Homer Badman

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  • Homer: Oh, I like it better when they're making fun of people who aren't me.

  • Lisa: Sorry, Dad, we do believe in you, we really do. Bart: It's just hard not to listen to TV: it's spent so much more time raising us than you have.

  • Homer: (at the candy convention) Ooh! I feel like a kid in some kind of a store.

  • Bart: Can I come to the candy show, huh, huh? Can I, can I? Huh, huh, huh? Can I? Can I? Lisa: No, me! Take me, me, me, me, me, me! Take me, me! Homer: Sorry, kids, but this is the one event I want my darling wife by my side. Marge: Oh, well thank you, Homer, but take one of the kids. Homer: Marge, they can't carry enough candy! They have puny little muscles, not big ropy ones like you. Marge: Mmm… Bart: You go, Mom, for the greater good. Lisa: For the greater good.

  • Apu: (to Homer) Hey. Hey! Hey! I have asked you nicely not to mangle my merchandise. You leave me no choice but to…ask you nicely again.

  • Homer: I can't say titmouse without giggling like a schoolgirl. (starts giggling like a schoolgirl) Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee.

  • Marge: Homer, that's your solution to everything. To move under the sea. It's not going to happen! Homer: Not with that attitude.

  • Ashley Grant (the babysitter): You grabbed me in the car! Homer: Oh that, no. I was just grabbing a gummy Venus De Milo that got stuck to your pants. Protester: Yeah, right. That's the oldest excuse in the book.

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Notes (1)

  • Blackboard Joke: I will not whittle a hall pass out of a bar of soap. Couch Gag: The family chases after the couch down a long hallway similar to the portal in the 1981 film Time Bandits.

Trivia (3)

  • A sign seen in front of the candy convention reads: "Welcome: Candy convention room 1! Also, candy-shaped poison convention room 11"

  • When the show "Rock Bottom" shows their mistakes, they fly by so fast no one can read them. If you play it in slow motion, the "corrections" are: -"Peoples' Choice Award" IS American's greatest honor. -Styrofoam is not made from kittens. -The U.F.O. was a paper plate. -The nerds on the internet are not geeks. -The word "cheese" is not funny in and of itself. -The older Flanders boy is Todd, not Rod. -Lyndon Johnson did not provide the voice of Yosemite Sam. -If you are reading this you have no life. -Roy Rogers was not buried inside his horse. -The other U.F.O was an upside-down salad spinner. -Our universities are not "hotbeds" of anything. -Mr. Dershowitz did not literally have four eyes. -Our viewers are not pathetic sexless food tubes. -Audrey Hepburn never weighed 400 pounds. -The "Cheers" gang is not a real gang. -Salt water does not "chase the thirsties away". -Licking an electrical outlet will not turn you into a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. -Cats do not eventually turn into dogs. -Bullets do not bounce off of fat guys. -Recycling does not deplete the ozone. -Everything is not 10% fruit juice. -The flesh eating virus does not hide in ice cream. -Janet Reno is evil. -V8 juice is not 1/8 gasoline. -Ted Koppel is a robot. -Women aren't from Venus and men aren't from Mars. -Fleiss does floss. -Quayle is familiar with common bathroom procedures. -Bart is bad to the bone. -Godfry Jones' wife is cheating on him. -The Beatles haven't reunited to enter kick boxing competitions. -The "Bug" on your TV screen can see into your home. -Everyone on TV is better than you. -The people who are writing this have no life.

  • The show Homer is watching while curled up on his bed is Late Show with David Letterman.

Allusions (5)

  • Demolition Man The scene where Homer blows up the convention building and escapes in slow motion is a parody of a similar scene from the 1993 film Demolition Man.

  • Little Mermaid There's a reference to the 1989 film Little Mermaid when Homer imagines himself and his family living under the sea to escape persecution.

  • Hard Copy "Rock Bottom" is a parody of Hard Copy and other sensationalist tabloid "news" programs, which began to grow in popularity during the 1990s.

  • "Rowdy" Roddy Piper The name given to Willie, "Rowdy Roddy Peeper," at the end of the show is a pun, at the expense of wrestling legend, and former WWF Intercontinental Champion, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. The reason the name is chosen for Willie is that Canadian wrestler Roderick Toombs' on-stage persona '"Rowdy" Roddy Piper' was billed as hailing from Glasgow Scotland, and wore a kilt.

  • Sally Jessy Raphael The talk show host, moderating a discussion on estranged families reunited because of Homer, looks just like Sally Jessy Raphael.