & Scratchy: "I'm Getting Buried In The Morning." Itchy officiates at Scratchy's wedding. As Scratchy kisses his bride, Itchy pulls off his broad-brimmed hat and throws it at Mrs. Scratchy. The hat slices through her neck and her body falls to the floor. Scratchy opens his eyes and is horrified to see his beheaded bride. The hat flies back toward him, slicing his head off as well. Itchy drives the wedding car, with Mr. and Mrs. Scratchy's heads tied to the bumper like tin cans.

  • Blackboard Joke: I will not snap bras. Couch Gag: The family rushes into the room and sits on the couch which then topples making them fly into the wall.

Trivia (9)

  • During the fight scene in Milhouse's room, a Spinal Tap poster can be seen. Harry Shearer (Principal Skinner, etc) played Derek Smalls, the bass player for Spinal Tap. Spinal Tap also played in Springfield in the episode "The Otto Show."

  • Mrs. Krabappel's comment on Bart's test reads, "Very poor, even for you."

  • Homer's change jar reads "Homer's Change: DON'T TOUCH!"

  • The punishment for kissing a boy at Samantha's new private school is fifty rosaries a kiss.

  • The end of the episode features Homer's presumed definitions of the phrases he learned (and lost) from listening to the tapes earlier in the episode. Homer Sez Increase Your Wordiness: Satiety: Belt-popping fullness Triumvirate: 3 guys giving orders Gourmand: Like a gourmet, only fatter Machiavellian: I don't know Boudoir: Where a French guy does it

  • Movies playing at the Springfield Googleplex: Rip Roarin' Reverend, Sing Monkey, Sing, Space Mutants VII and Hot Grits A Flyin'.

  • In Bart's test, he has written ''Eat My Shorts'' as the answer for the last three questions.

  • Homer's change jar contains only pennies.

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Allusions (2)

  • Casablanca
    The end of the episode, as well as the song that plays in the background is a parody of the 1942 film Casablanca.

  • Raiders Of The Lost Ark
    The entire first scene of the episode is a parody of the opening sequence to Raiders Of The Lost Ark.