News Briefs: Family Guy Is Headed to The Simpsons' Springfield

By Tim Surette

Jul 19, 2013


... Whoa, I don't quite know what to make of this. Peter Griffin and the rest of the Family Guy gang will be road-tripping to Springfield for a Family Guy episode set for fall 2014 in what may be the greatest crossover the world has ever seen since Allen Iverson made ankles whimper. The Griffins will buddy up to Homer and the Simpsons, and they'll pair off for some crazy shenanigans. But more importantly, we'll find out which beer is superior: Duff or Pawtucket? (Duff, duh!) The voice cast of The Simpsons will provide the voices for the four-fingered yellow freaks, so this ain't no one-sided stunt, but is this a mash-up that we really want to see? Please tell us in the poll below because we're seriously interested. [Fox via press release and yeah it's a little late but sorry, Comic-Con and stuff!]



... HBO and NFL Films have extended their partnership to produce more seasons of Hard Knocks, the actually interesting sports documentary following an American football team through training camp. The announcement comes a few weeks before the August 6 premiere of the latest round, which features the Cincinnati Bengals and might end up looking more like Orange Is the New Black than a football documentary based on the team's troubles with the law. [Pro Football Talk]

... The Workaholics crew—Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson—are working on a movie together, with stoner-comedy producers/writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg attached. The film, an action comedy, won't involve their Workaholics characters. Well, I'm going to stand in line for this one right now. [Celebuzz]

... Always-exciting numbers! CBS would like you to know that with DVR, online streaming, and OnDemand stats factored in, more than 20 million people have watched its summer hit Under the Dome, up from the 13 million who watched it on day one. [CBS via press release]

... In case your coat isn't brown enough, there's a Firefly role-playing game in the works for smartphones. [Blastr]

... TV Land has ordered 10 more episodes of The Exes, its comedy starring Donald Faison, Wayne Knight, and Kristen Johnston. [TV Land via press release]


... Arrow has caught its Black Canary. Death Valley's Caity Lotz has landed the juicy role, which will see her become a love interest for Oliver (Stephen Amell). She'll start as a recurring character but should eventually become a series regular. [The Wrap]

... Taryn Manning is staying in prison! The actress has been promoted to series regular on Netflix's fantastic new series Orange Is the New Black, where she plays redneck methhead Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett. Earlier this summer, Netflix renewed OITNB for a second season before the first even aired. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Grey's Anatomy has added two actors to its stable. Hellcats' Heather Hemmens and Being Human's Bobby Campo (he also played the great Yolo in a one-episode bit on Justified) will recur on the ABC soap as a couple that gets involved in a *surprise* medical emergency. They'll appear in the premiere with a chance at sticking around longer than that. [THR]


... Hey guys! You must see this time-waster! It's a gag reel from everyone's favorite comedy Hannibal that was shown at Comic-Con yesterday. My favorite part is when creator Bryan Fuller pranks Mads Mikkelsen by revealing that he actually ate real human flesh! What a joker. [EW]

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  • familyguygirl1 Jun 18, 2014

    I love family guy

  • gmanBegins Jul 25, 2013

    I never thought I'd say this but Family Guy is DONE...

  • shocker713 Jul 21, 2013

    Will she be known only as "Canary?"

  • mad-pac Jul 20, 2013

    When I see the Simpsons near the Griffins it makes me think the Simpsons suffer from a rare form of yellow fever I hadn't noticed before.

  • wolfvamp Jul 20, 2013

    HOLY (*^(%^#$%^^()*!!!
    Taryn Manning is staying in prison!

  • DrSpongejr Jul 20, 2013

    Feel free to disagree...

    Family Guy should have ended after season 3
    Simpsons-season 10
    Futurama-Season 5 +Bender's Big Score
    Tosh.0-Season 2 (afterwards it turned into "America's Grossest Home Videos")
    Community-Season 3
    Lost-Season 3
    Revenge-Season 1
    The Office-Season 5
    HIMYM-Season 4
    Modern Family-Season 3

    Those are the current shows I think have/had overstayed their welcome. There's a lot more which should have never seen the light of day to begin with that I could list. Are there any more that I missed?

  • gmanBegins Jul 25, 2013

    Heroes-Season 1

  • lanmanna Jul 22, 2013

    Any MTV show from the past 13 or so years- Season 0 (never should have existed)

  • lucianoabc Jul 20, 2013

    Glee- Season 1

  • dragon22a Jul 20, 2013

    I think it would have been better for Arrow to develop Laurel's character a bit more and then have her take on the Black Canary role rather than go with Dinah Drake. For one thing, you have Dinah Laurel Lance and her mother Dinah Lance. Now your throwing in another Dinah, it's not that common of a name.
    What would have been good is to have it be revealed that Laurel's mother was once a vigilante called Black Canary (Golden Age) before she met Laurel's father and then have Laurel take up the mantle.
    This seems to be a pattern with Arrow though. First they made Slade and Deathstroke different characters, now they have kind of split Laurel from Black Canary.

  • docspector Jul 19, 2013

    Where was the poll answer "WTF? Memo to Mr. MacFarlane, having Fox cancel two of your shows doesn't mean we want you to try to take over another one!"

  • ben45tpy Jul 19, 2013

    Family Guy will suck any remaining humour out of the Simpsons cameos. And it goes without saying it won't be funny. It also won't compare to the epic South Park Cartoon Wars two-parter that included characters from all three shows and was awesome.

  • FilmFanatic Jul 20, 2013

    South Park cartoon wars episode was indeed great, but nevertheless not authentic. At least the Simpsons and Family Guy bring the actual actor to cameo and not an imposer voice.

  • ButterMeUp44 Jul 19, 2013

    Wow...I'm completely spoiled on OITNB now...dang it.

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