Dancin' Homer

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Quotes (19)

  • Homer: As my son would say, I'm one sad ape-like dude.

  • Homer: I have to convince my supervisor to give me a leave of absence. Supervisor: Sure! How long would you like, four years? Five years!

  • Man: Get on the bus, Dancin' Homer! Homer: Will you shut up, I'm trying to think of a name!

  • Homer: D'oh, Marge, sitting next to the boss! The best night of the year and it's ruined! Marge: All this means is you can't wave your fanny around in public. Homer: Oh, yeah, rub it in!

  • Employee: You're an inspiration to all of us in waste management, sir. Mr. Burns: Well, take your mind off contaminants for one night and have a hot dog!

  • (At Springfield Stadium, Mr. Burns and Smithers make their way to their seats.) Mr. Burns: Ah, sitting with the employees. I guess this proves I'm their friend. You did get me something on an aisle, Smithers. I don't want to be surrounded by them.

  • (Lyrics to the song "Capital City," as sung over the end credits.) Tony Bennett: There's a swingin' town I know called Capital City. People stop and scream hello in Capital City. It's the kind of place that makes a bum feel like a king. And it makes a king feel like some nutty cuckoo, super king. It's against the law to frown in Capital City. You'll caper like a stupid clown when you chance to see 4th street and "D." Yeah! Once you get a whiff of it you'll never want to roam, From Capital City my home, sweet swingin' home.

  • (Homer gives a farewell speech to the fans at Springfield Stadium) Homer: Some may say that I have been given a bad break in life; little education, bald as a cue ball, ten years on the same job for the same salary. But today, as I leave for Capital City, I consider myself the luckiest mascot on the face of the earth.

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Notes (5)

  • The story telling sequences inside Moe's tavern were not originally planned as part of the episode and were added late in production. This is why the actual dialogue does not match up with the lip movements in these scenes.

  • This is the first episode to have a guest star play as their real self. The guest star being Tony Bennett. Bennett also makes an appearance in episode 14-3, "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade."

  • Writer Ken Levine used to be a minor league baseball announcer, and not only wrote the dialog, but voiced the commentators you hear in the episode.

  • First Appearance: Springfield Isotopes, Capital City, Capital City Goofball, and The Rich Texan.

  • Blackboard Joke: I will not trade pants with others. Couch Gag: They all fit, with Maggie poking out of Marge's hairdo.

Trivia (8)

  • When Mr. Burns reads from the card of family names, 'expecting' is in the place of Maggie's name. However, in the season one episode "There's No Disgrace Like Home", the card that Mr. Burns reads from at the family outing correctly has the name of the baby as Maggie.

  • Capital City has restaurants named "The Penny Loafer" (shaped like a penny loafer), and The "Original Frenchies".

  • Signs on the outfield wall at Springfield War Memorial Stadium include: "Royal Majesty-Clothing For the Obese or gangley Gentleman", Moe's tavern-Hit This Sign and Win a Free Well Drink", "Girdles 'N Such-Fancy Lingerie", "The Sprinfield Mall", and "The Jerky Hut".

  • Sign seen at Springfield Stadium: $pringfield $avings Safe From 1890-1986 1988-

  • During the Capital City montage, the Army Reserve is honored by a statue of a soldier holding a briefcase and a rifle with the caption, "To the Brave Men of the Army Reserve."

  • Goof: During the end of the Capital City montage, Marge's dress turns from green to red and her necklace turns from red to white.

  • Bleeding Gums Murphy’s rendition of the National Anthem before the baseball game on power plant employee appreciation night is 26 minutes long. The digital clock behind him changes from 7:30 to 7:56. The moon can even be seen shifting in the sky during the song.

  • One of the signs along the outfield wall at the Springfield Stadium is an ad for Royal Majesty. Royal Majesty is the name of the clothing store that Homer's assistant, Carl, took him to for his new suit fittings in episode 2-2, "Simpson and Delilah."

Allusions (4)

  • The Phillie Phanatic: The Capitol City Goofball is a spoof of this Philadephia Phillies mascot.

  • Baseball Broadcaster: The Isotopes win a game! The Isotopes win a game! This is a reference to the famous, "The Shot Heard 'Round The World" radio call of the deciding game of the 1951 National League Pennant Playoff series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. The line was cried out by Giants broadcaster Russ Hodges, after Bobby Thomson's walk-off home run.

  • New York, New York The "Capital City" song by Tony Bennett, is a bit of a parody of the Frank Sinatra song, "New York, New York."

  • Homer: But today, as I leave for Capital City, I consider myself the luckiest mascot on the face of the earth. Homer's farewell speech pays homage to Lou Gehrig's famous farewell speech at Yankee Stadium on July 4th, 1939. Lou Gehrig had been diagnosed with ALS or, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and was forced to retire from professional baseball.