The Simpsons

Four Regrettings and a Funeral

Season 25, Ep 3, Aired 11/3/13
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  • RolandHamburg Nov 04, 2013

    ARE you f*cking kidding me? Seriously Thats not a major character I hate getting lied to!

  • y4j1981 Nov 04, 2013

    this isnt the character they were tlking about

  • Torzhestvuyushe Nov 04, 2013

    So the character who was killed off ended up being a fake character? I didn't find that clever, just stupid.

  • MikeMoser1 Nov 04, 2013

    it wasnt a fake character, it was duffman.. also edna krabappel's actress really did die last week

  • Torzhestvuyushe Nov 05, 2013

    Yeah, I understand that. Although the announcement of killing off a character and the death of Marcia Wallace seemed to be unrelated and mere coincidence.

  • MikeMoser1 Nov 05, 2013

    i know, but duffman was a popular character

  • lsierramanceb Nov 03, 2013

    The character who is going to die is Edna. Great Simpsons quiz here The ultimate Simpsons Quiz

  • steveinsider Oct 30, 2013

    Smithers dies.

  • AndyRogan Oct 28, 2013

    Maybe this will be re-written in light of Marcia Wallace's sad passing

  • RolandHamburg Oct 21, 2013

    the death of a major character! my guess is Grandpa simpson

  • AndyDauplaise Oct 18, 2013

    It's cause of the Baseball playoffs, same thing happens ever year.

  • dennisjorgens Oct 16, 2013

    ehhm, what is this a 3 week break after 2 episodes? ok?

  • chadwulf Oct 13, 2013

    excuse me, THREE weeks

  • chadwulf Oct 13, 2013

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