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Brake My Wife, Please

Season 14, Ep 20, Aired 5/11/03
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  • Episode Description
  • At the Springfield Aquarium, Marge accompanies the kids on a school field trip. Lisa spots penguins flying and after Bart has shown off his "flawless pearls," which results in him being taken the hospital, where a lack of insurance card keeps him prisoner. Homer has the insurance card, but is nowhere to be found. As a solution, Homer gets a mobile phone and a few extra unnecessary accessories, which only leads to him not paying attention to where he is driving. That is until it is much too late and he drives off of a pier. Judge Harm takes his license away and Homer is no longer able to drive. Marge picks up the slack and starts becoming "Stresserella." Homer walks to Moe's, but much to Moe's dismay he decide to keep on walking and starts getting healthy. Homer walks to work and is the only employee to arrive, everyone else is caught in a traffic jam. Marge is frazzled from all her driving, meanwhile Homer sings and walks about the virtues of walking when he is stuck by a car; the driver of the car was Marge. Marge, who cares so much for Homer, tries to help in his recovery, but Homer perceives that she might be trying to kill him. It leads to fight, which in turn leads them to see a marriage counselor. After Marge leaves, the counselor suggests that Homer perform one unselfish act of love to win Marge back, in other words take her to dinner. Homer decides to one up that suggestion and invites everyone in Springfield (except the Flanders family) to a backyard barbeque in Marge's honor. Homer joins Jackson Browne in a duet to sing his praises of Marge.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Julie Kavner

    Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier, and Selma Bouvier

  • Harry Shearer

    Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, and others

  • Dan Castellaneta

    Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, and others

  • Nancy Cartwright

    Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, and others

  • Yeardley Smith

    Lisa Simpson

  • Fan Reviews (8)
  • Really good episode.

    By Sami5118, Dec 03, 2010

  • A fine episode experience that I never knew before! :!:

    By 4EverGreen, May 08, 2007

  • After having his liscence revoked, Homer starts walking places.

    By Hornets3, Aug 16, 2009

  • Good episode..

    By Iverson82094, Jan 08, 2008

  • How many plots are there?

    By jimbo_001, Jan 29, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (23)

    • Apu: Manjula, I'm so glad you have finally forgiven me for having that affair. (Manjula elbows him hard in the stomach) Apu: She used to elbow me in the face!

    • Marge: I guess I'll have to do all your driving chores. That's what a good wife does, picks up the slack. Homer: That reminds me, we gotta pick up my slacks at that dry cleaner in Shelbyville. Marge: Why can't you use the local dry cleaner? Homer: I didn't want them to know my size.

    • Homer: Maybe I should keep walking instead of going into a dark, dreary bar. Moe: Get in here, Boozy, you're late for your drunkening.

    • Homer: I have to help her. If Marge isn't happy, I'm not happy. And if I'm not happy, Moe's very happy. But for once, this isn't about Moe.

    • (Marge drives Homer, Carl and Lenny home from a strip club) Lenny: Can we stop for ice cream? Carl: Homer always stops for ice cream. Marge: We'll see. Lenny: That always means no.

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    Notes (3)

    • In the video store Homer is watching a clip of a film called "EDITOR-IN-CHIMP". In the season 13 episode "Jaws Wired Shut" when the family enters the cinema, this is one of the films they could have watched.

    • Springfield is located somewhere near the Missouri/Illinois area according to a map in this episode.

    • Blackboard Joke: None. Couch Gag: The family enters the living room but instead of the couch there is a standup with a picture of the family sitting on the couch, with holes where their faces should be. The family members go behind the standup and stick their faces through the holes: Lisa becomes the face for Homer, Homer becomes Marge, Maggie becomes Lisa, Bart becomes Maggie and Marge becomes Bart.

    Trivia (5)

    • When Moe is talking to himself the door to Moe's is open and when the camera zooms out the door to Moe's is locked.

    • In the hospital, we see bart with his arm in a some sort of cast and a bandaid. in the next scene when Homer arrives, they're missing. Hmmm, must be a fast healer

    • When Dr. Hibbert chains Bart to the radiator with the handcuffs, he clearly attaches them to the second "rib" starting from the right, however, at the very next shot, it changes to the first on the right.

    • When Lindsey Neagle enters through the door marked Morgue the door opens inward and glides shut on it's own but when she hands Homer the cellphone the door is open outward and stays that way and in the background the hinge is that of a door that only opens outward.

    • Apu still has all his teeth in the shot immediately before he shows Homer that he has missing teeth (from Manjula elbowing him in the face).

    Allusions (3)

    • Rosie Jackson Browne's song, "Marjorie," is a rewritten version of his song, "Rosie."

    • Homer: Save me Chaka Khan! Chaka Khan! The song Homer is playing in the car is Chaka Khan's song "I Feel for You" and the line "Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan," is said throughout the song. On a sidenote, this song was written by Prince and the rap is done by Grandmaster Melle Mel.

    • n/a: Henny Youngman
      The title of the episode is a play on comedian Henny Youngman's signature one-liner: "Take my wife… please." A similar play on words was used for the earlier episode title "Take My Wife, Sleaze."

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