D'oh-in' in the Wind

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  • (Homer is in awe of the Groovy Groove Natural Farm.) Homer: Wow, look at this place! There's a pond for skinny dipping, a tire for skinny swinging...(Sticks his hand into a beehive.) I can actually feel the good vibrations.

  • Bart: Hey, what the heck is your middle name anyway? Homer: You know, I have no idea. Hey, Dad, what does the "J" stand for? Grampa: How should I know? It was your mother's job to name ya and love ya and such. I was mainly in it for the spanking.

  • Seth: We're just trying to pay the bills, Homer. I mean, we're still hippies at heart. Homer: Oh yeah? When's the last time you freaked out the establishment? You guys are total sellouts! Munchie: Wait. Don't you work for a nuclear power plant? Homer: Look, we can sit here all day and play the blame game, or we can start freaking people out!

  • Marge: Doctor, will he be all right? Dr. Hibbert: Yes, he was lucky. If that had been a gladiola, he'd be dead right now. Bart: Why don't you just pull it out? Dr. Hibbert: (Chuckles) I'm a doctor, not a gardener! Homer: Can't you just prune some of the leaves so I can watch TV? Dr. Hibbert: What did I just say?

  • Homer: Hi, Marge! We're freaking out squares! Marge: Oh, Lord. Homer: What's in your brand-new bag, momma? Marge: Oh, it's that pair of Dockers you wanted. Forty-eight waist with the balloon seat, right? (Seth and Munchie laugh.) Homer: Marge, not in front of the hippies!

  • Marge: You know, I really don't appreciate being called a narc. And that poncho is filthy! Let me dry-clean it for you. Homer: Why do you have to turn everything into one big plastic hassle? Marge, you've got too many hang-ups. Like the whole shaving trip. Come on, I want to see those legs all furry and gross! Marge: That ain't gonna happen, bub. Homer: Well, at least lose the bra. Free the Springfield Two, Marge! Free the Springfield Two!

  • Lisa: Dad, do you mind? Your feet are really close to my potato. Homer: Your potato? You can't, like, own a potato, man. It's one of Mother Earth's creatures. (Burps) Marge: Homer! Excuse yourself! Homer: No way, narc! Bodily functions are a natural thing. Bart: Not to mention hilarious.

  • Seth: You know Homer, your Mom was a pretty groovy chick. Munchie: And a demon in the sack! (Seth and Munchie laugh quietly.) Grampa: Oh, you heard about that, eh?

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Notes (1)

  • Blackboard Joke: No one cares what my definition of "is" is. Couch Gag: The couch has a lap bar like a roller coaster. The family runs in an sits down, the lap bar comes down, and the couch takes off up in the air then down again while the family puts their hands up and screams.

Trivia (1)

  • Music From This Episode "Incense and Peppermints" by Strawberry Alarm Clock "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel The theme song from the musical Hair "The Star-Spangled Banner" as preformed by Jimi Hendrix "Time of the Season" by The Zombies "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane End Title music performed by Yo La Tengo

Allusions (7)

  • Yellow Submarine:

    The shot at the beginning of the episode with the lunch signal going off the power plant (a combination of a deep whistle and a buzzer) accompanied by smoke shooting out of the cooling towers is a reference to a scene earlier on the animated Beatles movie The Yellow Submarine (1968), depicting factory smokestacks with a similar whistle sounding in an identical manner (the smoke shooting out of the smokestacks.)

  • The Beatles During the Gracie Films logo in the end credits you can hear Homer say, "I buried Flanders". This is a allusion to The Beatles song, "Strawberry Fields" where people believe John Lennon says at the end, "I buried Paul", as well as the "Paul is Dead" myth/hoax at the time.

  • Star Trek Dr. Hibbert utters the line, "I'm a doctor, not a gardener." This is a reference to Dr. "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek, who would often use the same line ("I'm a doctor, not a ...") when asked to do something outside of his normal duties.

  • Bill Clinton The blackboard joke "No one cares what my definition of 'is' is", refers to an argument made by Bill Clinton during his affair scandal.

  • The Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd/The Rolling Stones After drinking some peyote laced juice Ned Flanders has some hallucinations that include: The dancing bears and skeletons associated with The Grateful Dead, the walking hammers from Pink Floyd's The Wall and the "Sticky Fingers" logo associated with The Rolling Stones.

  • Blowin' in the Wind The title of this episode is a play on the title of the Bob Dylan song, "Blowin' in the Wind".

  • Beavis and Butthead After Grampa and Jasper drink the peyote laced juice, they sit and giggle on a park bench much in the same manner as the title characters from the TV series Beavis and Butthead.