The Simpsons

Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Season 5, Ep 1, Aired 9/30/93
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  • Episode Description
  • After Bart and Lisa find one of his old records, Homer recalls his days as a member of a Beatles-esque barbershop quartet, told via flashbacks.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jeff Martin

  • Dan Jordan


  • Shelby Grimm


  • George Economou


  • James Campbell


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  • Homer's Barbershop Quartet

    By futuramarama, Jan 10, 2010

  • Season 5 Premiere!!!!!!!!!

    By fenway98, Jun 12, 2010

  • this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, May 16, 2010

  • The fifth season begins with Homer revealing to Bart and Lisa that in the mid-eighties he was a member of a barber shop quartet named the Be Sharps. The story of the group's short lifespan is told in flashback.

    By meathead704, Sep 06, 2009

  • Homer tells Bart and Lisa how he was in a barbershop quartet with Principal Skinner, Apu and Barney and about his 'five weeks at the top'.

    By Scottstopher28, Dec 30, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (25)

    • Groundskeeper Willie:(Singing) When you're alone, and life is getting you lonely, ye can always go, ACK! Doontoon. Apu: Next

    • (Apu returns to work at the Kwik-E-Mart) Apu: It may not be glamorous, but it's good honest work. Customer: How much is this quart of milk? Apu: Twelve dollars.

    • Moe: Hey Barney, what'll it be? Barney: I'd like a beer, Moe! Barney's Girlfriend: I'd like a single plum floating in perfume served in a man's hat. Moe: Here you go!

    • Homer: What did you kids get? Bart: I got this cool pencil holder. Homer: Hehe, far out man! I haven't seen a bong in years.

    • Grampa: Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O! And on this farm he had a chick, the swingingest' chick I know! With a wiggle wiggle here and a wiggle wiggle there. Homer: Get of the stage! Grampa: I want to, but I can't!

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    Notes (3)

    • At the end of this episode the words "Dedicated to the memory of Michael P. Schoenbrun" shows up before the Gracie Films logo appears. Schoenbrun was a production manager on a number of television projects, including the 1966 series Misson Impossible. For the Simpsons, he was the executive in charge of production on the Season 4 episode, "Kamp Krusty".

    • Blackboard Joke: I will never win an Emmy. Couch Gag: The family shatters like glass when trying to run to the couch (in the original, there are two more takes: one has the family meld together into a blob and the last take has the family explode on contact. These have been removed in syndicated versions).

    • "The Be Sharps" vocals were sung by "The Dapper Dans" who are: James Campbell, George Economou, Shelby Grimm & Dan Jordan.

    Trivia (8)

    • Goof: Santa's Little Helper is seen in the flashback despite the fact that the Simpsons did not get the dog until Christmas when Bart was ten and Lisa was eight.

    • Goof: In the 1985 flashback, when Marge is crying about Homer telling her he must act like he's not married during his tour of Sweden, on the wall over the bed is a photograph of Lisa in her present day and age, despite the fact she would be a toddler. To the right of it is a picture of Maggie, despite the fact she wasn't born yet.

    • Goof: When the Be Sharps are singing at the Centennial Celebration of the Statue of Liberty, the voice of Chief Wiggum can be heard, despite the the fact that he was replaced by Barney Gumble in the group.

    • In this episode, we find out that in the mid-80's Moe's was named "Moe's Cavern."

    • When Homer's barbershop quartet is singing at the church, the marquee outside says: "Today: What a f iend we have in God. Also: The Be Sharps." However, the group doesn't get that name until later in the episode, after Barney joins the group.

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    Allusions (6)

    • John F. Kennedy Mayor Quimby's '"Ich bin ein Springfield Swap Meet patron" line is similar to a Kennedy quote, "Ich bin ein Berliner."

    • The Beatles The Be Sharps are based heavily on The Beatles. Here are some references you may have spotted: The Beatles played their first gigs at The Cavern Club; The Be Sharps played at Moe's Cavern. A member is replaced. The album ''Meet the Be Sharps'' and its cover. Nigel's line, ''You've just recorded your first number one.'' Apu changing his surname from "Nahasapeemapetilon" to "de Beaumarchais" is a reference to Ringo Starr having changed his name from Richard Starkey. Barney's girlfriend looks like Yoko Ono, John Lennon's girlfriend and the track ''Number Eight'' is a reference to Beatles' track, ''Revolution No. 9.'' The ''Bigger Than Jesus'' joke. The ''Coop coop a-doop'' line from one of the songs is similar to the ''Goo-goo-a-joob'' line from ''I Am The Walrus.'' The final rooftop performance is something The Beatles did; in fact, George Harrison passes by in this scene and says: ''It's been done'', referring to himself. The fans shouting "Wiggum forever, Barney never!" then "Barney forever, Wiggum never!" is similar to when Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best as drummer. Fans of Best would fight at the Cavern Club, shouting "Pete forever, Ringo never!" Other fans shouted the contrary, "Ringo forever, Pete never!"

    • Principal Skinner: Ah, prisoner 24601. The number of Jean Valjean in the famous movie/musical/novel "Les Miserables" (also used as Sideshow Bob's first prison number)

    • Homer's Song: "It's Not Geraldo's Fault"
      Homer's first song (the one with the lyrics "There was nothing in Al Capone's vault, but it wasn't Geraldo's fault.") mirrors an incident in 1986 where Geraldo Riveria searches for a treasure in Al Capone's vault, only to find nothing.

    • Alvin and the Chipmunks Melvin and the Squirrels, whose record is on sale at the Springfield Swap Meet, is a parody of the novelty recordings of "Alvin and the Chipmunks."

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