Cape Feare

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    Best episode!

    By TheSimpsons4, Apr 08, 2014

    Humor 10/10

    Story 10/10

    Laugh frequency 10/10

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  • 9.5

    The best Sideshow Bob episode!!!!!!

    By fenway98, Jun 08, 2011

    I love this episode. It has so many funny parts. I love how Sideshow Bob has such bad luck in this one. He makes this episode funny. i love the scene where he keeps getting hit by the rakes. I also like the part where he got run over by the parade. After getting many death threats from Bob, The Simpsons have to move to a new town. And change their name to the Thompsons. The ending is great when Sideshow Bob is singing HMS Pinafore. He is just so funny. As Snake says "Use a pen, Sideshow Bob". LOLmoreless

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    The best episode of the Simpsons

    By Southparkfa, Feb 17, 2011

    This episode is really good, and is my favorite episode of the whole series. There's a ton of times where the characters act stupid here, whether it's Homer and his Mr.Thompson scene, or Chief Wiggium not thinking it's illegal to send threatening letters, and of course Sideshow Bob continually getting hit by a rake and writing letters in blood and then fainting from blood loss, and it all works somewhat perfectly, and adds to the humor. My favorite scene was probablly when Homer scared Bart by coming in with a butcher knife, scaring Bart, then coming in dressed as Jason from Friday the 13th. Overall, a perfect episode from an excellent series. 10/10 A+moreless

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  • 8.8

    Hardly a moment goes by without a good pun, but the whole is no greater than the sum of it's parts.

    By Hopfensperger, Jul 01, 2010

    This episode has been called the best of season five by various sources, including the ratings on this site. Frankly, I find it to be entirely overrated. It lacks the emotional depth which drives great episodes like "Homer and Apu", the absurdity of Burns' actions in "Rosebud", the epic proportions and visual fantastication of "Deep Space Homer" and the history described by "Homer's Barbershop Quartet". Unlike the truly great episodes, it fails to describe a plot from multiple points of view or to narrate the lives of multiple characters; it all revolves around Bart. Disappointingly, unlike the other season-five episode about Bart, "Bart Gets Famous", "Cape Feare" fails even as a vessel for Bart-style humor, since most of the gags are about Sideshow Bob hurting himself in typically cartoonish ways.

    In the end, that is the real failing of "Cape Feare": unlike the many great episodes of Simpsons history, this episode lacks the initiative to be anything more than a great cartoon.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Sideshow Bob returns, sending threatening letters to Bart through the mail. Bob gets off on parole, with the logic that "No one who speaks German can be an evil man." The Simpsons move to Terror Lak, but are followed by Bob, whos plans are foile

    By KTBeth, Jul 01, 2010

    This episode was truly amazing. I have seen it a million times, and still enjoy it. But then, I can enjoy anything with Sideshow Bob! This episode was witty, and the rake slapping thing is hilarious, especially the rake on the boat. This is an example of the Simpsons at their best. Full of jokes, a laugh a minute (or more), and clever. It is one of my personal favorites, and any Simpson fan can agree that this is one of the best episodes of the series. Seasons, four, five and eight are my personal favorite seasons, and this episode is one of the reasons season five is up there!moreless

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  • 9.8

    In my opinion, one of the best Simpsons' episodes ever...

    By rahulkudva, Jul 01, 2010

    "Brilliant" is one of the many words to describe this episode. The parts with the letters in blood, Sideshow Bob and the Thompsons was fantastic. The part that had me in splits was Homer scaring Bart half to death with his chainsaw and hockey-mask. The part with the rakes was a bit too long and eventually gets boring. But it takes nothing away from the rest of the show, in which Bart finds a novel (albeit melodious) way to escape death at Sideshow Bob's hands.moreless

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    The perfect episode

    By AlkaStealther, Jul 01, 2010

    Absolutely fantastic, this is my favourite episode of the series.

    I laughed so many times watching it years ago, and I still find it hilarious when I see a rerun.

    The gags involving Sideshow Bob are the best I've ever saw in The Simpsons: the rakes, the moment he is under the car and has to pass the cactus field, the moment Homer assaults Bart with the chainsaw, the knife and the cake...omg, I'm laughing even now that I'm writing this review!

    I don't remember a newer episode that was so funny to watch from start to end. Truly a classic, no doubt about it.moreless

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    Best episode ever!

    By TTlover, Jul 01, 2010

    Cape Feare is a great episode that is my clear favourite everytime. This episode was well executed in the plot and the jokes. Also Sideshow Bob is one of my favourite characters, because he is a mix of funny and sinister, but not at all like Mr. Burns. Bart gets threatening letters from an anonymous source. It has to be Bart\'s arch nemesis good old Sideshow Bob. Due to this threat, The Simpson Family have to move to Terror Lake, not knowing that Sideshow Bob is on the trail.

    All in all, it is a classic episode of a mix of fear and fun. I wish I could rate it higher, but I can only rate it up to 10!moreless

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  • 9.7

    I've watched this episode over ten times.

    By AangPhantom777, Jun 23, 2010

    This episode id so good, so funny, that I've watched it over ten times. Who couldn't like this episode? It's the best Sideshow Bob episode the Simpsons have ever made. The jokes, the action, and it even built up suspense for me. I was dying to know what would happen! Now that I do, I still laugh at all the jokes that made The Simpsons so great.

    My favorite part was when the Simpsons are on the boat, and Bart is in his bed, really scared, thinking Sideshow Bob could come in any minute, ready to kill him. Then, Homer comes barging through the door with a running chainsaw in a crazy yelling voice yelling, "Hey Bart, do you like my chainsaw!?" Then, he came in with the brownies and the knife... clas.sic.

    9.8 out of 10, near-perfect.moreless

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